Public Letter to US- Secretary of State- Treaty Affairs: What is the United Nations Headquarters District?

UN Secretary-General António Guterres and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (under Trump)



This is a public letter to the United States UN Member-Nation Secretary of State Office of Treaty Affairs.

I am engaged in due diligence and clarification around the definition of 22 U.S. Code §4309a – United States responsibilities for employees of the United Nations. 22 U.S. Code §4309a (e) provides:

(e) “United Nations Headquarters District” defined
For purposes of this section, the term “United Nations Headquarters District” means the area within the United States which is agreed to by the United Nations and the United States to constitute such a district, together with such other areas as the Secretary of State may approve from time to time in order to permit effective functioning of the United Nations or missions to the United Nations.

As per the phone message, here are my questions in writing- as follows:


B) What are the various laws, codes, and most particularly the ORDERS/PERMITS between the United States, Secretary of State, and United Nations that have let to the present definition of UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT?

C) It appears that the Secretary of State is authorized to “approve” orders and permits that effectuate the borders between the United States and the United Nations according to 22 U.S. Code §4309a (e). Is this in-fact true that the Secretary of State can change the border with the United Nations of the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT?

D) It appears that the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT is in-fact and in-law constituted of Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Statin Island, U Thant Island (each “listed”), and possibly other land areas.  Are these areas part of the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT? What other areas not listed are part of the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT?

E) City of New York appears to be a separate entity from the UNITED STATES, entirely.  The City of New York issues their own Birth Certificate – legal presences outside of the UNITED STATES.  If the City of New York is defined as the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT -as it appears to be- then anyone born in the CITY OF NEW YORK is NOT a UNITED STATES CITIZEN and is not qualified to be a US PRESIDENT.  PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP was born in the CITY OF NEW YORK making him a NON-US CITIZEN, and thus not eligible for Presidency.  What treaty authority does a UNITED NATIONS CITY OF NEW YORK CITIZEN have to be/become a US Citizen and then US President?

Please answer these questions in full as per the office’s responsibilities and/or forward these questions to the appropriate office that handles the orders and permits between the US-SoS and UN.  NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT; NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL.

It is a pleasure conducting business with you.

By signing below, I duly certify that:
-I am competent to handle my affairs and am over the age of 21.
-I am no Citizen, resident, and/or legal entity but as a World citizen at the World Government of World Citizens.
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