US Weaponized Psychiatry and Mandates Forced Drug/Psychic Experiments

The United States Psychiatrists have weaponized Psychiatry as a political weapon against “sovereign citizens.”   The Term “Sovereign Citizen” is a legally dubious label of gibberish.  One cannot be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time.  A Citizen is a legal presence corporation, and a sovereign doesn’t have/need a legal presences to be present.  World Citizens would need to join the United States to then be able to claim to not be a member of the United States as a Sovereign Citizen.  World citizens are definitively legally NOT Sovereign Citizens.

Being labelled a Sovereign Citizen was -apparently- automatic rendering into the “mental ward of the state” as “legally incompetent.”  Such automated processes of “unsoundness of mind” are against natural law and respect for our brothers and sisters -as mandated by the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Attorneys abuse such words in their systems of mal-justice.