Application for American National Passport Modified Forms

Here is the DS-11 application for a U.S. National Passport modified from a U.S. Citizen Passport to an American National Passport.

When applying, the DS-71 Affidavit of Identifying Witness may come in handy so as to not provide any  US Citizenship Legal Presence Association.

The form OMB date is past.  There are many ways to correct your identity and status, and you have all the risk and rewards there-o.


32 thoughts on “Application for American National Passport Modified Forms”

    1. Modifying any “Personal Property” (like the legal presence corporation insurance franchise found on a Driver’s License and a U.S. Passport) provided to “you” by a Government Services Corporation to “represent you” is disallowed. All personal property is “public property” owned by the government service corporation.

      The Government Services Corporations have registered their forms through offices like the O.M.B. Office of Management and Budget to ensure standards and “version control.”

      Using modified paperwork applications can be “denied” as not being original, though usually it is overlooked and/or acceptable; all forms can be modified and is considered “Freedom of Speech” particularly if the wording does not benefit us as private human beings. The words they use have explicitly meaning as do the new word replacements. For instance, “US Citizen” is replaced with “American National.”


      1. Is there any plan to modify it to change ‘sex’ to man or woman rather than male or female which references the gender of cattle?


      2. There are no plans because “passports” are for nothing BUT chattel/cattle/farm/farm animals. Immigration is IMPORT/EXPORT of the “human as a commercial product.” so, it would be pointless to make such a change… The best change is inside yourself acknowledging that passports are unnecessary unless the gov’t itself is illegitimate.


  1. So far as the courts are concerned, U.S. citizens have even fewer due process rights than non-citizens. So if you use a modified application to obtain a passport, how exactly would you expect to benefit?


    1. Non citizens have Constitutionally protected, God-given rights, whereas U.S. citizens only have “civil liberties,” which the government gives, and can be taken away at its descretion.


  2. Question…What kind of “consequences” could come from submitting a “modified” DS-11 application. If we “modify” a copy-written US corporate owned passport application, couldn’t some form of “fraud” be accused by the gvt? Im curious if anyone has actually had any success with this. Please advise

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    1. Technically, only unmodified OMB copies are official. They can be denied for being non-standard. The edits are to comply with “the statutes/rules/promulgations making it illegal to claim to be a human being as an artificial person.” Technically, the original unmodified is an affront to being human and would technically count as gov’t racketeering. For them to then turn it around and say we are guilt of something that is of far lesser offense, and after their offenses, is asinine. I’ve heard of it working… I’ve also heard of people not doing it right (aka, signing “without prejudice”, etc) people being accused of “false identity” claims… it is illegal to be a legal presence (artificial person). In effect, it is even illegal to have a driver’s license! (despite the fact that they say it’s ok and that people “need” one [; they don’t]).


    2. been there done that with borough document i was threatened to sign and guess what 6 charges against me and attempted murder against me finally thrown in prison and forced to draw an attorney or i’d have been in prison where i can not fight. choose your battle plan wisely


      1. they still “assumed” “their” legal presence “for you.” What they did to you was a crime… press-ganging. They know that their violence “convinces” people….. their belligerency and unlawful threats are something people take seriously…

        Holding our ground does work… they were required by law to DROP that stuff.. because if they don’t, we can hold them accountable for crimes!

        As a foreign alien, we are protected by the FOREIGN SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY ACT… just as they are protected in their actions by the same…
        The US Corporation is not the legitimate United States Republic! When a PERSON makes an oath/becomes an employee of the US CORP, they automatically are expatriated under Title 8 USC §1481. Meaning that as employees, they are IMMUNE from you as they are acting in FOREIGN SOVEREIGN power upon your corporate representation/legal presence.

        There is only one battle… the US Government is converting human beings into corporations called legal presences. The battle lines were drawn, and the US Corp won in this instance. I’ve seen most people who properly become FOREIGNERS be able to defend themselves against these kinds of abuses of injustice.

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      1. if we reserve our rights from the US Fascist Corporation we can stop persecutions. They are willing to commit murder to impose their LEGAL FICTION….. a made up fiction that is somehow more real than reality to these government fictions.


  3. I would not worry about modified. As long this form is going to United States passport center. They will or will not accept it. They do. That is the proof. The USC recognizes American nationals, state nationals and even United States national as a state versus, Government citizen. Government is about a certain amount of fraud, other wise they could not exist.


  4. I would not worry about modified. As long this form is going to United States passport center. They will or will not accept it. They do. That is the proof. The USC recognizes American nationals, state nationals and even United States national as a state versus, Government citizen. Government is about a certain amount of fraud(fictitious), other wise they could not exist. For benefits, LOL… Their benefits are like gangsters. You pay, we promise not to kidnap you if you abide by any rules we dream up.


  5. it is only fair to distribute facts and not assumptions. everything in life should be tried, tested, and proven win it regards someone elses’ life. has the author of this post acquired success with the modified version? yes or no please.


    1. Critical Thinking! Yay! The author WOULD test this out, but due to being an official expatriate by the IRS through the FEDERAL REGISTER, I am unable to test this particular method and must rely upon the audience. so No, but only because of the authors foreign nationality.

      That being said, a different legal test was performed: World Government of World Citizens is a recognized country and is a parallel jurisdiction to the US as recognized by law.

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    2. Yes, not personally, but did it for two of my friends an they were happy. sight promotes it also; not sure of there success rate. Personally, I went to court an fixed the issue. I settle every thing; in court, for me personally.

      I’ve also done for others, the non-citizen national passport. Very similar. They consider it as an immigration process and rightfully so. Since, United States of America is a corporation and registered as foreign Corp.. According to the Judges Blue Book regulations. pp. 311-314.

      Non-citizen national can also be obtained by sending a letter to the Attorney General, (DC) notarized stating you swear allegiance to the United States. Not United States of America; $35 with BC. An notarized letter. They will send you a card, not pass port.

      Since the seventies they keep changing things an that was done 7 years ago. But I’m pretty sure it still works. Better since I’m doing another for another person, or; I’ll figure it out again. Good luck


  6. it is only fair to distribute facts and not assumptions. everything in life should be tried, tested, and proven when it deals directly someone elses’ life. has the author of this post acquired success with the modified version? yes or no please.


  7. They can reject the form, but make sure you swear allegiance to the United States. Judges blue book pp. 311-315; United States (federal) United States of America (foreign Corp.). Also illustrated in a book given to congressional members, “The United States of America Analysis and interpretation” showing the rights of givenrent citizens v common law individuals. The newer editions are leaving common law out.

    I personally, care less what they do. In the end. Common law going clear back to biblical times and courts recognize as the law of the land. Self v Rhay.

    When I go to court. The first thing is establishing my authority as one of the people that created the constitution or charter (rules for them). Then what the law is, common law. If one does not believe that the constitution is not bound by common law. You better start reading the bill of rights of the state constitution’s. Pennsylvania says they are your trustee and servant. North Carolina says they are your magistrate. I hand the judge two pages when I Oren my court of record that defines his position in my court as a magistrate. The secret is your court (authority position) of creating the constitution as a people.


  8. [not sure if the previous post went through]

    Greetings Charlie,

    I read a few of your comments after watching a video on (YT) and I was impressed with the way you came across in asserting a proper standing in Common Law i.e. American National / Non- Citizen National Passport(s) which I’m very interested to establish for myself and family.

    On the other hand, which led me to this journey in the first place – I was stopped by CHP officer on the freeway November 30, 2019 (quota) based on window film (tint) only. He called it a ‘fix-it ticket’ which I found later is connected to a court processing fee of $25 (if I take it off) or $250 if I don’t – which I refuse, altogether – it’s not happening! I was forced into this contract under duress based on my own ignorance. SO, that said – I never want to be in such a position again
    without proper knowledge, document(s) to ward off those who shouldn’t approach in the first place.

    I admit I was ignorant and did not assert my protecting myself from the dumb stop in the first place having the right knowledge, simply put, I wasn’t prepared for the stop. Since being entrapped, I have requested an extension on the ticket in order to do some research to have it squashed completely (common law) pending I get some info or advisory on the situation. I need a proper approach on what exactly to do to get rid of this garbage ticket and also I would like to follow through on the passports as well.

    I vow to never allow this to happen again and to never remain in ignorance. I prefer to be ‘WOKE and not in any slumber.’ The stop has started my journey. I do not consent to their actions against me or my property – there is no victim and I have committed no crime(s).

    The ticket is due May 5, 2019 – I’m thinking of getting another extension if I could or if it’s even necessary if I get some info from you beforehand on what my options are or per se, what would you do, as an advisory option. I would really appreciate the lending of your knowledge on this and going forward as I learn the road less traveled in a diplomatic sense of being.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, hopefully.

    Thank you for your time.


    1. The ticket itself is a negotiable (debt) instrument. like a reverse IOU, but also an IOU. The way you pay it is by having them zero-balance the accounting with the original instrument, nothing more. When they issued it, their end was credit and your end was debt. If you pay it, they are double dipping. The ticket itself is the payment. then the payment, they dupe/extort from us, is literally a SECOND payment!

      There are several issues here. The first is your identity. you have not corrected THEIR identity for you, and you do not have your own non-legal lawful identity. The only identity you have to present is THEIR legal presence identity for you. By provide THEIR Driver’s License back to them as YOUR identity, you are admitting to being a fiction of law, deceased, legally incompetent, already under their custodial arrest, and doing business in THEIR vehicle that THEIR legal presence owns that your are illegally operating (with exception of a License to break the law).

      The second issue is that the vehicle is THEIR vehicle, not yours… obviously… they can tell you to fix THEIR car to THEIR standards. There are laws in place for transferring vehicles out of state and having State Vehicle Titles cancelled. CFR §365.123, and, in Michigan, MCL §257.258 cancellation of Vehicle Titles. Your state should have a similar statutes. I have documented about 7-10 states so far on the blog for removing vehicles. I recommend transferring your Vehicle to the World Government of World Citizens/WSA…. which would require a WSA Citizenship registration and identity. I have a form on the website specifically for transferring vehicles out of the US to the WGWC

      the Third issue is that the ticket is credit/debt and is already pre-paid from your legal presence/insurance franchise/bank account. Besides double dipping if you pay it with HARD CASH…. You could Cancel the ticket via UCC Article 3 – §3-605 DISCHARGE THROUGH CANCELLATION/RENUNCIATION. You could also pay the ticket with your own negotiable debt instrument as documented and templated on this site as well.

      Remember, everything LEGAL is a FICTION, by law. This is not legal advice. There is no such thing as “LEGAL” advice… as legal advice itself is fictional/non-sense. These are lawful non-legal words, documenting the systems and its functions. Your own experience can and probably WILL differ from anyone else experience and, most likely, from the “proper function” if they did exactly what the law shows that government officials need to do. The US Government is ENTIRELY corrupt and proper operation of legalisms can and have been made “against the law” for the profit and benefit/protection of the (fascist) agents/officials. The US Government literally makes stuff up…. and there is no rule of law. qualitatively. hands down. They can and do use the system against people for their own gain and to defend their own unconscionable criminal acts (particularly in deprivation of basic human rights) in office. The more evidence we have to partition ourselves from them and their crimes against us the better.

      Oh, The World Government of World Citizens is specifically designed to deal with the UN system of governments, like the US, INC. And until you have your own identity outside their system, they have manufactured everyone’s consent. as strange as it sounds, merely discussing “consent” makes us human and thus grants them self defined authority to impose their system. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights supersedes the US Constitution and is the basis of all this non-sense legal bullshit. the UN UDHR is the definitive document of human slavery.

      Basically, until you do work to correct your identity in their system, they can and do continue to make/manufacture consent/authority/etc. While we shouldn’t be required to do this to assert our SELF, having the proper paperworks can and does prevent something like this to begin with. Not always though, as the mentally and legally incompetent seem to be the pick of the litter for policing of unconstitutional legalisms. They need violent people, willing to use physical force, to do the “policy enforcing” because normal sane people aren’t violent. Domestic Abuse for police is twice the average. When domestic violence happens in a police officer home, who does the spouse call? Do you think they cover up as much of that as possible? how do we know that the rates aren’t higher? Why do people expect any different?

      If you want to be nuance, send them the ticket back with your own negotiable debt instrument as payment….. and tell them that if they dishonor your payment, that you wish to cancel the ticket (and thus the payment) by UCC Article 3 §3-605.

      They will probably just say that such legalisms are non-sense merely because they don’t know them and because LEGAL is NON-SENSE FICTION that is being used against us. They don’t even know their own system. If they don’t accept our payment, then we cannot accept their bill.

      In the end, until you get your status corrected, as unfair as this may sound, I recommend, and the fastest way of dealing with this, is paying it “UNDER DURESS, WITHOUT PREJUDICE in good faith that they prove the original contract to be issuing such bills or return the payment within 10 business days”. Their assumptions and violence is extortion, but without the right tools that’s the game agreed to at the time. Don’t expect anything back…. but it will go away. Be ready if and when next.

      If you decide that you want to spend some energy dealing with them and learning… then With enough of the right waves, they would probably just drop it, especially if it’s more trouble dealing with the situation THEY created than just cancelling it. To do this, send them payment but also with your own “SIGNING STATEMENT” of sorts. hehehe. Rather than refuse it (which is acceptance of the bill through DISHONOR, and rather than accept it by merely paying it….

      You need to pay it with “CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE.” Do your research on this term. it will be very productive. Basically, they billed you… which is an offer to contract. If you reject it, that’s acceptance by dishonor. If you pay it, you are unconditionally accepting their contract. By doing Conditional Acceptance, you are adding in your own terms and conditions. Like that they must honor your World Citizen identity (outside their system) to operate the contract, which they simply cannot do because of the nature of a “legal presence”/”international Legal Personality.” They have to be able to impose their own identity to be able to do what they do.

      They reject the conditions of your acceptance, and the contract is NOT entered into.

      If you send them payment of a personal check, they will probably just deposit it and ignore everything
      If you place a hold on the personal check until the gov’t/bank sends receipt of acceptance of the contract, then they will probably either complain that they aren’t getting their way/it’s not just ACCEPTING giving them the money in total disregard of the conditions or slip away into the night without a peep, and without acknowledgement. it’ll just disappear as an issue.
      If you use your own American National/World Citizen/other money Order/IOU, then everything could vary.

      A commercial lien can be used to recover money sent to them and recover any payments made that they do not recognize. However, a commercial lien is a VERY heavy device that should only be used in a last step. apparently commercial liens are easy to mess up? or easy to have use against the citizenry?

      There are no guaranteed results because the US government is a fiction, entirely made up on the fly without respect for rule of law, nor the law itself.

      You are assuming all risk and reward of your own action, from your own standing/knowledge. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of my words as I am merely human, but I am being my best for accuracy, clarity, properness, and to the best of my knowledge.


      1. Given that paying a ticket is double dipping, can you please explain what, how and who pays for the bill initially and why nobody seems to be aware of this? I understand this is true for ALL utility bills as well.


      2. The ticket is referenced from the LEGAL PRESENCE accounting; it’s why they ask for their ID for us before ticketing, and why it’s a “problem” (-their problem-) to not have it. So the ticket is issued as a debt line item on the back end. The Ticket becomes the credit used to pay the debt on the back end. If you pay the ticket with the ticket… it’ll zero the balance and nullify the account balance…. If you pay with federal reserve notes, you are paying twice: once with the Fed Notes/check/Money Order, and the second time with the ticket itself that is worth the written amount on the ticket.

        If Fed Notes are used to pay, then the gov’t has the original debt representing the ticket, the ticket worth the debt in credit, and then the fed notes. The account balance is not zero’d, and all three versions of the debt are then deposited with the State Treasury and rehypothecated a second time… this creates 6x the original debt.

        So what pays the bill: The other side of the balance sheet accounting when the ticket debt is created… which the ticket represents. Also, The US Treasurf or Federal Reserve has the authority to issue debt based on the ticket credit to zero the debt balance.
        How: using the ticket to reference the other side of the accounting, using UCC 3-604 to cancel and renunciate the accounting debt.
        who: The issuer pays the bill. Also the highest issuer of debt, the gov’t pays the bill through their debt facility windows.


  9. javalizard, That was awesome. Thank you for taking the time to write that. I will read through it again and again. Thank you for bringing me up to speed. How else may we stay in touch. I look forward to learning more.

    Thank you.


    1. I highly recommend the article on the Many Sovereign City-States and the article on issuing your own Money Orders. Those articles have MASSIVE amounts of information embedded in them.

      Here are the quick links:



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