“Reign of the Heavens” claims Debt Issuance is Scam; Baiting and Switching their own

Giant Rock-Hard Face Palm for Reign of the Heavens and American Herald.

From: Beware of “Issuing our own American National Private Bonds Negotiable Instrument – Money Orders” scam!   and American Herald


It has been reported that there is a group of people claiming to issue their own “American National Private Bonds and Negotiable Instruments-Money Orders”. The problem is that while they are claiming to have claimed a Nationality, in reality they call themselves the “WORLD CITIZENS OF THE SOLAR MONMATIA” LINK . That type of advertisement is called “Bait and Switch” where on the front end they claim to have claimed a Nationality and on the paperwork/ certificates, the heading reads “WORLD CITIZENS OF THE SOLAR MONMATIA”. Beware of these types of claims: LINK because those types of websites can get people into some hot water. 05-21-2017

It’s true that any NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS might get us in HOT WATER!  But if it is a scam, why have banks accepted such American National Money Orders? (click the link for evidence that our notes are actually accepted by banks)  One of the keys to using them is being the Authorized Representative in accord with UCC 3-402 (b) (1).

These Debt Instruments are a Fundamental Right of Speech according to the CORPORATE SUPREME COURT.  Politicians use the same DEBT SPEECH to buy offices… yet somehow the “REIGN OF THE HEAVENS” and “AMERICAN HERALD” are proposing that when someone other than bankers and attorneys/politician issue debt that it’s somehow a “SCAM” and a “BAIT AND SWITCH”?  Who’s Trust is Who’s Here?

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What I Learned From the Intelligence Report on “Russian Hacking”

“Providing evidence would be irresponsible.”

The United States has “interfered” with over 15 foreign countries’ elections.  “Russian Interference” is a “weaponized narrative” using “cognitive bias” and “Hyper-normalization.”

Nikola Tesla, the man single handedly responsible of Alternating Current -nearly every electrified home uses A.C.-, stated he spoke to aliens on mars.

Deep Military Whistle blowers say there is break away technology not available to the rest of humanity, such as: anti-gravity, zero point “free” energy, teleportation, and materialization.  Too Star Trek for you?   Reality is stranger than fiction:

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