Town’s Entire Policy Enforcement Quits, Sanity Prevails

Town’s Entire Police Force Quits, Doesn’t Devolve Into Lawlessness

By Aaron Kesel   August 1, 2017

The entire police force of Sand Point, Alaska quit in July in a matter of just three weeks, leaving the town without any authoritative presence, and the transition has been smooth without any type of state enforcement agent.

Sand Point, an Alaskan island town with a population of about 1,000, had a police force of three officers and a police chief mid-July.

That’s when the officers, two of whom were a married couple, began to quit one after the other and then finally the police chief himself resigned.

City Administrator Andrew Varner said that the first officer wanted to be closer to a spouse who is in the military. A week later, two more officers, a married couple, left because of a “family decision.”

That left Sand Point police chief, Roger Bacon, who then decided to take a long-planned month-long vacation to Scotland. This decision cost him his job as a “mutual understanding” was reached between Bacon and the city council that if he left he wouldn’t be returning to his post.

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The “Taxation Is Theft” Meme Has Officially Gone Mainstream

The “Taxation Is Theft” Meme Has Officially Gone Mainstream

Op-Ed by Alice Salles

The month of April is a nightmare for anyone with a conscience, as we only have until “tax day” — which usually falls on April 15 — to give the taxman what he says he deserves. So if you pay taxes to Uncle Sam and you’re also aware you’re paying for mass murder in the Middle East and in U.S. streets due to the drug war, you should also feel sick to your stomach as you write that check.

To a restaurant customer, this may have served as enough incentive to remind his server that taxation is always immoral — but he didn’t stop there.

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Obama Signs Christmas Bill Making Alternative Media Illegal

The “LAW” -which is then rewritten!!!  as a statutory CODE- that stops “propaganda” on the web only applies to US CITIZENS.

So despite the CORPORATE Media literally claiming that its Russian Propaganda stories are CORPORATE PROPAGANDA, it is the alternative media free speech that is being legalized/fictionalized and then made illegal.

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Fraudulent Government Evidence overturned with “FOIA” Request…

In images:

I found if you get a fine, you can often get out of it by asking for evidence, I received this in response. Now I didn’t like that word “hopefully” so i responded
Forthcoming was sinister enough… She replied;

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7 Million Americans refuse to pay Student Loans

Even loan by every bank is fraud and does not need to be paid back.  Indeed, to pay back any loan is literally a double payment…  put another way extortion.

Given that bankers only create the principle in every loan but not the interest, there is perpetually more debt owed than exists in the system.  The rate of debt creation and extinguishing thus determine the perceived wealth of the population.

The best solution is to simply STOP.





If you believe that any [fraudulent] LOAN needs to be paid off, we have the right to debt as speech.  Creating debt is a First Amendment Constitutional protected right.  Anyone may create private bonds [bank notes] that REPRESENT new debt with our copyrighted signature.

Grandmother locks criminal Corporate Policy Enforcer in Basement

It doesn’t take long for the governmental services corporations to “enforce corporate policy” called “legal laws” in order to create new debts for its own benefits and the personal benefit of its agents.  The UNITED STATES, INC is engaged in asymmetric legal war-fare against and upon the human beings because it takes many years to gain “justice.”  Meanwhile, the judges and attorneys are creating mega-bucks with debt out of nothing in each COURTROOM CASE (constructive trust).  These corporate statutory courtrooms of the UNITED STATES, and each STATE is nothing than the mere “appearance of justice” (according to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure – Rule 44).

If every judge in the UNITED STATES, INC is rendering nothing more than the “appearance of justice,” then do Police and Sheriffs only render the “appearance of peace”, “appearance of authority”, “appearance of justness”?  It is true.  Sheriffs only have the legal fiction of authority.  Their only authority is overstanding ARTIFICIAL PERSONS Corporate insurance franchise TRADE-NAMES©.

As World Citizens are non-legal and thus without TRADE-NAMEs©, the “appearance of authority” by Policy Enforcers is shown for what it is: moot.

Puerto Rico Receives $1 Trillion World Citizen Bail-Out

After observing John Oliver’s piece with Lin-Manual Miranda on Puerto Rico, a Federal (unofficial) State of the UNITED STATES, INC:

en español: Después de observar el artículo de John Oliver con Lin-Manuel Miranda, en Puerto Rico, un Estado Federal (no oficial) de los ESTADOS UNIDOS, INC:

The situation in Puerto Rico is so critical that this World Citizen decided to help by sending Juan C Zaragoza Gómez, Treasurer of ASOCIADO DE PUERTO RICO – DEPARTAMENTO DE HACIENDA (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico – Department of Finance/Treasury), a Negotiable Instrument worth the amount equal to $1 Trillion Federal Reserve Notes.  You can create your own for any amount.  Our signature is worth the debt on the piece of paper.

Here is the True Copy of the Note to bail out the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico:

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NY Attorney General got 1,000 direct complaints from voters on primary day

What is the probability that the corrupt legal system would do anything about voting fraud when all they are in the “commercial business*” of is “appearance of justice**” using unlawful contracts for use of the TRADE-NAME©?

(* creating fictitious debts for TRADE-NAMES©, and attorneys [with strange “magical” legal definitions] intentionally confusing our human being-ness and the artificial “person” TRADE-NAME©)
(** according to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 44)

Please observe the NAME of the candidate that one is voting for within the UNITED STATES, INC.  All voter Cards technically SHOULD be in UPPER CASE.  I have only seen voter registrations and candidates with names in upper case.  US Citizens only vote for ARTIFICIAL PERSONS CORPORATE FRANCHISES TRADE-NAMES©.

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“Driving” Waives Constitutionally Protected Rights Enabling Tax By Mile, restored by exercising Right To Travel

Unable to compel drivers to give blood or breathe into a machine, these states made it a crime for a person to refuse to submit to a police demand to do so.  These states justify their laws based on two legal fictions — that driving is a “privilege, not a right,” and that by driving a car that the driver impliedly consents to have his blood and breath searched.  In effect, these states give a driver the choice to either surrender his rights or go directly to jail.

Based on its “privacy rights” analysis, the Supreme Court of Minnesota came to the bizarre conclusion that the government can do literally anything it wants to a person’s body “incidental” to his being arrested.

North Dakota not only claimed complete sovereignty over the body of an arrested person, but, by doing so, the state denigrated the right of the people to use an automobile to facilitate full participation in the nation’s economy.

Clearly, the commercial activity of “driving” in a “motor carrier vehicle” requires a Driver’s License (DL).  The Driver’s License is its own artificial person corporate franchise insurance product TRADE-NAME©.  The DL itself is its own artificial person -that is NOT us, as human beings-. The DL “represents” us, and -having our signature on it- is the contract that allows the suspension of Constitutional Rights for corporate rights of the artificial person.

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World citizen recapitalizes FDIC with $100 Trillion

The UNITED STATES, INC FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION (FDIC) is the corporate body tasked with INSURING every bank account in every bank in the UNITED STATES, INC.  (How do they have a “.gov” web domain when “Corporation” is directly in their corporate name?)

The FDIC was severely underfunded and unprepared for another banking crisis.  The FDIC should be bankrupt, but not to worry the FDIC states:

To sum up, a decline in the fund balance does NOT diminish our ability to protect insured depositors.

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Legalizing World Citizen IDs for use in any Corporate Country

World citizen Documents are privately owned. Each document, such as the World Citizen Birth Certificate, World Citizen Passport and ID, is the private property of oneself with no other entity having authority over the documents. World Citizen Identities cannot lawfully be “arrested” nor “liened” without first being Authenticated and Legalized by a US Consulate/Embassy, technically.

Authenticating a World Citizen ID requires a Certificate of Authentication, and a photocopy of the World Citizen ID(s). It also may help to include an AFFIDAVIT OF US CITIZEN RELINQUISHMENT, an AFFIDAVIT OF FOREIGN STATUS, and possibly a “Death Certificate” for the artificial person’s SSN Estate.

Certificate of Authentication:

Common Apostille and Certificate of Authentication DOCX
Common Apostille and Certificate of Authentication PDF

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Universal Basic Income is required by US Code, since 1938

The Universal Basic Income is an income for simply being living and breathing on the planet Earth through this time.  As more jobs move to automation, a basic income seems realistic; particularly with the release of many of those amazing Nikola Tesla torsion technologies hiding away in the break away technological Corporate Military Complex, like free energy, that would make money obsolete very quickly.

Some countries across the globe are testing the Guaranteed Universal Basic Income as a model for their “socialist” democracies.

Before simply accepting that it would take legislation, bills, Presidents signatures, and that pomp, lets examine what an ARTIFICIAL PERSON is and what legal codes should apply that may not be properly in compliance due to the fraudulent AMERICAN B.A.R. ASSOCIATION and fictitious B.A.R. Attorneys.

This explains what the ARTIFICIAL PERSON actually is, according to the legal code, “judicial” rulings and decisions, etc:

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Huntington Park City Counsel refuses to accept recall papers

Illegal aliens are appointed to city commissions by the Mayor.  Remedy was sought through the “traditional channels”, such as FBI, and hadn’t produced any relief.  They decided to recall the Mayor and the aid.

These “public hearings” are nothing more than open board meetings.  Observe the “tricks” and legal orders used by the corporation pretending to be a government to shutting down lawful order notification.  “Ordo ab Chao” translates Order without chaos.  The corporation/municipality was hiding their chaos behind a veil of unlawful legal order.

Issuing our own American National Private Bonds Negotiable Instrument – Money Orders

by: belisoful   –  American National & World Citizen at the World Government of World Citizens, non-legal non-corporate human being


The methods of issuing our own negotiable instruments with/in the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED -and any governmental services corporation world-wide- is found in the UNITED NATIONS Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes, and executes performance of Uniform Commercial Code – Article 3 – NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS, and Article 5 – LETTERS OF CREDIT by any corporation via [U.S.] GSA VENDOR for discharge, in the corporate debt-slavery system.  Our NEGOTIABLE FICTITIOUS INSTRUMENTS may be used in any bank and “courtroom”; as DEBT is defined –by them- as Protected First Amendment Speech under the Incorporated Constitution.  Donald Trump even used these Debt mechanizations to literally buy the US, Inc Presidency FOR EXACTLY NOTHING [Debt].  Even Hillary Clinton helped herself.  It’s what BAR Attorneys do…  and do well enough to be able to scam people and then use their positions to do it.

Our own American National Money Order works with a second document called a “Letter of Credit.”  These two documents are what Michael Tellinger discusses below.  Despite claims that such fictitious debt instruments might be against corporate legalisms, the evidence below proves beyond any doubt that issuing our own fictitious debt instruments is accepted by banks, such as JP Morgan (see Updates below).  All corporations are required -by legal code- to accept debts as money, and a few do.  Others defend their unconscionable fictitious debt instruments with real threats, violence, and prison.

We need to know what debt is and how it works, even if we do not use debt ourselves.  Banks and de facto [read: illegitimate] government use debt mechanisms EVERY DAY “against” the people.

Negotiable Instruments

A Negotiable Instrument is a piece of paper that represents something else.  It can be written ON the thing that it represents, such as classic whiskey bottles, or it could be separated from the thing it represents, like a birth certificate that makes the human body “surety” for the debt of the “artificial person” (strawman) until we take possession of the birth certificate by getting them apostillized with a Certificate of Authentication; a process more important than getting a Driver’s License.
All “debt-as-money” banks use negotiable instruments to represent a future debt that does not exist.  These new negotiable instruments then become the money we use that is the money in the future.  Banks do NOT create the interest; which is/was the feature of “debt” that destroys economies globally.  The Requirement for making negotiable instruments (by banks, by Donald Trump, and by ourselves) in Governmental Services Corporations are: any thing that can be written upon (paper) with the following fields: