Pedophile VP Joe Biden threatens unilateral unlawful war on Russia

The UNITED STATES, INC- VICE PRESIDENT: JOSEPH BIDEN, an apparent pedophile, and the PRESIDENT-CEO BARACK OBAMA (Barry Soetoro)has threatened Russia with Cyber War without Congressional Authorization as per the Incorporated Constitution’s requirement to do so; as only Congress can declare war.

The Email leaks seem to be coming from a State Actor given their scope.  The Hillary Clinton Company Kabal are blaming the Russians, who do not claim responsibility and call such disclosures a “public service.”  Please note, that the Hillary Clinton Company Kabal are known liars…  Bill Clinton was Impeached from Presidency for lying.  Bill also visited Billionaire Sex-offender Jeffrey Epsein’s “Orgy Island” and Dolly Kyle, one of Bill’s ex-lovers, says he has slept with at least 1000 women.  An intern whistleblower speaks out that at least some of the women he has in his Presidential suite.  Hillary Clinton seems to be protecting a sex offender.  Is that acceptable in a Presidential Canditated?  Even for the position of Corporate CEO of the foreclosed, bankrupt, and dissolved Governmental Services Corporation UNITED STATES, INC?

It seems that pedophile US. INC VP Joe Biden is willing to violate the Constitutions’ War Power Clause to protect the crimes of the Clinton’s, Clinton Foundation, email-gate, and his own indiscretions.

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Intel SITREP Report – GCR/RV, Republic, Military, Cabal, NESARA/GESARA

Received via email for publication……

Good afternoon currency community,
Ok, here’s what we know after last nights intel drop…

The final military special forces ops and ghost tactical sweeps have begun, we are hearing the mission is casually being called “Operation Catch & Release ” for obvious reasons.  This sweep includes corporate bad actors of the cabal as well as military and government high profile targets, basically, anyone on the “super naughty list” is now being permanently terminated–no questions asked, no arrests, no courts, no stinking badges.

Sadly, this is the ultra aggressive military action many have been asking for.  It’s cold blooded and comes without warning.  It also was astrologically and strategically begun after Mercury Retrograde went direct in Asia, as this is what the Chinese believed was the optimum day and time to start the final phase of execution.  Know they are very precise with everything they do and say.  So as arrogant and entitled Westerners, it’s wise we listen to what the Chinese have to say now… as they’re running the world’s finances just as Russia is now the new international super cop on the military scene.  Ears open, mouths shut ’cause there are a few new sheriffs in town.  

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New Republic via GCR — 220 Points of Fact as of May 2016

The Most Important Points:

  • The Treasury Reserve Note is Active and Trading Internationally
  • The UNITED STATES, INC and Federal Reserve [Notes] are not internationally recognized by members of the AIIB (which is just about the rest of the world).
  • The New Republic United States is recognized by 208 “Nations”.  They have gold on lease from the Dragon Families in China held in Reno, Nevada on an Indiana Reservation outside the jurisdiction of the foreclosed UNITED STATES, INC in a free-trade zone.
  • B.A.R. ATTORNEYS (and thus all judges) must renounce their BAR membership.
  • Any crimes by ATTORNEYS shall have remedy under the New Republic
  • NESARA is implemented.  Debt Jubilee.
  • IRS is toast, replaced with a flat transaction tax on NEW items.  Everything Second hand, including houses and cars, are only taxed on the first transaction.

My question here is this: Are they still requiring “Driver’s Licenses” to Exercise our Right To Travel with Impunity?

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