They’re All In It Together – Weinstein Paid for Bill Clinton’s Legal Fees During His Sex Abuse Scandal

When Bill Clinton was at the height of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, Hollywood was by his side, offering donations for his legal fees, and one significant donor was a man who is now going through his own sex scandal—Harvey Weinstein.

More than 20 women have publicly accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape. After the New York Times and the New Yorker published in-depth stories detailing the testimonies of women who have been abused byWeinstein—and in many cases, paid off with airtight non-disclosure agreements—the stories have continued to come to light.

Former President Bill Clinton is no stranger to sex scandals. The scandal that received the most media attention came about in the late 1990s after former Arkansas state employee Paul Jones filed a civil lawsuit against him for sexual harassment when he was the state’s governor. During the discovery phase of the case, in which Jones’ legal team was searching for Clinton’s inappropriate relationships, the name of a White House intern surfaced: Monica Lewinsky.

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Regular People Questioning Las Vegas Shooting called “Fake News” and Banned by Google

If the “story” is true, answers to questions would support the official narrative….  The questions would NOT be suppressed.

NBC News weaponized its narrative when it stopped the Harvey Weinstein exposé.  BAR Attorneys ONLY use fictional weaponized narratives to harm their own clients and do NOT explain the reasoning and legal anti-logic.  Indeed, Attorney only abuse and support their clients confusion around the answer to the question: What is the relationship and difference between a human being and a LEGAL PRESENCE ARTIFICIAL FICTIONAL PERSON CORPORATION?

The slavery system only wants to promote the ONE single weaponized narrative that keeps people locked into a slavery mentality that somehow “needs” a government to exist…  where as, the governments are the ones literally CREATING all these problems, if not directly in false flags then indirectly in the United Nations “governmental” corporate abuse of humanity.

How NBC ‘Killed’ Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein “Sexual Misconduct” Exposé

via The Daily Beast – by  – Inside and outside NBC, sources are challenging the network’s take on the bombshell it missed. ‘NBC did everything they could to delay it, complicate it, and ultimately [kill] it.’

Freelance NBC News correspondent Ronan Farrow, whose months-long investigation into reports of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct was spiked by the network but morphed into a journalistic blockbuster at The New Yorkerinitiated a scuffle with the Peacock Network on Tuesday night.

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Anti-Geoengineering Legal Team Sues The US Department Of Commerce

Commerce Department building in Washington, D.C.1

Dane Wigington   –

The “Government” of the United States long ago decided they were above the law, the completely illegal covert climate engineering operations are a glaring case in point. Exposing and halting the ongoing climate engineering / geoengineering assault continues to be the primary focus of and the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering (LASG). 66121

Geoengineered skies in Bangor, Maine. Photo credit: Penny Oliphant

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Detroit Towing Company Swiped Cars in Elaborate Scheme – A “Sheriff Franchise” in Michigan

EDITOR’S NOTE: The governmental car theft ring extends to Michigan sheriffs and Michigan police across the state via the United Nations “car theft renamed enforcement” franchise.  Washtenaw County in another example where UN Prosecutor Brian Mackie used their legal [fictitious] system to rationalize the unlawful theft of cars – armed grand theft auto by the Washtenaw Sheriff.  Despite the obviousness of these crimes, the STATE OF MICHIGAN allows these theft of cars by cops to happen across the entire state.
via Detroit News – Detroit officials claim a local towing company is part of an “elaborate” stolen vehicle scam involving a Highland Park police officer and a former attorney for towing magnate Gasper Fiore.

A 61-page counter-complaint filed in U.S. District Court by the city on Sept. 11 — a response to a July lawsuit by Detroit towing firm Nationwide Recovery Inc. — claims the towing company and its attorney orchestrated the theft of vehicles, which were towed to Nationwide’s east-side lot.

The city also alleges the unnamed Highland Park police officer did not fill out forms to alert people their stolen vehicles had been recovered. After time passed, the owners were then forced to pay exorbitant storage fees when they finally tracked down their vehicles.

The allegations mark the latest twist in an ongoing scandal involving Detroit’s multimillion-dollar towing operations.

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BLS Caught Fabricating Wage Data

from – Tyler Durden  – While it’s not the first time we have observed the BLS manipulate data (the last time was in “This Is What Happens When The Bureau Of Labor Statistics Is Caught In A Lie“), never before had we actually caught the Bureau Of Labor Statistics openly fabricating data. Until now.

As reported earlier today, in one of the most closely watched statistics in today’s payrolls report, the BLS reported that the annual increase in Average Weekly Earnings was a whopping 2.9%, above the 2.5% expected, and above the 2.5% reported last month. On the surface this was a great number, as the 2.9% annual increase – whether distorted by hurricanes or not – was the highest since the financial crisis.

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Police: ‘Pedophile’ Hugh Hefner Was Murdered Days Before Arrest Over Pedophilia

Police have reportedly launched a murder inquiry into the death of Hugh Hefner, with insiders believing it is "extremely likely" the Playboy founder was silenced.

YourNewsWireBaxter Dmitry – Police have reportedly launched a murder inquiry into the death of Hugh Hefner, with insiders believing it is “extremely likely” the Playboy founder was silenced before he could name Hollywood elite pedophiles as part of a plea deal. 

Hugh Hefner was found dead in suspicious circumstances on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles, just days before he was set to be arrested on child sex charges, according to a Los Angeles police source.

Hefner had been dealing with police on a daily basis for the past three weeks, trying to work out a plea deal, after an investigation, launched in 2009 after a lawsuit was filed against Hefner, suddenly “went hot.”

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Big in Venezuela: Bitcoin Mining

Hyperinflation has driven thousands to seek out unorthodox currency.

From The In Venezuela, home to some of the worst hyperinflation since the Weimar Republic, a Big Mac costs about half a month’s wages. Or rather, it did, until a bread shortage forced the burger off the menu. The annual inflation rate is expected to hit 1,600 percent. Life resembles an old newsreel: long lines, empty shelves, cashiers weighing stacks of bills.

To survive, thousands of Venezuelans have taken to minería bitcoin—mining bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. Lend computer processing power to the blockchain (the bitcoin network’s immense, decentralized ledger) and you will be rewarded with bitcoin. To contribute more data-crunching power, and earn more bitcoin, people operate racks of specialized computers known as “miners.” Whether a mining operation is profitable hinges on two main factors: bitcoin’s market value—which has hit record highs this year—and the price of electricity, needed to run the powerful hardware.

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Russia’s Putin says Pope Francis is Not Man of God, Not the God of the Bible

Putin & Francis II

From Antonius Aquinas – August 7, 2017  Vladimir Putin has once again demonstrated why he is the most perceptive, farsighted, and for a politician, the most honest world leader to come around in quite a while.  If it had not been for his patient and wise statesmanship, the world may have already been embroiled in an all encompassing global configuration with the possibility of thermonuclear destruction.

His latest comments on the purported head of the Catholic Church may have been his most perceptive as of yet and should be heeded not only by Western secular leaders, but by the globe’s one billion or so Catholics, most of whom regard Jorge Bergoglio as pope.

The Russian President’s statement came on a visit to the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Kronstadt.  Mr. Putin succinctly sums up what Pope Francis is not: “If you look around at what he (the Pope) says it’s clear that he is not a man of God.  At least not the Christian God, not the God of the Bible.”*

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Currency Solutions: The Zero Note – The 5th Pillar

by belisoful – India has a “worthless” Zero Rupees Bank Note that is used to conduct commerce with corrupt public servants and corporate employees.  It is specifically designed to manage bribery and corruption; as bribery and corruption is/was a leading issue in third world countries like India, Inc.  The founder of The 5th Pillar Zero Rupees Note has expanded into creating a Zero Currency Note for nearly every country.

Use this Zero Dollars Federal Reserve Note in instances of corruption and bribery in the UNITED STATES, INC.  Click here for more information.

Here is how it works:

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The 16 biggest ships produce more pollution than all the cars in the World

From LNGTransfer.comBy Mark James – The UK newspaper the Daily Mail published the alarming allegation that the 16 biggest ships in the world produce more pollution than all the world’s cars. If true, this would certainly change many people’s perspective on global warming as more often than not cars are singled out as a key contributor to greenhouse gases whilst the shipping industry is almost never mentioned. So, is this allegation true? And, if so, is it a game changer for the way in which we tackle climate change?

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Today, The Music Stops

From – Today’s the day.

After months of preparing financial markets for this news, the Federal Reserve is widely expected to announce that it will finally begin shrinking its $4.5 trillion balance sheet.

I know, that probably sound reeeeally boring. A bunch of central bankers talking about their balance sheet.  But it’s phenomenally important. And I’ll explain why-

When the Global Financial Crisis started in 2008, the Federal Reserve (along with just about every central bank in the world) took the unprecedented step of conjuring trillions of dollars out of thin air.  In the Fed’s case, it was roughly $3.5 trillion, about 25% of the size of the entire US economy at the time.  That’s a lot of money.

And after nearly a decade of this free money policy, there is more money in the financial system than ever before.

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