January 6th “Worst Oil Spill in History” off China Coast Goes Unreported

“This is an oil spill of a type we haven’t seen before,” said paul johnston, a scientist at greenpeace research laboratories at the university of exeter in england. “working out the impact is actually a huge task — probably next to impossible.”

Zhoushan, china — a fiery collision that sank an iranian tanker in the east china sea a month ago has resulted in an environmental threat that experts say is unlike any before: an almost invisible type of petroleum has begun to contaminate some of the most important fishing grounds in asia, from china to japan and beyond.

What could be the largest oil spill since 1989’s exxon valdez is unfolding in the east china sea after a deadly and fiery collision between two vessels caused a tanker to sink.

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URGENT: Solar Energy UV Radiation off the Charts- The Atmosphere Is Destroyed- UV-C on Surface

IBM buys Weather Channel to run AI Data analytics

Deep Thunder combines big data and machine-learning tools from IBM Research with The Weather Company’s global forecasting model, which includes more than 195,000 personal weather stations.

Mary Glackin, head of science and forecast operations at The Weather Company, said the tool will help companies with critical decision making. The data will be able to show how minor changes to weather, such as temperature, might affect things like consumer buying behavior, helping retailers to adjust their supply chains and shelve stocks, she said.

It is also to control the Weather Channel message.

Iran has

Photo synthesis tapers off at 104.  Iranians have reported ambient temperatures of 124.  165 heat indexes in India.

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