Application for American National Passport Modified Forms

Here is the DS-11 application for a U.S. National Passport modified from a U.S. Citizen Passport to an American National Passport.

When applying, the DS-71 Affidavit of Identifying Witness may come in handy so as to not provide any  US Citizenship Legal Presence Association.



8 thoughts on “Application for American National Passport Modified Forms”

    1. Modifying any “Personal Property” (like the legal presence corporation insurance franchise found on a Driver’s License and a U.S. Passport) provided to “you” by a Government Services Corporation to “represent you” is disallowed. All personal property is “public property” owned by the government service corporation.

      The Government Services Corporations have registered their forms through offices like the O.M.B. Office of Management and Budget to ensure standards and “version control.”

      Using modified paperwork applications can be “denied” as not being original, though usually it is overlooked and/or acceptable; all forms can be modified and is considered “Freedom of Speech” particularly if the wording does not benefit us as private human beings. The words they use have explicitly meaning as do the new word replacements. For instance, “US Citizen” is replaced with “American National.”


  1. So far as the courts are concerned, U.S. citizens have even fewer due process rights than non-citizens. So if you use a modified application to obtain a passport, how exactly would you expect to benefit?


    1. The application is for a NON-US Citizen American National. Born on the Land, we may apply for either. American Nationals (being Non-US Citizens) have more “rights” as you say.


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