Social Security Numbers are only for FEDERAL EMPLOYEES

This is important because if the only reason why IRS TAXES are paid is that one is voluntarily employed as Withholding Agents— Warrant Officers in the Merchant Marines, then Minimum Wage Applies!

To put this in perspective, the ARTIFICIAL PERSON is a JOB.  Each Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, Driver’s License, Voter IDentity (card), Passport is unto itself AN EMPLOYED JOB that REQUIRES MINIMUM WAGE.  This minimum wage applies 24-7, 365 days per year for employment in each of these JOBS.  In the UNITED STATES, INC, this form of UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME has been required since 1938…  and we can and should demand back pay at this time.  Production is being hampered by hyper creation of debt outside the legitimate economy, AI and robots are taking over.  Simultaneously, the Governmental Service Corporations are laying claim to ALL computers and AI!

Simply for HAVING a Social Security/Driver’s License artificial person, the Federal Gov. Service Corp./STATE is required by minimum wage to be paying us, the human, for employment into the public position.  This applies to all nations, including and not limited to: Russia, China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Israel, North Korea, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, Australia, all UK, European Union, South Africa, and even Costa Rica, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Cuba!  All “nations” are Governmental Service Corporations that use ARTIFICIAL PERSON concepts to overlay a corporation over the human, but without attorneys being honest and telling us that this is what they do.

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