Harvey Dent’s Youtube Channel Taken Down: Legal Presence and Debt as Money Franchise Licensed from UN/IMF/BIS

Harvey Dent’s youtube channel has been shut down.  It was apparently too much truth for the bankers to handle.  People are mirroring Harvey Dent’s Videos, such as above.  Many others are vlogging as well.  This blog has an Info Graphic and deeper information into what the Federal Reserve was doing.

These numbers can be plugged into the any e-check payment system and then used to pay any bill.

The Intellectual Freedom Movement website is nearing completion (if not already available).  Motuuuuuuu   Propriooooooooo!

The key in (legal/fictional) commerce has been keeping our real human identity separate from the inhumane “legal fictional presence” corporation identity.  Knowing the difference is fundamental to walking upon these paths.  Without the distinction, attorneys make humans into “wards of the UN Court” as “infants of unsound mind”.

There have been several methods identified to keep us separate.  One of the interesting methods that Harvey Dent suggests is getting a Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate and doing a Power of Attorney over it; between the legal presence and yourself as human.  Becoming the Attorney-In-Fact over the legal fictional presence corporation insurance franchise is/was the key to being “legally competent.”  Knowing the phrase “I am competent to handle my affairs” is most critical in handling all legal fictitious attorneys.

The greatest issue is who creates these legal presences…

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The Future is Now: E.T. Disclosure Won’t Be Televised

The E.T. Disclosure won’t be televised, until it is.  There is plenty of clear evidence that there is a much greater reality beyond Earth’s atmosphere.  Faster than light “engines” are basic Tesla technology that has been suppressed since the late 19th century.  Tesla’s work exposed the science of the esoteric [sigil] “magics” and rituals such as the Khazarians abuse.

The effects available from the scalar wave technologies is momentous.  Medically, these technologies could cure all infections (viral, bacterial, parasitic), speed healing at least 10x, and even reverse aging.  Time itself is a scalar frequency just like Space and Matter.  Traveling anywhere on the planet is easy and could be done with a quantum tunnel Jump Room; even an iPhone app.  Moving goods anywhere on the planet would be as simple as “jumping it.”  It would be like an Instance UPS/Fedex without any cost.  Dial someone else jump-closet and press go.  Copies of anything could be made perfectly.  High energies are not needed for these technologies, only the proper frequency/vibration is necessary.  It’s an information issue, which can be copyright.

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DC Municipal Corporation vs. Vatican, Inc: Trump Wins, Women Weep, The Pope Gets Payback

Jared Corey Kushner, Ivanka Trump, President Donald J Trump, “Pope Francis” Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Melana Trump, left to right.The Vatican Inc Jesuit Pope Francis met with the CEO President Trump and Family.

Trump is left smiling like he won a gambit, possibly sacrificing the Paris Climate Agreement.  Pope Francis does not seem happy in any way after dealing with the Trump Debt Master.

Melana and Ivanka are wearing BLACK VEILS and signify that they are in mourning.  It is also received that there are veiled symbols taking place and this post shall explore them.  There may be veiled threats and death of “democratic and feminine values.”  While Ivanka seems grateful to be in such a place, Ivanka seems very unhappy with all the corporate BS and debt-religious that her husband -The Donald- is/was involved with and seemingly winning.  #FTW

Jared seems to be hanging out -aloaf-.

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The Occult Meanings of Represent: Why You Can Not Represent Yourself in Court

By Omni Thought

Picture of Grumpy Old Judge

To know why you can not “represent” yourself in court, you need to study the definitions of the word represent and find its deeper meanings. You also need to ask yourself this question: “How could I represent myself when I am already myself living in a body made of flesh and blood?” One of the common definitions of the word represent is “to act or speak officially for (someone or something)”. Based on this definition, when you “represent” someone or something, you are acting or speaking for it.

Here are other common definitions of the word represent from Dictionary.com:

  • “to serve to express, designate, stand for, or denote, as a word, symbol, or the like does; symbolize:”
  • “to express or designate by some term, character, symbol, or the like:”
  • “to stand or act in the place of, as a substitute, proxy, or agent does:”
  • “to speak and act for by delegated authority:”
  • “to act for or in behalf of (a constituency, state, etc.) by deputed right in exercising a voice in legislation or government:”
  • “to portray or depict; present the likeness of, as a picture does:”
  • “to present or picture to the mind.”

Here is the definition of the word represent from Black’s Law Dictionary (5th edition):

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Elijah Wood: ‘Hollywood in the grip of child abuse scandal similar to Jimmy Savile’

Elijah Wood: ‘Hollywood in the grip of child abuse scandal similar to Jimmy Savile’

Hollywood is in the grip a child sexual abuse scandal similar to that of Jimmy Savile in Britain, Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has claimed.

The 35-year-old former child actor said paedophiles had been protected by powerful figures in the movie business and that abuse was probably still taking place.

“Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood.

“It was all organised.

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E.C.B. Confirms using Magic in Debt Slavery System

Zero hedge: A Central Banker Officially Loses It: “We Are Magic People”

ECB Governing Council member Vitas Vasiliauskas, who told Bloomberg in an interview that the ECB can still conjure up policy surprises – read inflation – if needed to combat economic shocks and push prices higher.

What is most disturbing is that he was dead serious when he said it, which is important, because it is finally obvious that central bankers are neither gods, nor magicians, nor even doing “god’s work on earth”, but plain and simple psychopaths. At least the magician he was right about one thing: “we give to the markets.

Bloomberg: ECB Can Still Pull Rabbits Out of the Hat, Council Member Says

“Markets say the ECB is done, their box is empty,” Vasiliauskas, who heads Lithuania’s central bank. “But we are magic people. Each time we take something and give to the markets — a rabbit out of the hat.

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Codifying MAGIC, INCORPORATED, the New Age Religion

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, left, shakes hands with magician David Copperfield at the U.S. Capitol during their event to push a resolution to recognize magic as an art form on Thursday, June 9, 2016

Texas Congress-man proposes Bill making magic a national treasure and art

Momentous things are happening in US politics. No, not the slow, miserable upending of the political system by business Oompa Loompa Donald Trump, but magic — magic! — might finally be about to get the recognition it deserves. Earlier this week, Texas congressman Pete Sessions introduced a resolution to recognize magic as a national treasure, arguing that it “has not been properly recognized as a great American art form” or given the “[status] commensurate with its value and importance.”

To fix this, Sessions wants the House of Representatives to declare magic a “rare and valuable art form,” and pledge to support efforts that ensure magic is “preserved, understood, and promulgated.” To this end, the resolution cites a number of magic’s appealing qualities (including its ability to inspire young children), and praises American magicians like Harry Houdini and David Copperfield. Here’s a brief extract to give you a flavor:

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