Ecuador Vice President-CEO Arrested for Corruption


CERN Whistleblower Exposes Antimatter Dimensional Portals

Antimatter is chaotic and attracts energies from other dimensions.  Antimatter is connected to all matter.  Antimatter is Everywhere.  Possession can only happen with preparation.  Some people cannot be possessed.  Antimatter changes peoples’ energy.  Antimatter reacts with other remote antimatter.  Losing containment in one location causes a loss of containment in all remote locations.

The Cabal has an “Antimatter Chaos Weapon” that has been deployed in foreign countries.     The weapon triggers “negative” thoughts and feelings. The Veil between matter and antimatter has been “found.”  The scientists are discovering ways to break the veil down to get more antimatter in this realm.

China is building their own Super Collider twice the size of the CERN-LHC, to be able to create their own antimatter/dark-matter weapons.

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Former Whitehouse Bannon: Republican Establishment Trying to Nullify 2016 Election

Dutchsinse: 6.3 Earthquake at North Korea Nuclear Site Confirms Kim Jong Un Hydrogen Bomb Test

A 6.3 Earthquake rumble North Korea from the Nuclear Test Site at 2017-09-03 3:30:02.6 UTC.  Dutchsinse was recording while it happened as seen in the video above around 46:20.  The Earthquake data confirms that North Korea tested its Nuclear capabilities and has does in-fact have fissionable material.

Dutchsinse is predicting Japanese Earthquakes of 3 to 4 in magnitude in the next week.

The timing is also very interesting: 3 in Asian culture has the meaning “to live” and “life.”  Detonated at 3 3 3 – three threes- on the 9th month, 3+3+3.

The chinese date of the Nuclear Test is: Ji-You(Rooster) (7th month), 13, 4715.

NYTimes: Symbolism and Numerology is important to North Korea Rocketry

Whistleblower: US Child Protective Services Kidnapping, Abusing, and Drugging Children

It is been observed that ALL “Child Support Orders” are PRE-PAID and the families are NOT informed because the COURTROOMS ARE ALL CORRUPT AND MERE LEGAL FICTIONS.