A General Esoteric History of the Bankers Old World Order

Final Warning – A History of the New World Order

Illuminism and the master plan for world domination: the Federal Reserve System Begins Operation

Col. House, who Wilson called his “alter ego,” because he was his closest friend and most trusted advisor, anonymously wrote a novel in 1912 called Philip Dru: Administrator, which revealed the manner in which Wilson was controlled.

House, who lobbied for the implementation of central banking, would now turn his attention towards a graduated income tax.

Incidentally, a central bank providing inflatable currency and a graduated income tax were two of the ten points in the Communist Manifesto for socializing a country.

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Swiss Holding Cash as their Banks go to Negative Interest Rates

Review this article describing the Importance of Negative Interest Rates.  The public behavior between positive interest rates and negative interest rates is non-linear; beset with dramatic changes in public behavior.  The effects of the changes in behavior is amplified within the fiat banking system.  Switzerland seems to be going to negative interest rates, and their people are turning to Cash, gold, silver, bitcoins, and alt-coins:

New Republic via GCR — 220 Points of Fact as of May 2016

The Most Important Points:

  • The Treasury Reserve Note is Active and Trading Internationally
  • The UNITED STATES, INC and Federal Reserve [Notes] are not internationally recognized by members of the AIIB (which is just about the rest of the world).
  • The New Republic United States is recognized by 208 “Nations”.  They have gold on lease from the Dragon Families in China held in Reno, Nevada on an Indiana Reservation outside the jurisdiction of the foreclosed UNITED STATES, INC in a free-trade zone.
  • B.A.R. ATTORNEYS (and thus all judges) must renounce their BAR membership.
  • Any crimes by ATTORNEYS shall have remedy under the New Republic
  • NESARA is implemented.  Debt Jubilee.
  • IRS is toast, replaced with a flat transaction tax on NEW items.  Everything Second hand, including houses and cars, are only taxed on the first transaction.

My question here is this: Are they still requiring “Driver’s Licenses” to Exercise our Right To Travel with Impunity?

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Unmanipulated Real US Interest Rates are Negative around -8.13%

Michael Pento is correct about the calculation for “Real Interest Rates”:

Real Interest Rates are equal to the bond yield minus monetary inflation.

This is a simple translation of “nominal Interest Rates” within the Real Interest Rate definition.  These data points are copied from May 5th, 2016.

Treasury Bond Yields, nominal 1 month: 0.17%
Treasury Bond Yields, nominal 1 year: 0.58%
Treasury Bond Yields, nominal 30 year: 2.71%
Central Bank Federal Funds Rate: 0.37%

Consumer Inflation: 0.9%

Shadow States Consumer Inflation, 1980s metric:   about 8.5%

Michael Pento, around time 9:28 in the above video , states Real Inflation Rate in the United States is -1.7%!!  Use a One Year Note and subtract inflation, and we get -1.7% Real Interest Rates in the United States, Inc.

Using the above calculations the most current manipulated “official” numbers offers a:

0.58% – 0.9% = – 0.32% Real Interest Rate

Using the 1980 Metric for consumer inflation, we find:

0.58% – 8.5% =  – 7.92% Real Interest Rate

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