The Many Sovereign City-States: Vatican City, City of London & Westminster, DC, UN (New York City), CERN, Monaco, Geneva, Singapore and the World

Generally, it is discussed among the knowledgable that the Vatican City, City of London, and Washington DC were sovereign city-states.  These city-states essentially owned the world by uninformed consent and franchises.  There are other City-States and they are just as important as these three.  The handful of City-States are the United Nations, CERN, Republic and Canton of Geneva, Monaco, Singapore, World, and several other lesser important city-states (for this discussion, that is).


The Vatican City

The Vatican City owned the earth, all property, all humans, and all spirit through its “posted and recorded” magical Papel Bulls.  It gained “City-State”-hood through an international treaty with the Fascist Benito Mussolini for the Vatican’s Support of Hitler’s Nazi Regime.

The Square Flags of the Vatican city. The Gold Key opening the kingdom of heaven, the Silver Key unleashing hell on earth under the three crowns.

When the Roman Empire fell, Vatican City became the Head of State of the newly adopted HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE INC.  The Roman Empire lived to the Vatican’s End.  The Vatican funded the Roman Empire through their assets and debt franchise mechanisms such that the Roman Empire was financially obligated to the Vatican.  When the Roman Empire fell, it was taken over by its creditor: The Vatican City.  The Vatican City existed as the bankrupt Roman Empire in Trust.  This is an important Model for how the UN has taken over all countries.

In 1214, The Vatican essentially gained France from England by King John’s “contractual failure” with the Vatican. The Vatican moved to France in 1309, with a New French “elected” Pope creating the “Avignon Papacy”.  This proves ownership of France, in Trust.  The Vatican was moved back to Italy in 1377.   The Avignon Papacy was the reason why Apostilles/Certificate of Authentications are required to have a FRENCH version or in the native language.  To deal with the “sovereign uprising” -in the 12th and 13th century- Vatican City issued the following Papel Bulls:

  1. 1302 Pope Boniface – Unam Sanctum: “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”  It was the First Express Trust Deed: claimed the whole planet and everything as a DEAD HOLOGRAM on it, conveyed -in trust- by/to the right hand of god incorporated: The Vatican City.  France was conveyed this way before the Avignon Papacy in 1309.
  2. 1455 Pope Nicholas V- Romanus Pontifex: 1st Crown of Crown Land- “For a perpetual remembrance.” All land was claimed as “crown land”.   The 1st Private Cestui Que Vie [Constructive] Testamentary Trust -a Deceased Estate through deed and will-, created when a child was born depriving them of all private beneficial entitlements and private rights on/from the land.  Lost at “sea of commerce” after the statutory age of 7.  This was the Last Will and Testament for the Holographic Death.
  3. 1481 Pope Sixtus IV- Aeterni Regis: 2nd Crown of the Commonwealth- “Crown of Aragon” (Spain), the 2nd PUBLIC Cestui Que Vie Trust, created when children were born and -by the sale of the birth certificate as a Public Bond to the private central bank of the nation- depriving us of ownership of our flesh and condemning “persons” to perpetual servitude, as a Holy Roman person, or slave.  This claimed all physical bodies that incarnated into the dead earth hologram.
  4. 1537 Pope Paul III- Convocation: 3rd Crown of the Ecclesiastical See- created when children were baptized. It was the parents’ grant of the Baptismal certificate––title to the soul––to the church or/and Registrar. Thus, without legal title over one’s own soul, we will be denied legal standing and will be treated as things––cargo without souls––upon which the BAR is/was legally able to enforce Maritime law.  It claimed ownership over all souls -as lost- that incarnated into the dead earth hologram.
    Pope Francis chose to keep the same coat of arms that he used as bishop. The shield has a bright blue background. In the center is a yellow radiant sun with the IHS christogram representing Jesus (this is also the Jesuit logo).

    The 3rd Crown was secretly granted to England -possibly as early as the 1550s with the split in the English Church- in the collection and “reaping” of lost souls- all beings on the dead holographic Earth. The Commonwealth Crown Corporation -under the Monarch- was lost again in 1816, in the deliberate bankruptcy of England, and granted to the Temple Bar which became known as the Crown Bar, or simply the Crown.  The Third Crown. The Bar Associations have since been responsible for administering the “reaping” of the souls of the lost and damned, such as- the registration and collection of Baptismal certificates representing the souls collected by the Vatican City and stored in its vaults.

These Papel Bulls have a very long story to, in, and of themselves.  Control was issued, transferred, bought, etc, etc.  Pope Francis is/was one of the Head Jesuits controlling the planet with his buddies in the Geneva City-State.  The Vatican had given International Religious Religious Messaging Service Duties to France via the Hague Convention of 1961 Abolishing the Requirements for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents (ARLFPD).

The Vatican City is NOT the Holy See…  Indeed, the Holy See is across the street from the Vatican City.  The Legal [fictional] Vatican City only RUNS the non-legal Holy See.  The Vatican City tries to control all of Spirituality on the Dead Hologram Earth via TRUST FRANCHISE.  It was the premier spiritual head of “Hell on Earth.”

The City of London Corporation

The City of London was the Temple BAR Crown Corporation.  The City of London was the business face of the Crown Corporation; Third Vatican Crown.  The UK Monarch only operate the “local” slavery fiefdom of Commonwealth Members from the City of Westminster; such as Canada, Australia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, etc.  The UK Commonwealth System was the precursor to the United Nations.  The City of London gain control over reaping “lost souls” in 1816 from the UK Monarchy City of Westminster.  The City of London came about via the Magna Carta in 1213.

The UK under King John of England ceded control of it’s empire to Vatican City -under Pope Innocent III- in 1213.  The Knights Templars/Jesuits were very powerful and did not like the loss of sovereignty to the Vatican.  The Magna Carta was created by the Knights Templar to make the City of London a Sovereign city-state, which was later annulled by Papel Bull Decree in August 1215.

The City of London/Crown Corporation was considered the Second “sovereign city state” to the Vatican City and only by much friction with the Vatican.

Researcher Eustice Mullins writes that the Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823 just after England was bankrupted in 1816.  I suspect that the Khazarians held the Vatican City wealth hostage for their own respected sovereignty without the Vatican and/or work together.

City of London Obelisk

The City of London Crown Corporation allows corporation to vote as people based upon the number of employees they have, and they allow for INFINITE RE-HYPOTHECATION, which is the sale of a thing an unlimited multiple of times.  Bankers use rehypothecation to re-create as much debt as they need for anything they want, such as taking over the planet.  The City of London lost it’s charter centuries ago and was operating on the “grandfather” principle:  It exists, so it exists.

The City of London Controls and “owns” the GLOBAL DEBT FRANCHISE in all UN Member-Nations called “MONEY.”

City of Westminster

The City of North Westminster is the container Corporation for the Commonwealth System.  It is the center of the empire where the sun that never sets now sets.  Their flag is the Union Jack inside on the top-left of an extended Knights of Malta Switzerland Jesuit Cross.

This was run for and by the Monarch. to give them sovereign authority, most of which was lost in 1823 when the City of London was given Papel authority to financially indebt humanity.

This City has the City Palace of Westminster where people run the monarch crown.  This city is memorialized in many movies such as “V for Vendetta” and in many BBC controlled news stories.


The United States Capital With Obelisk

District of Columbia Municipal Corporation

While listed as a “non-sovereign” city-state -and technically true-  The District of Columbia was a sovereign corporation and was bankrupted and then owned by the City of London Corporation Bankers over a long series of events.  It developed enough Weapons into the 21st century and had enough power to try to be the Humanity’s policeman.  In the 20th century, it used the Debt franchise to create all the money it needs to fund psychopathic warmongering trivialities.  The United States didn’t start in such ways.

The US Founding Father’s implemented a TRUST over the Territory to create the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for themselves in 1776.  35 of the 55 Founding Fathers were “Lawyers,” meaning at least a few of them were agents of the British Monarch.  People went along with it so it became the governing document.  The Common Law -authorized under King George, of the Vatican City, in 1783- was implemented across America under the original Organic Constitution.

The newly minted “De Jure” United States of America became a De Fact Corporation in December, 1800  The founding fathers were all very aware of the Corporate Personhood Overlay.  The definitions may not have been so generally obvious at the time.  However the East India Trading Company used PERSON insurance Franchises for employees -with their own Debt as Money and a Company Store.  These “artificial Persons” have been used as corporate Overlays since the 10th century, over a millennium ago.

The Civil War broke the US Corporate bank.  Lincoln, the First BAR Attorney President, issued his own debt to save America called Greenbacks.  He was being very legal in using debt in such ways.  The LIEBER CODE enacted in 1863 brought Marshal Law across America and was never repealed.  The LIEBER CODE was later modified with the TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT in 1917 to make all Human Beings “ENEMY COMBATANTS” of the State and the States’ artificial persons.

In 1865, President Lincoln Signed  for Amending The Organic Constitution to append the second 13th Amendment.  Ignoring the First 13th Amendment was a part and parcel of the BAR ATTORNEY FRAUD.  They seem to just ignore laws and events that they don’t like.  The Second 13th Amendment abolished slavery…  by making slavery non-discriminatory and ubiquitous as FEDERAL UNITED STATES CITIZENS.  Slavery became the default state for US Federal Citizens.  It unified all Artificial Legal Persons issued by “State Corporate Franchises” into and under a Federal US Citizen Artificial person.  There was no way to be a State Citizen without first being a Federal Citizen artificial person.  The Bankrupt United States Federated Corporation Took over the State and the South through such measures.

In Essence, the North took possession of all the Legal presences in the South by the Second Constitutional 13th Amendment in 1865.  The original 13th Constitutional Amendment -from 1819- banned all attorneys from public office. Abraham Lincoln would have been banned from the Presidency, being a BAR Attorney, and the original 13th Amendment halting all BAR Attorneys from holding office.

Washington DC Flag

In 1871, the District Of Columbia Act created a new Corporation overlay with a Constitution “similar” to the original but not the Original.  This was how the Constitution FOR the uSA became the “CONSTITUTION OF THE US”.  Since then, the de facto corporation has usurped the prior history of the legitimate de jure United States, calling it their own to give themselves the appearance of legitimacy.  The 1871 Incorporation of the Federal United States followed the STATEs themselves incorporating throughout the 1800s from UNINCORPORATED TERRITORIES to INCORPORATED STATE CORPORATIONS.  The 1871Incorporated United States was NOT a de jure legitimate government of and by the people.  The 1871 US Federal Incorporation was needed to FEDERATE and UNIFY the state incorporations:  A More Perfect Union.  The Incorporated governance changed several times following its incorporation in 1871.  e.g. 1874 it became dictatorship run by 3 governors, rather than a president with congress and a judicial branch.  DC never had FEDERAL VOTING RIGHTS as it was never incorporated as a FEDERATED UNITED STATES INCORPORATED STATE.

In 1913, the Third American Central Bank called The Federal Reserve came into the scene and bankrupted the nation within 20 years.  1933 FDR signed the Emergency Bankruptcy Act which turned over the Incorporated US to its creditors, ultimately Vatican City.  That is why Federal Reserve Notes and the House of Representatives say “IN GOD WE TRUST.”  Statutory Law through U.C.C. was then implemented to manage the U.S. Bankruptcy in perpetuity.  Statutory law is a bastardization of Admiralty Law.  No court cases may be legitimately referenced prior to 1938, with Erie Railroad Co. v Tompkins.  Statutory Law was entirely new and without any set opined legal precedence.

To recap, Common Law under King’s Rule was established by the Constitution.  Color of Law Common Law was brought in via mission-creep from 1800-1871.  In 1871, Corporate Color of Law was enshrined by De Facto DC incorporation via DC Act of 1871.  Where the First Constitution is Organic, the Second Constitution is literally the CORPORATE CONSTITUTION.  Yes, Corporations have their own US Constitution, from 1871.  Human Beings were given Corporatehood via Corporate Personhood and Federation of State Persons under the US “governmental” corporation.  The LEGAL PRESENCE corporate overlay went into effect with Birth Certificates through the Sheppart-Towner Maternity Hygiene Act of 1921, that make financial securities out of children.  The Act has since been supersede.  The Uniform Commercial Code was definitive slavery in making human beings into CHATTEL.  Human Chattel is defined as slavery, yet birth certificates make us “persons” and it uses U.C.C. to do it.

The 1938 Implementation of bankruptcy Statutory Code allowed the HUMAN CHATTEL via LEGAL PRESENCE to go into hyperdrive.  U.C.C. became ubiquitous among the states.  U.C.C. would be best considered color of law over color of law.

During the 1800s, various forms of “law” were being developed.  In LOUISIANA, for instance, was a NEPOLIONIC CODE state.   However, even the incorporated color of law Nepolionic Code of Louisiana was superseded by U.C.C. slave code in the early 1900s.  By 1938, Statutory Slavery was fully established across America.

The U.C.C. control over “US CITIZEN” legal presences was very short lived as after World War 2, all Nations were taken over by the United Nations in 1948.  The United States authority still comes from the Vatican.  The Vatican City Controls Washington, DC.

As evidence that the Vatican controls the UNITED STATES and the Rothschild Central Bank The Federal Reserve, The Federal Reserve Note states very clearly, “IN GOD WE TRUST”, which is better defined as “IN THE VATICAN CITY WE ESTATE” person corporation franchises.

The Statutory Control mechanism of 1938 lasted until 1948 when the United Nations created the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The United States District of Columbia Municipal Corporation tries to control the WAR/MURDER/POWER FRANCHISE.  They also attempted to control the MAGIC FRANCHISE, despite obvious material conflicts with the Church and State.

The U.S. House of representatives. IN GOD WE TRUST in Gold above the US Flag, and beside two Fascios (Bundle of Sticks with Axes), and the symbol of Mussolini – The Fascist that gave Sovereign City-State Status to the Vatican.
The Seat and Head of the United Nations

The United Nations

The League of Nations was created upon ending World War One to institutionalize peace and security; financial security.  It lasted 26 years before the UNITED NATIONS took over many of its bodies and functions on April 20th 1946 from the bankruptcy of the League of Nations after World War 2.

When the United Nations was put in place EVERYTHING CHANGE.  All Member Countries and National Citizens became “U.N. Citizens” under the UNITED NATIONS.  The United Nations is the League of Nations operating from Bankruptcy, and was why they required all UN Member “Nation” Corporations to operate from bankruptcy as terms and conditions.  The UN licenses all “legal presences” to UN Member Nations.

The UN – Universal Declaration of Human Rights en/titled the UN to claim all human beings under a Federated “sovereign corporation”, just like the north claimed the legal presences of the south.  Where the 13th Amendment made slavery non-discriminatory, the United Nations made the same legal presence slavery non-discriminatory across the globe.  

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948.  It encodes that ALL NATIONS were found lacking in their abuse of LEGAL PRESENCES… particularly for enacting war and war crimes.  The UN then became the SINGLE AND ONLY LEGAL AUTHORITY ACROSS THE WHOLE PLANET.  The United Nations has specifically replaced all courts globally with NATIONAL COMPETENT TRIBUNALS.  They look like national courts but they are NOT.

So where U.C.C. is color of law of color of law of legalized king’s common law,  The UN put ANOTHER color of law overlay on top of all UN Member Nations.  This was why Prosecutors in US Courtrooms claim their “master’s [to be the] UNITED NATIONS.”

UN Secretary General António Guterres- Head of all Member Nation-States

The UN UDHR was created to remove/en-title all human rights under the name of peace and “security”-underwriting of the UNITED NATIONS.  The SECURITY COUNCIL underwrites all global securities and human rights.  The Five Seated UN Member Nations on the Security Council: United States Inc (for DC), Russia Inc, China Inc (for the Chinese Elders), France Inc (in lieu of the Vatican via the “Avignon Papacy”), and the UK (City of London Crown Corporation).  They write debts and serve them to countries as “debt obligations” for compliance.

The UN UDHR was the primary global governing document -The PERSON CORPORATEHOOD CONSTITUTION- above all else…  even above the U.S. Constitution.  The US Constitution has clauses that give international treaties MORE power than itself.  That was the basis of the UN take-over of the DC Corporation.  The Terms and Conditions of having licensing the UN PERSON insurance franchise was the Birth Certificate and a total imposition of UN CODE over all legal presences -and thus Courtrooms- globally.

All “National Laws” seem to be at the sufferance of the UNITED NATIONS and allowed only to present the appearance of legitimacy.  No national laws may go against the UN charter, nor “human rights.”  All nations must abuse its citizenry as corporate legal fictions called “PERSONS”– according to the Rules of the United Nations.

The UN UDHR removes all human rights when simply claiming to be human and have rights.  They impose the “PERSONHOOD” corporate-hood overlay by UN UDHR – Article 6 that “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.”   “A PERSON BEFORE THE LAW” means “an artificial person UNDER THEIR FICTIONAL LEGALISMS.”

Essentially, courts cannot make anyone guilty without using legal presences under the UN.  ALL legal presence use must have UN approval.  Human beings are GUILT-FREE at all times, until the LEGAL CORPORATE OVERLAY was applied.

The implication are huge.  Even “murder” is OK for NON-PERSONS in the UN Legal Construct.  “Murder” cannot be held accountable by nations because of World War 2.  Only the UN may hold “murderers” accountable because Nations were too violent with their legal fictions.  However, natural law still applies, and “murder” at the natural law has significant impacts and influences outside the control of any corporation;  call in karmic kick-back.   Put another way, the Golden Rule still applies.  Essentially, harm to a “person” is/was harm to the United Nations.

These legalisms are imposed to deceptively gain consent of the human beings.  It also spiritually enables the U.N. and member states to have no karmic consequences.  If people agree by ignorance, they are allowed to do it.  Only when we do NOT consent does Karma give a hand at Natural Law.   Informed NON-CONSENT was important to stopping the physical slavery.

The UN UDHR has a few very interesting features to it.  First, the only way a nation may be a member is by entering bankruptcy.  It must be a bankrupt Nation to obligate itself via debt to the UN.  Second, the UN underwrites all human rights by titling them for their ownership.  Thus All Human Rights may be removed by UN if we allow them to have/title our rights.  Each BAR Attorney uses that executor trust authority to give themselves the POWER OF ASSUMPTION over the deceased LEGAL PERSON Estate created by the Vatican.  All Rights are Property underwritten in such ways.  We must title our own rights if we are to own them.

The UN UDHR specifically underwrites children, marriage, and education as titled human rights.  This is in alignment with Birth Certificates looking like Vehicle Titles -acting as titles to our human body-, and Students also having Birth Certificate like documents.  The University of Michigan Financial Department told me that prior to 2001, the University issued birth certificate-like documents for each student.   And Marriages are Businesses.  All these rights are UNDERWRITTEN with debt for insurance by the UNITED NATIONS.

In Effect, There are no more “US Treasury windows” for American Nationals because the function was taken over by the UN in 1948.  The UN Take-over is also reason why the “sovereign man” U.C.C.-1 Finance Statements, etc won’t work.  Furthermore, there are hundreds of LEGAL PRESENCES for any single human being.  Filing one U.C.C. 1 Finance Statement doesn’t cover all of them.  Each legal presence must be specifically taken possession of, otherwise, the UN owns the legal fiction.  Each time the UPPER CASE name is written down, it is technically a separate legal fiction and sub-franchise PERSON of the UN.

No one but the UN may own and use legal presences.  No even the human beings operating with legal presence were allowed to relate the legal presence.  Being NON-ATTORNEYS, human beings are NOT allowed to step into the legal presence.  The application of legal presences was entirely unjust and based upon illegal adhesion contracts by UN Member Nations.

GENEVA, June 9, 2010 (Xinhua) — Photo taken on June 9, 2010 shows the buidlings of the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. The Palace of Nations in Geneva was built between 1929 and 1936 as the headquarters of the League of Nations. It has served as the home of the United Nations Office in Geneva since 1946, when the UN secretary general signed the Headquarters Agreement with the Swiss authorities, although Switzerland did not become a UN member until 2002.

To summarize, the UN is a nation of nations.  Their unofficial headquarters is the PALACE OF NATIONS is a Sovereign City-State in the sovereign City-State of the Republic and Canton of -Jesuit Controlled- Geneva, Switzerland.  The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 took over all nations.  U.C.C. was used as the international code to operate the UN take-over.  The UN is Color of Law on top of color of law of color of law of legalized king’s code.

The United Nations is ultimately a Crown Corporation operating the 3rd Vatican Crown.  The Vatican City only has permanent observer status due to not wanting to give of control over their “legal presences” to the UN City of London Crown Corporation.

Flag of New York City-State, where Donald Trump was Berthed.

The Land Mass of the UNITED NATIONS territory is NEW YORK CITY.  Just like the DC is a corporation operating the UNITED STATES, New York City is the Sovereign City-State owned and operated by the UNITED NATIONS.  New York City issues their own Birth Certificates, just like the District of Columbia.  New York City Birth Certificates are NOT UNITED STATES BIRTH CERTIFICATES.  Donald Trump has a New York City Birth Certificate.  It is authorized within the United States because the UN has taken full and total control over the United States and all member nations.  New York City is/was the United Nations Sovereign City State.  This is also why New York City “policy enforcers” are independent of the “United States”, just like the “DC Metro Police” are independent of all Federal United States Policy.

New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Gulliani stated on C-Span that “New York City was the capital of the World” and he was correct. 20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2)- shows that New York City is equal to that of District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  New York City issues their own Birth Certificates, unlike all other States, except District of Columbia.

Where the Vatican City tries to control the Trust/Spiritual Franchise, City of London tries to control the money/debt Franchise, and DC tries to control the war/magic Franchise, then the UN tries to control the PERSON Franchise – slavery and all things legal.  The UN tries to control ALL things LEGAL.  The UN would be the 4th City-State.

CERN – In Geneva

CERN was a Scientific complex running the largest and most powerful machine on the Earth- The Large Hadron Collider.  The LHC was initially sold to the public for a maximum energy of 14 TeV.  They recently reached over 2,360 TeV.  CERN gave 2017 presentations to the BILDERBERG group to gain funding for their new Super Super Collider -The Future Circular Collider- that proposes to be 3x the power of LHC at 100 TeV.  However, Given the math, they might be able to reach 40,000 TeV with such a machine.

The New Proposed Super Super Collider FCC 3x the size of LHC

CERN was given SOVEREIGN City-State-hood by the Crown Corporation’s Diplomatic Corp.  CERN has their own body of law and is not obligated to any country’s laws.  CERN’s Legal Code is Copyright by the IMF, making the CERN LEGAL PRESENCES owned by the UN, without exception.

CERN was in the Republic and Canton of Geneva until CERN split with the world, not just splitting atoms and creating blackholes.  CERN -as its own city-state- even has its own debt “security” council that issues debt-securities in any measure it needs.  They have created tens of billions for themselves in running the machine.

The Republic and Canton of Geneva Shield and Flag contains the Society of Jesus -Jesuit Logo with IHS directly upon it.  It’s the same logo that Pope Francis uses on his shield as a Jesuit Pope.  The First Flag at CERN leading all nations was the Geneva IHS Flag.

It is proposed that CERN changed the weight of an electron, and/or influenced the Higg-Boson which may be causing Mandela Effects.  The New Future Circular Collider might cause Exponential Mandela Effects due to the Lorenz Equations non-linearity.  Such ability to change things, even the history of the world, would be reason to need such sovereignty; especially if/when weaponized and used against humanity.

In an article, NSA Concerned: CERN’s Data the Only Ones They Cannot Make Sense Of, from February 4, 2014, the U.S. NSA- National Security Agency called CERN data “UNINTELLIGABLE.”

CERN was the scientific institution trying to control the SCIENCE FRANCHISE on the planet and the manager of the Dead Holographic Earth for the Vatican.  They coordinate with hundreds of Particle Accelerators globally to conduct experiments.  What kinds of experiments are conducted across the planet from CERN?  CERN is doing a lot more than they are telling us about.

CERN would be a 5th sovereign City-State, where they are mostly underground.

Switzerland & Geneva

Switzerland and the Vatican City are the only countries with square flags.  Switzerland is home of most international Organizational Bodies because Switzerland is a country of independent republic city-states.  It has the highest per capita income in the world and productivity, and lowest crime rates.  Everywhere else abuses LEGAL PRESENCES to impose itself with the detriment of slavery and war.  Switzerland didn’t join the UN until 2002 to be able to retain their independence.

Switzerland contains the Central Bank of Central Banks: THE BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS.  They also have the Federal Intelligence Service (FIS).  It is the Secret Agency of Secret Agencies and they have a hand in 9/11.

Geneva seems to be controlled by Jesuits, just like the Vatican in 2017- by Jesuit Pope Francis.  Geneva could be considered an equal to the Crown Corporation and the Vatican for their sovereign nature.  Switzerland controls the REPUBLIC FRANCHISE in many regards.


The Monaco Flag

The Phonecians -the inventors of the Sigil Alphabet, phonetics- Colonized Monaco around the 6th Century. It remained a sovereign principality with a few brief hick-ups.  Mainly, Monaco was briefly occupied by Napoleon, Hitler, and Mussolini but return.   Monaco’s sovereignty was recognized by the Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1861 and gained UN voting Rights in 1993.  To be able to join, Monaco had to enter bankruptcy.  They have some “protection” from Frances Military from greater threats though they also have their own units.

Monaco did very well with their casinos, and removed taxation in full.  In the United States, voting areas are called DISTRICTS because it is a MILITARY TERM of occupation.  In Monaco, Territorial Areas are called WARDS to be able to apply “legal presence” as a bankrupt nation city-state.  This makes all of “MONACO” into a prison.

Monaco was mostly recognized by the UN and Member Nations.  When they joined the UN they received full Personhood benefits an recognition.   A product of Monaco’s Bankruptcy is that “Monaco Citizens” can only have “resident”/prisoner status for 3 years in their Territorial Wards.  Citizens are wards of the state and thus legally incompetent as per required by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

All the Major Banks (e.g. Rothschilds, HSBC) have branches in Monaco, thus making the Banks “sovereign”!  Such “sovereignty” allows the banks to even commit murder and get away with it.


Singapore has its own Sovereignty yet is a Member of the Commonwealth of Nations run by the UK Crown Corporations.  Singaporeans are Subject to United Nations Human Slavery Legalization via the Crown Corporation. While it is a sovereign city-state, it was simply treated as such by the powers that were on behalf of the Monarch.

Singapore is a Republic acting as a global financial powerhouse.

World Government of World Citizens

The World Government of World Citizen is a non-legal non-person non-resident lawful self-governing body for sentient beings with unenumerated human rights, which legally translates to the UN- UDHR to un-“limited sovereignty.” As such, its territory is the whole planet via a parallel -but NOT overlapping- lawful juristic society.   The World Government of World Citizens is operated by the World Service Authority, a non-bankrupt (non-legal) unincorporated body of private World Citizens outside the United Nations and their PERSON franchise.  It seems that recognition for being external without the UN would be provided from the UN, for application in any “competent national tribunal” globally.

The World Government of World citizen Flag uses Gold and White -Sovereign Colors- and green for neutrality.

All UN Member Country are bound by their Charter and Personhood “Constitution” to deny recognition of private World Citizens due to such non-person status outside the UN jurisdiction.  Attorneys operate UN Person franchises and require direct UN evidence of being a NON-PERSON.  Otherwise the Bankruptcy Trust provides them the executor-ship with power of assumption, in a UN Legal Military Coup.

A similar non-recognition has occurred with other sovereign city-states throughout history.  Monaco was only moderately recognized by the UN and member nations until they joined the UN.  Monaco was required to be Bankrupt to join.  All the Major Banks (e.g. Rothschilds) have branches in Monaco, thus making the Banks “sovereign”!  Such “sovereignty” allows the banks to even commit murder and get away with it.

Even with perfect legalese non-person documents, most attorney will not respect the legal boundary as being with the private rather than public and legal.

Apparently, gaining recognition as a World Citizen with a UN Member Nation requires making an appointment with a the UN Member Nation Embassy – typically”outside” the territory- and having them ANNEX and AUTHENTICATE the World Citizen Passport, World Citizen Identity Card, World Citizen Birth Certificate, World Citizen “Driver’s License,” World Citizen Automobile Title, etc.

The World Citizen authority to exist stems from the ability of “persons” to leave UN Member Nations and then be self governing and from having unenumerated rights- U.N.”limited” sovereignty.  World Citizens possess their own Identities as private property.  If we so choose, we may make share it in public as well as a public non-legal identity, as well as a public legal identity.  Knowing the differences is up to the World Citizen.

Making an oath to the World Government of World Citizens is about being Present in this moment of Now; rather than RE/Present- of the reflection, not a primary source.  The oath and affirmation triggers Title 8 U.S.C. §1481 and RS §1999 (click “notes”) for immediate Relinquishment of US Citizenship legal presence U.N. artificial person.  Relinquishment is NOT renouncing.  Renouncing is official recognition with a loss of nationality certificate, and surrender of the right to their authority.  However, relinquishment officially occurs in the US with a letter to the State Department -according to IRS Form 8854 Initial and Annual Expatriation Tax Forms, providing:

Date of relinquishment of U.S. citizenship.
You are considered to have relinquished your U.S. citizenship on the earliest of the following dates.

2. The date you furnished to the State Department a signed statement of your voluntary relinquishment of a U.S. nationality confirming the performance of an expatriating act (provided that the voluntary relinquishment was later confirmed by the issuance of a certificate of loss of nationality).

3. The date the State Department issued a certificate of loss of nationality.

World Citizenry cannot harm another Human Being protected by a UN legal presence.  The golden rule still applies via Natural Law.  The extent of the “World Citizen City-State” sovereignty is the extent that one is willing to overstand it and -according to the United Nations- issue titles upon our own rights/property.  Simply issuing our own debt outside the UN system makes it both valid, and non-recognizable.  With the UN, only UN issued debt is/was “understandable.”  World Citizen Birth Certificates own our bodies for ourselves.  World Citizen Automobile Titles own our cars privately.  Speech rights -particularly to debt- are not retracted nor institutionalized via the City of London Speech-Debt-Money Franchise.

World Citizenry is about being present, making the whole Earth a sovereign City-state.  The Sovereign Foreign Immunity Act -affirmed by Kidane v Ethiopia- applies to World Citizens in relation to any and all UN Member Nations. World Citizens cannot sue nor be sued by/in/with “UN Competent National Tribunals” without serious international crimes being committed by the court-like tribunal.  That doesn’t stop the UN from steam rolling human beings unlawfully.

The World Government isn’t trying to control any aspect of humanity.  It exists to return enable sentient beings with options of presence in a RE-PRESENTED corporate overlay world.  We exercise our known rights and express our unenumerated rights.  Where necessary, we title our own rights to protect them.

The World Government of World Citizens began because it’s founder, Garry Davis, sat for 6 days and nights at the foot of the U.N. for recognition.

If you have also had it with the corporatism, fascism, political and financial non-sense, Begin again with a World Government of World Citizens Birth Certificate Passport, and/or ID Card.

The level of World Citizenry and involvement is up to you.  If you know that World Citizens don’t need Driver’s License, then it is an available option.  If it does not feel safe without a “UN Driver’s License”, then by all means keep it and use it.  There is a time and place for World Citizenry, and that is up to you.


City-States are not restricted to just the Vatican City, City of London, and DC.  The United Nations have taken over the global legal system and CERN engaged in wildly dangerous science that could bright about a “HOLO”-caust upon this hologram of unknown proportions.

The Vatican uses White and Gold; Switzerland, City of London, DC, Monaco, and Singapore all use only White and Red;  while CERN and the UN use White and Blue.  The Vatican used gold to declare sovereignty.  The Nation-City-States use red to declare their humanity.  and the UN and CERN use Blue to prove their commercial backings.

The Other sovereign City States have been taken over by the UN as well.  The United Nations operates from authority of the Crown Corporation – City of London…  And the City of London operates on authority of the Vatican.

All of these institutions seem to have been taken over by the Jesuits/Khazarians.

The single global control mechanism that the Vatican has chosen seems to be the UNITED NATIONS, via non-discrimination of slavery after WW2.

The World Government of World Citizens seems to be able to provide some relief and remedy without the UN.  It won’t stop cops that need to impose their fake authority, but it works in most instances when executed properly- in my observation.

In future articles, I will be covering the UN’s take over of global legal systems and what can be done about it on a human level.  Visit and Subscribe:

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17 thoughts on “The Many Sovereign City-States: Vatican City, City of London & Westminster, DC, UN (New York City), CERN, Monaco, Geneva, Singapore and the World”

    1. You are welcome to contact The World Service Authority about the World Government of World Citizens. Anyone born on planet Earth may perform an oath to the WGWC and become an official World Citizen. Anyone born on the planet is techically already a world citizen by birth right… it is just a matter of claiming it. All Government IDs are “fictitious”… the governments like to use that against the WSA and World Citizens even though their own ID (eg, driver’s licenses, b-certs, passports, etc) are just as fictitious as the WSA.

      WGWC is a lawful non-legal organization. WSA is the managing organization. World citizens are the only answer to the system of States of States of States by the United Nations. It is the only government that is designed to function beyond the United Nations, but using their framework to exit their system of slavery.

      Legally, World Citizens are NOT recognized because we are NOT legal! However, just as Indonesians, World Citizens can have our passports and documents ANNEXED at any embassy/consulate for individual one by one acceptance of the ID. The treaty that Indonesia and World Citizens/WSA/WGWC are NOT party to, that makes passports automagickally recognized, is The Hague Convention of 1961 Abolishing the Requirements for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents. World Citizens are protected under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

      The reason why world citizenship is SO important is because of Title 18 USC §242 and §241. To summarize, US Citizens do not have their rights protected against abuse by the legal system, but Foreign Aliens have our foreign rights protected from abuses of legalisms. So, only foreign aliens have protected rights and cannot have those right diminished by the legal system… otherwise… all American have already consented to having rights be NOT protected from diminishment under color of law/legalisms.

      World Citizens are officially LAWFUL recognized as I have officially expatriated “my” US Domestic Legal Presence through the US State Department, US Department of Homeland Security, and IRS. They listed “my” legal presence in the FEDERAL REGISTER as an official expatriate… for taking an oath to the WGWC. so it is legitimately lawfully recognized.

      Many US Government officials will continue to assume US DOMESTIC LEGAL PRESENCE even if the full official expatiation took place… Thus proving that the US Government is illegitimate, not that World citizens are illegitimate.

      The US Government literally defines itself as a Corporation (Title 28 USC §3002 (15)) and also defines corporate governments as DE FACTO and hence illegitimate. see blacks legal dictionary on DE FACTO.

      The World Government of World Citizens is a DE JURE government by and for the people… not by and for the artificial representations of people as per the UN/US.

      World Citizenship is one of the keys to exiting the matrix…. it should be the ONLY key need…. however, the US government is a pack of lying thieving criminals that will violate any law to push their agenda. So, The Legal Birth Certificate is needed in 3x, and certified with a certificate of authentication (an international apostille), and a General Durable Power of Attorney from your state/nation between you and your legal presence is needed (where the legal birth certificate is the Principal, and the World Citizen is the Agent), the POA needs to be filed with the Birth County, and a Will (for death) needs to be created also. The POA and Will needs to state the CHOICE OF LAW as being the WSA/WGWC, and then you will be LEGALLY COMPETENT to administrate the domestic legal presence. At that point, it is just a matter of telling everyone to CEASE AND DESIST all actions, then using commercial liens to hold them accountable for not following the law… and violating RS §1999 in light of title 18 USC §242, §241.

      For more information on the World Government of World Citizens and the WSA managing organization, see their website:

      If you have questions, please direct them to me, and/or any world citizen, and/or the WSA to

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    1. The US Supreme Court ruled in 1911: “One sovereign does not need to tell another sovereign that he/she is sovereign. The sovereign is merely sovereign by his very existence. The rule in America is that the American people are the sovereigns.” Keeper v. State, 138 Southwest 1025 (1911), page 1043, section 33

      What this means is that you are already sovereign! The question is what is removing our assumption of sovereignty. Being a US citizen/citizen of the US (which are different things!) makes our Physical body property of the US/UN through a legal presence. A legal presence is a second “you”/person called an artificial person that the state owns and conflates with you, the natural person.

      You need a self governing body like the State Assemblies via Anna Von Reitz of the World Government of World Citizens. Taking an oath to a foreign county with intention to expatriate triggers relinquishment of the legal presence. I am fighting a battle with Michigan over this and they continue to totally ignore all my filings in violation of their own rule of law. So the state is criminal in running a slavery system called gov’t. They do not abide by their own laws…. but we still need to disprove their presumption of legal presence in any way to get out from their usurpation of sovereignty. The state is second in sovereignty to each of us.

      The UN has define “the people” as their property…. so even that term is not safe. So the UN has usurped the US Constitution by issuing “the people” as UN nationals!

      Go read Anna von Reitz. Read more articles I’ve posted here.


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