Senator Warren: The System IS RIGGED Now and For a Long Long Time, Americans Endure Oppression

Warren points out the issues, however, the duality Republicrats are not a solution.  Neither sit “gets it”:  THE ENTIRE LEGAL SYSTEM IS RIGGED BY THE UNITED NATIONS.  The United States is merely an organ of the UNITED NATIONS.  The UN has replaced EVERY US Courtroom with UN Competent National Tribunals….  Meaning that THERE IS NO METHOD TO CORRECT the United Nations  Only the UN can change the UN.  That’s why politics are bull shit folks…  the UN controls all codes and laws.  Warren is/was misinformed here.

There is no “reform” for criminal justice because the entire US justice system is criminal and rigged.

Citizens United v F.E.C. cannot be overturned.  Even with a Constitutional amendment, it cannot be overturned.  This is due to the nature of using DEBT as MONEY.  The best definition of “the freedom of speech” is the “issuance of debt instruments.”  This mean that we cannot reverse Citizen United V FEC until the UNITED STATES stops using debt as money.  The Debt As Money Franchise cannot be changed because it was created and authorized by the UN-IMF-BIS.  No other system of “money” is permitted.  The “DEBT AS MONEY” franchise ponzi scheme is operated from the FREEDOM OF DEBT-SPEECH right of artificial persons.  To overturn Citizen United V FEC, means a total change in the legal system and a removal of the UNITED NATIONS from the United States.

#Solutions- Imagine Peace

No more United Nations.  No more IMF.   No more New York City City-State.  No more Vatican City.  No more City of Westminster.  No more City of London.  No more CERN.  No more City of Washington.  No more Federal Reserve System.  No more Legal Presence Franchises.  No more Debt-As-Money Franchises.  No more Trust-Estate franchises.

Knowledge. Wisdom.  Disclosure.  unenumerated rights.  natural law.

AI Can Now Self-Reproduce—Should Humans Be Worried? | Eric Weinstein

AI Can Now Self-Reproduce—Should Humans Be Worried? | Eric Weinstein

Those among us who fear world domination at the metallic hands of super-intelligent AI have gotten a few steps ahead of themselves. We might actually be outsmarted first by fairly dumb AI, says Eric Weinstein. Humans rarely create products with a reproductive system—you never have to worry about waking up one morning to see that your car has spawned a new car on the driveway (and if it did: cha-ching!), but artificial intelligence has the capability to respond to selective pressures, to self-replicate and spawn daughter programs that we may not easily be able to terminate. Furthermore, there are examples in nature of organisms without brains parasitizing more complex and intelligent organisms, like the mirror orchid. Rather than spend its energy producing costly nectar as a lure, it merely fools the bee into mating with its lower petal through pattern imitation: this orchid hijacks the bee’s brain to meet its own agenda. Weinstein believes all the elements necessary for AI programs to parasitize humans and have us serve its needs already exists, and although it may be a “crazy-sounding future problem which no humans have ever encountered,” Weinstein thinks it would be wise to devote energy to these possibilities that are not as often in the limelight.

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Continental Power Outage Hits Central America, Millions Left In the Dark

A huge power outage plunged millions of people across Central America into darkness Saturday, as authorities from Panama to Costa Rica to El Salvador scrambled to restore electrical service.

The blackout affected some five million people in Costa Rica alone, where officials largely had managed to restore service after a nationwide power outage lasting about five hours.

Authorities pinned blame for the power outages on a downed Panamanian transmission line that adversely affected the power supply for much of the region.

Countries in the region, from Guatemala to Panama, are connected by the same power grid, covering an expanse of some 1,800 kilometers (1,100 miles).

URGENT: Solar Energy UV Radiation off the Charts- The Atmosphere Is Destroyed- UV-C on Surface

IBM buys Weather Channel to run AI Data analytics

Deep Thunder combines big data and machine-learning tools from IBM Research with The Weather Company’s global forecasting model, which includes more than 195,000 personal weather stations.

Mary Glackin, head of science and forecast operations at The Weather Company, said the tool will help companies with critical decision making. The data will be able to show how minor changes to weather, such as temperature, might affect things like consumer buying behavior, helping retailers to adjust their supply chains and shelve stocks, she said.

It is also to control the Weather Channel message.

Iran has

Photo synthesis tapers off at 104.  Iranians have reported ambient temperatures of 124.  165 heat indexes in India.

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