66 thoughts on “Harvey Dent: How to Use the SSN to Pay Any Bill Through the Federal Reserve/IMF”

  1. What do you mean “Use your strawman SSN to find your own Federal Reserve bank account?” Who would have this? A bank? Or do you mean we should just USE the information? It seems a subject of this importance should receive MUCH better treatment & exposition!


      1. Indeed. Older cards like that don’t have serial numbers… as the corporate government model under the United Nations was only just getting started. The number is there on the back-end.

        If you order a new card today, it will have the serial number.

        If you order a replacement card, it will have the same serial number as any other card that does have the number….

        ergo, if you order it today, and it has a serial number on it…. the original is related to that number even if it does not have that number printed on it. If you did an administrative inquiry on your card, you’ll see that it does have a serial number associated with it… even if you don’t get a replacement card.


    1. Pay Pal is bull shit now… pay pal is blocking all these numbers specifically. Other ACH processors don’t block the digits.

      The TDA accounts only work for public debts for Federal Employees (SSNs). The Name is upper case via SSN is a Federal Employee. The Federal Reserve Accounts are all pre-paid. Everything purchased is owned by the artificial person. Get a Power of Attorney over their artificial person for you, Put a State and US Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate. Notarize it, file it with the birth county/district.

      See Winston Shrout:


    2. That’s because it’s a scam and only routes the transaction through a few banks before bouncing it back to you with a hefty insufficient funds fine


      1. I have heard of several instances of it going through! It wouldn’t go through if it were a scam. Sometimes the transactions gets reversed and we should challenge the reversal. In other instances, where many people are doing it through the same company, the company/debt system will simply ban the routing numbers.

        What is a scam is using DEBT as MONEY. Even Donald Trump literally “loaned” himself FROM NOTHING all the debt he needed to -effectively- purchase the CEO-ship (that many Americans falsely call “PRESIDENT” which is merely a president of a corporation, a CEO, a corporate executive).

        The scam is that the bankers created ALL NEW DEBT for EACH TRANSACTION, which then we have to essentially double pay for everything. the scam is the entire legal system. the scam is that the UNITED STATES is a UN Member-Nation and not a Nation with its own Constitution. The US ConstitutionS (plural) were all abandoned as a result of World War 2… to the UNITED NATIONS.

        The Scam is that THERE IS NO UNITED STATES.


    3. That’s because they are making everyone go through the procedure now when Trump made everyone with a government contract get a new one only 25% of the contracts got renewed. Why do you suppose only 20%. BOGUS CONTRACTS DRAINING THE FEDERAL RESERVE


  2. I paid every bill using this method. I paid off my home, my car, and every credit card. I also paid my utilities and insurance. I was shocked that it actually worked. Only one bank declined my payment – they accepted the routing number, but said they would not accept the account provided. Here’s the thing…every single payment reversed over the next 7 days. All of them. Don’t waste your time.


    1. With the proper legal tools the reversals can be reverted, eg. A power of Attorney over their legal presence for you, along with a State/Federal Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate ACCOUNT.

      Acting without the right tools and knowledge may result in inefficient results.


      1. Hi- I tried to access the TDA using my SSN and it was denied. Have anyone else experienced the same issue??

        In addition, how would I verify if there is indeed funds in my secret account, may someone opine, thanxs?


      2. Some services don’t work, like PayPal now. Others do work. The accounts wouldn’t go through unless the info matched. so. if there is a reversal, it’s because the account is there and works… and is being unlawfully kept from us.

        I’ve been looking into how to verify the accounts, nothing yet.


      3. Thank you😊 For responding.

        But I didn’t try to pay bills yet though was just asking concerning the TDA. As I was trying to see if there were funds how much are in the account using my SSN but there was nothing. In terms of the prompt indicated unable to verify account. I went to TDA website directly and got that message.

        Like you al research all of this lots to digest you know. Hopefully we all will be able to get what is rightfully ours especially if we performed labor.


      4. Excellent Question. Cert of Authentication are issued by each state Department of State for STATE-BASED documents. the US Department of State issues Cert of Authenication for international purposes. Cert of Authentication REQUIRE an original document with a notarized signature. Cert of Authentication “authenticates” the notary.

        so for example. With THEIR Birth Certificate for the legal presence “for you”, you take that document, which has a signature on it, and send it to the State, DoS, Authentication Services. Then once the State has authenticated the document for other states to use, now you can get a Federal Authentication on it to authenticate the b-cert and the state Authentication for international use. If you want to go one step higher, you can Authenticate it with the UN, which they stated to me that they would do… but they merely STOLE the b-cert.

        The Authentication Process is two fold…. The same office can put an APOSTILLE or a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION on your notarized signature document and it depends on where the document is going to be used. If you tell them that you are going to use your document in most countries, their offices will place APOSTILLES on your OG document. If you specify INDONESIA for the location you are going to use your document, they will use Cert of Auth rather than Apostilles.

        Here is the US Dept of State Office of Authentication:

        and for your state try this:
        you can add your state and the search will give you their proper offices.


      1. I’ve heard it suggested to rebut reversals.

        With a Power of Attorney over their “legal presence” for you, your own “common law” id (like world citizen id/passport), and a Certificate of Auth on the Birth Certificate, the only harm that can come is to the ARTIFICIAL PERSON, which is not us/human and cannot be construed as us/human.


      2. @Tank I entered my SSN on the TDA website where it states accounts. My SSN was rejected alluding unable to verify account using number provide something to that effect.

        With respect to the reversals I haven’t tried yet and do believe research needs to be done so you, I, and all came reclaim what is ours. What @javalizard is saying seems to be the right avenue to go as we need to perform our due diligence and handle things the legal way.


    2. I believe in everything you stated, I’m trying to get past the cognitive dissonance or fear to try anything, but if there are people doing this, can you help me please on how you did it


    3. You know what’s sad about that. They all received the money but was threatened by the bank to tell you the payments were reversed but according to the Federal Reserve bank, payments cannot be reversed! EVER. So these companies are allowed to KEEP THE MONEY. You have to do it correctly, file certain documents to certain places. That’s the only way your bills can actually be paid.


  3. Plug and Play solutions are mostly for those who actually KNOW the ins and outs of the legal system. Harvey Dent is a perfect example of a hu-man who knows the legal systems’ ins and outs. Those that have had the “legal course” (what the legal system is, how it works, how to work it, etc) do what we can to “leak” and expose the MASSIVE corruption in the “legal” field – the ENTIRE legal field of every country. “Everything legal is a fiction.” -California Law University Professor

    you are the critical mass. each of us is our own 100th monkey; when you waken, we see others waken.

    Knowing what these numbers actually represent, what the government did with the SSN, who created the SSN, who controls the SSN bank account, etc are all very important concepts and matters in using the SSN and any of the legal system / aspects. Knowing WHY the SSN can be plugged into an e-check account is more important than HOW to plug the SSN into an e-check account. Knowing why helps with knowing how… and helps to identify any errors in the process (such as reversals are not “supposed to happen” unless the Federal Reserve Board really is/was corrupt, and the reason why we can and should complain about the reversals to have the reversal cancelled/payment re-instated)

    The legal system appears ENTIRELY corrupt, operated by the United Nations, it is illegal to claim to be a human when having/operating a legal presence (when without a POA and private identity papers), Americans are Enemies of the State by the Civil War LIEBER CODE and TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT, Attorneys have made all human beings “legal incompetent” for not knowing the crimes the attorneys are committing upon us and “going along with it”, and mere appearance of “justice” falsely construed as if it were actual real justice.

    Due Diligence is recommended.

    Motu Proprio!


    1. Yes exactly.. we need to find out why an account exist in the first place. And also why it’s kept a secret. Thanxs for sharing your thoughts, I agree we have to research and reclaim the legal way.

      Good luck to you, take care!


  4. Someone contacted me saying that this method worked on their ~$7,000 credit card. It worked and is/was a wake up call for them.

    while it may not be good to buy an automobile/vehicle directly, it seems probable that it could pay of the loan after the fact. Everything legal IS PRE-PAID. Everything Legal is a Fiction!


    1. Operate at your own risk. This is educational. not advice.

      Which card is lost: a Canadian SS or a US SS?

      First. Apply for the SS. Applying for “Social Security” in any UN Member-Nation (Canada, US, etc) is/was through the IMF in the back-end. use a Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate (Legal Presence), a Power of Attorney between you and the Legal Presence, and your own lawful non-corporate-governmental ID.

      Second. when receiving the card. the back would have a letter as the first character in the “SS” serial number.

      Third. The Letter links to a branch of the banking system in the country.

      Fourth. look up the routing number for the “debt bank” branch linked to the letter in the serial number on the card.


      1. All that comes up is paypal xoom andxpress bill pay which doesn’t seem to work for me.


  5. Dearest, Mr. Dent!
    I’ve been following you and your videos on UTube for some time and I find your info and research to be very helpful. The question that I have is : in order to access into my account in order to pay bills, will I have to have checks in order to do this?


    1. It looks like Harvey has been blacklisted from media. His website is down, his channels are down.

      You could put these numbers on a check to do this, but an e-check has been good enough in the past. Some companies are wise to this and literally block the numbers despite it being good and it going through for people. The Federal Reserve knows they need to allow this, but are doing what they can to reverse the charges that go through.


  6. I had nothing to lose (already in prison) so I gave it a try. PayPal didn’t like the use of it, but redbubble.com and Shopify did. So have a half dozen other sites that ask me to “add your bank account”…even though my PayPal address (es) are the primary “landing spot” for the money I make online.

    So my question is: When the black helicopters land out on our yard here, what will I be charged with? I mean, my contraband On5 will be going away of course. But if I accidentally deposit money into this account that the feds say belongs to some phantom biz, then am I guilty of bank “depositry” instead of “bank robbery”?
    I honestly don’t care because I’m probably the only prisoner in the California penal system who is using a cellphone to teach himself/herself to run a business online, and not smuggling drugs or putting a hit out on someone.


  7. Major websites have banned these accounts on demand of the Federal Reserve/banking system. Many minor websites do seem to work. The Feds only have the authority to impose “statutes” onto “statutory persons” (which are corporate bank accounts, but they assume it to be the human being when its not).

    The right to operate your own account (aka legal presence) isn’t a problem. The problem is that the governmental corporation isn’t giving back the executorship of the account back to the people!

    If you are concerned that you don’t own the account, notarize a Statutory Power of Attorney between you and your legal presence. That defines the link between you and “the corporation they impose on us.”

    being in prison is evidence that they are operating the legal presence against you and you didn’t own the fiction they created for you.


    1. Technically No. Though I recommend getting a STATUTORY POWER OF ATTORNEY over the Birth Certificate to differentiate you from the legal presence fictional “person” corporation and designate you are its administrator… you know… rather than be legally incompetent.


    1. surely nobody would be ignorant enough to misunderstand what “social security” actual is? (on the back end, more so than the user front end and user use cases)
      surely nobody would be ignorant enough to buy into the gov’t propaganda of what they want us to believe what “social security” is not?


  8. It would be simple to just post a step by step process and give a list of other than PAYPAL systems to complete transactions. I’m just sayin’. Abbreviations and acronyms, and axiomatic statements concerning the efficacy of the SSS and the Government that has promulgated it is not very helpful. In my humble opinion of course…


  9. Yeah totally just hooked this up to target.com and it went through, didn’t go through with paypal, discover or capital one, but it went through target. MIND IS BLOWN. I didn’t pay for nything but just having it connected is some deep state illuminati stuff.


    1. If you believe this isn’t true and/or doesn’t work, you are having the wool pulled over your eyes by… your own government; attorneys; governemnt officials; the ignorant sheeple; the CIA MSM Fake News.


    1. I have not tried this yet due to not being an US/UN Citizen. As I comprehend, it would be the name in all upper case. An “Individual” is a business entity as defined by the IRS. “Individual” businesses go by the owners name in all upper case.

      AKA the business of being a human.


  10. What happens if you don’t have the letter or the numbers on the back of your social security card cuz it’s old


    1. The Federal Reserve System has not always been this way, your case in point.

      The easiest thing to do is to get a new card, it will be updated with the information you are looking for.


  11. I am currently receiving social security retirement payments and military and v.a disability payments.After I over stand my birth certificate do I relinquish my rights to those payments?


    1. EVERYTHING “LEGAL” is unlawful…. because everything LEGAL is a FICTION created in the mind for CORPORATE PROFIT. Are there laws against using the TDS accounts? If there are, they only apply to LEGAL PRESENCE ARTIFICIAL PERSONS that represent us… and not the human being.

      Taking possession of our legal presence, in legal competency, enables it to not be legal nor illegal, nor lawful, nor unlawful.

      Some people do appear to be threatened with “codes”, which are NOT laws, through their LEGAL PRESENCE. However, it is valid that these are our accounts and we need access to them in accordance WITH THE LAW as REMEDY for the lack of LAWFUL MONEY.

      So, even if they try to enforce it as illegal, which is what they WANT us to believe is true, it is entirely the proper nature of what the US Government has set itself up as… a corporation. It is lawful to have access to our debt discharge “accounts” in some way… debt is the only recognized “freedom of speech”… speech is debt, and only debt is speech in view of the LEGAL SYSTEM ITSELF.


  12. All right I was praying so hard to get someone to light some light into this accusations but was wondering if you could give me some documents in tell how to get to this social security funds would love your help in obtaining more info and how to actually get through this would be one of my first in town I would spread the word like wildfire thank you keep up the good work God bless


  13. Everyone complaining…this is a confusing thing if you don’t know our ss account number is a bank account on the stock exchange, it takes a lot of research , patience and an open mind.when you are born your giving your name,not a choice.the name is the account and we are all strawman.there are people who will help you with this for a small fee


  14. These accusations are true once you start digging into them the government will start tryi ng to switch the codes this is all true.


      1. So do we do anything with the Numbers on the Back besides use the Letter? or is the the Account number where we substitute the Letter for a number after we determine the region?


    1. Yes. We Can Do!!!!

      Do this…. Sign a Statutory General Durable Power of Attorney between “yourself” as a “legal presence” fictional entity at law as the Principal, And yourself as a present human being.

      Fax it to the Social Security Credit Union and/or the FRB Federal Credit Union fax phone number with instructions to immediately provide access to your Government Bank Account with hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars in it and your return phone number.

      They are REQUIRED BY LAW to give you access to your accounts to pay your bills and CCs. I did this…. and they still haven’t called me back. At this point in time. SSCU and FRBFCU have received my documentation but they aren’t calling me back!!!! They have committed grand theft larceny, unlawful practice of law, embezzlement, and most gross violations of their fiduciary responsibilities.

      Also, as an official expatriate, the theft of foreign national funds by the US Gov’t and banks is considered an ACT OF WAR, a DECLARATION OF WAR, and the institutionalization of the STATE OF WAR. In this case, they are required to produce remedy under the LOGAN ACT and the TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT under SOLE REMEDY. Their refusal to produce the accounts is a felony under Title 18 USC §241 and 242, punishable by DEATH of the SSC, FRBFCU and its LEGALLY FICTIONAL PRESENCE executives.


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