Purpose of Naturalization for US Illegal Immigrants

There has been much discussion as to the naturalization and legalization of US Illegal Immigrants.  Here is another perspective…

Each “person” (aka legal presence) to be naturalized is the creation of a Bank Note and revenue for the “government” corporation franchise.  It is printed on Bank Note Security Paper, meets all the requirements for a Secured Transferable Negotiable Instrument in U.C.C. Article 3 – Negotiable Instruments, and is underwritten as a bond for the Public Office of the “person”‘s Legal Fictional Presence in the Fictional Legal System.


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Vehicle Titles: What are they?

After sending out 50 FOIA requests for each of the 50 States, the ultimate commentary is that the States do not use a bank to underwrite their vehicle titles as a bank note.  These are the responses from the State DMVs that understood what an underwriter is and does.

There are significant anomalies though.  All the states claim that their vehicle titles are printed on security paper….  but it doesn’t secure anything and isn’t a security.  hmmm…

Several States claimed that their vehicle titles are printed on BANK NOTE PAPER and one state even said that a VEHICLE TITLE is a bank note but that there isn’t any underwriter!  (Read on: underwriting may be out-sourced to the GSA, or Department of Revenue, or the Department of Treasury)

The two handfuls of States issue their VEHICLE TITLES from the DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE (DOR).  The Mississippi DOR FAQ even claims that a Vehicle Title is a SECURED, NEGOTIABLE DOCUMENT that REPRESENTS ownership.

MS DOR-Vtitle

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