Issuing our own American National Private Bonds Negotiable Instrument – Money Orders

by: belisoful   –  American National & World Citizen at the World Government of World Citizens, non-legal non-corporate human being


The methods of issuing our own negotiable instruments with/in the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED -and any governmental services corporation world-wide- is found in the UNITED NATIONS Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes, and executes performance of Uniform Commercial Code – Article 3 – NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS, and Article 5 – LETTERS OF CREDIT by any corporation via [U.S.] GSA VENDOR for discharge, in the corporate debt-slavery system.  Our NEGOTIABLE FICTITIOUS INSTRUMENTS may be used in any bank and “courtroom”; as DEBT is defined –by them- as Protected First Amendment Speech under the Incorporated Constitution.  Donald Trump even used these Debt mechanizations to literally buy the US, Inc Presidency FOR EXACTLY NOTHING [Debt].  Even Hillary Clinton helped herself.  It’s what BAR Attorneys do…  and do well enough to be able to scam people and then use their positions to do it.

Our own American National Money Order works with a second document called a “Letter of Credit.”  These two documents are what Michael Tellinger discusses below.  Despite claims that such fictitious debt instruments might be against corporate legalisms, the evidence below proves beyond any doubt that issuing our own fictitious debt instruments is accepted by banks, such as JP Morgan (see Updates below).  All corporations are required -by legal code- to accept debts as money, and a few do.  Others defend their unconscionable fictitious debt instruments with real threats, violence, and prison.

We need to know what debt is and how it works, even if we do not use debt ourselves.  Banks and de facto [read: illegitimate] government use debt mechanisms EVERY DAY “against” the people.

Negotiable Instruments

A Negotiable Instrument is a piece of paper that represents something else.  It can be written ON the thing that it represents, such as classic whiskey bottles, or it could be separated from the thing it represents, like a birth certificate that makes the human body “surety” for the debt of the “artificial person” (strawman) until we take possession of the birth certificate by getting them apostillized with a Certificate of Authentication; a process more important than getting a Driver’s License.
All “debt-as-money” banks use negotiable instruments to represent a future debt that does not exist.  These new negotiable instruments then become the money we use that is the money in the future.  Banks do NOT create the interest; which is/was the feature of “debt” that destroys economies globally.  The Requirement for making negotiable instruments (by banks, by Donald Trump, and by ourselves) in Governmental Services Corporations are: any thing that can be written upon (paper) with the following fields:
  • Unique “Instrument Number”
  • “Place Made”
  • “Date Issued”
  • “Amount” (written long-hand), and Numeric Amount
  • “WITHOUT RECOURSE PROMISE TO PAY TO THE ORDER OF: {Fill in the name receiving the deposit with account #s}
  • “I do hereby promise to pay {Name of Bank} (HOLDER) the full amount specified on this NOTE, for value received.”
    Without Prejudice U.C.C. 1-308, All Rights Reserve
    By: {Signature} ©      {Date}
    {your name and title, eg. “Joe: Doe©, Sui Juris, American National, Vermont National, World Citizen, Authorized Representative”}

    Authorized Representative  {under the signature, a critical MUST}”

The Copyrighting © of our Signatures is VERY IMPORTANT to the legal [fictitious] system.  Our signature is our artwork!  It is -quite literally- our signature that is worth any amount we put on our negotiable instruments.  It is wise to ALWAYS copyright your artwork, your speech, your debt, when dealing with anything “legal”.  What you must wrap your mind around is that YOU are the bank.  Every one of us is our own bank.  This is the truth on every level.

The Public Debtor puts signatures  on the left, and the Private Creditor-Authorized Representative puts he signature on the right.

How Banks use Negotiable Instruments as Debt –
The Debt Asset-Liability Inversion

For instance, when we sign a mortgage to purchase a house, The First Document signed is the PROMISSORY NOTE, as a Negotiable Instrument, according to U.C.C. Article 3.  This document is worth what is says its worth and we surrender it to the mortgage bank.  This pays for the house in full.  The bank then turns around and “underwrites” the negotiable instrument with 1s and 0s in their computers.  This is legalized accounting fraud as the bank moves the negotiable instrument from the “liabilities” side of the ledger to the “assets.”  ¡The bank then sells us our own “debt” back to us -this time with interest- and make the house surety for not paying the debt a second time!  This is to say, not a single bank has lawful consideration (aka skin in the game) in any of their loans.  (If your mortgage, car loan, credit card, and student loan was a contract, wouldn’t it have THEIR signatures on the documents also? No? Just pointing out the obvious.  *grin*)

The banks’ ability to move a “liability” into an “asset” is the basis of how and why all negotiable instruments work.  If the bank suggests that these private bonds aren’t valid, it only shows that the banks are hypocrites in abiding by the statutory codes for “underwriting” certain negotiable instruments debt speech but not others.  U.C.C. – Article 3 performance by banks applies to ALL issued negotiable instruments including -and not limited to- particularly, and specifically private bonds…  As these private bonds are the basis of their own mortgages, car loans, credit cards, student loans.

This ability for banks to flip liabilities into assets is also why fining the banks for legal infractions -such as Goldman Sacks and JP Morgan Chase- does not work.  Banksters just “flip” the debt-fine to pay it off.  The U.S. Department of Justice knows what the banks do, as they use negotiable instruments in exactly the same way for each and every “court case”-constructive trust.  The US D.o.J cannot pursue the banks for a crime that they themselves are also in commission.  Crimes of the “DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, INCORPORATED” is/was that “Magi/sterial commercial renderings of statutes into charges by negotiable instruments.”  The legal system uses negotiable instruments of debt just as banks do for mortgages and fines.  The corporate fictitious/legal “Sheriff” being nothing more than a glorified debt collector with a gun and a propensity toward sociopathic violence.

The second necessary document is a “LETTER OF CREDIT”.  Any terms and conditions from the Negotiable Instrument should be replicated along with any instructions for the bank.  There are very few formal requirements for this document.  U.C.C. – Article 5 §5-104  shows that it needs to be on paper or in a digital format that is authenticated by signature.  This letter should include the NOTICE OF DISHONOR for paperwork reduction and clarity.

Legalizing Documents– Authentication, Notarization, and
The Fictionalization of Legal Documents

Legalizing documents is important.  It causes the documents to be Recognized by the Governmental Services Corporation.  Prior to legalization, the documents are NON-FICTIONAL (“real”).  After legalization, the Instruments become “Fictitious Instruments” and thus recognizable by the fictitious de fact corporations.  Authentication is sealing the documents with our thumb print.  Standard Notarization seals the authentication through an Legal state own “officer.”  Both can be done.  Recording documents effectively places notarized documents onto public record for recognition.  Apostilles/Certificate of Authentications cause recorded and sometimes unrecorded documents to get “cover letters” proving the signatures and enabling the “public fictitious instruments” to be transferred into a jurisdiction outside the State/Nation.  Keep in mind that All Territory OUTSIDE the District of Columbia would in some sense need Certificates of Authentication on them to be usable, even in your “state.”  FYI, A State is an incorporated body running in DC.  They only operate one the land “fictionally.”

Authentication is a legal term.  Effectually in action, authentication means Sealed with your finger print for lawfully sealed.  Preferably use red ink for flesh and blood, or green ink for neutral.  Blue ink is Commercial/Admiralty/Sea, Black ink is dead, purple ink combines red and blue/human and commerce -respectively-, Gold is sovereign.  Authentication of documents is not the same thing as a “Certificate of Authentication.”

Another form of authentication is Legal Notarization.  Legal notarization seals the signature under the state legal presence.  The notary requires to see your ID because that is the legal presence that the signature is being sealed under.  By writing above the notary “Witness by Notary does not change Jurisdiction from the Land” it is possible to not be placed under the notary’s legal jurisdiction.  It is highly recommended to write this above the notary’s signature, always.

There are two levels of notarization, one that banks and regular notaries do, and a second more “official” legalization/authentication of documents where one raises the right hand and swears before an “officer” of the state.  Either one is reasonable.  The greater legalization is of course “more legal”, particularly when covering all the bases.

Authenticating a document process legalizes (fictionalizes) and “realizes” the document recognizable as a debt instrument and thus copyright speech.  The only way to retain rights to debt-speech is to copyright your debt speech under the Second Incorporated Constitution; created in 1871 in the Organic Act of DC.  Copyright your Autograph/Signature every time.  It’s your Artwork.

Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE is the highest form of “BANK DEBT” authentication.  Any bank that you have an account with will -with insistence if necessary- place their MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on your debt negotiable instrument.  This guarantees that your debt is recognizable beyond any doubt ANYWHERE.  Banks are REQUIRED to accept MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEED debt.

Recording the documents takes a notarized fictitious instrument and places it into the public record.  Recorded documents must be notarized first.  Requesting Certified Copies is the preferred method of creating “CERTIFIED and REGISTERED” True Copies.  Sending Instruments by USPS certified registered mail is a different set of definitions in regards to “negotiable instruments.”  Apples and Oranges.

Placing a Certificate of Authentication on a county registered notarized fictitious debt instrument is the highest level of recognition of these instruments.  In most instances, it would be unnecessary.  This “authenticates” the signature on an International Level.  A State level Apostillization gets recognition among the US States, and the National level Apostillization gets recognition Internationally.  Amongst the States, they singularly operate with themselves inside the 10 miles of the DC Municipal Corporation.  A US State Department Certificate of Authentication is necessary to use the document in any “US State” territories: e.g. New York, Florida, California.

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Example Debt Negotiable Instruments

Here is a sample Negotiable Instrument.  These are provided for educational purposes.  Use it at your own risk.  You may create your own with your own format and guilloches (patterns).  By signing these, it creates recognizable debt.


Download a Sample Original American Promissory Note:

Download a Sample True Copy American Promissory Note:

You are welcome to download and use these sample Negotiable instruments.  Upon download, all liability for usage of the samples is assumed by the downloader.  Please use these wisely.  The use includes publicly available examples for education; and –being fictitious– are parody of value as debt; exactly like all mortgages.  All Debt is considered protected copyright speech as parody by legal [fictional] judges.

This Link is an educational sample of a Negotiable Instrument, a True Copy of the Negotiable Instrument, and Letter of Credit.  There are many “security” features… because it is a Financial “SECURITY” is worth legal debt.

These Sample notes specify their exact legal format code and authority for clarity;  you can see that these private bonds meets the UNCITRAL CONVENTION for INTERNATIONAL PROMISSORY NOTES as well as being acceptable NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTMoney Orders that meets the requirements of U.C.C. ARTICLE 3* and 4*.  We append the observation in *, that “This note is protected speech in accord with the Incorporated Constitution, First Amendment, as further certified and defined by Citizens United v. F.E.C. and further amended by U.C.C. Document File #2012127810, 2012127854, 2012127907, and 2012127914.”

This ensures that our freedom of debt-speech is protected under the U.S. Incorporated Constitution.  The Supreme Court opined “Citizens United v F.E.C.” that “secured” debt-speech has total political protection (aka. no matter what) and that using debt artwork and “debt” is lawful and without any negative repercussions.  And The One People foreclosed on the slavery system “governmental services corporation” called the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED and thus cannot “enforce” debt collection through the fictitious legal courtrooms -that aren’t even [Constitutional] Courts!

For the Instrument Number, I like to use initials and a number, such as “JQD-0001”.  You may use any configuration of numbers and letters you wish, including astrological signs, birth days/years, alternate time encodings such as Swatch time or Mayan Calendar Time.

For the Place Made, use your City and State, eg. “San Francisco, California”, “Territory of California”.

The SS is jurisdiction.  The jurisdiction of these promissory notes is for American Nationals under the “Republic for The united States of America”.  Supreme Court Justice MARSHALL HARLAN (Downes v. Tidwell, 182, U.S. 244 1901) wrote “Two national governments exist, one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; and the other to be maintained by Congress outside and independently of that Instrument.”  Americans are simply claiming the second NON-CORPORATE jurisdiction operated under the Organic Constitution, while still working in ACCORD with -but not UNDER, the rules and codes of the Corporate UNITED STATES, INC.  World Citizens and other Nationals likewise.

The “PAY TO THE ORDER” is who is receiving the the debt and the account numbers.

Fill in your name IN BLUE UPPER CASE on the line after “I,”  it is automatically copyrighted.

HOLDER is the banking institution that you are sending the payment to.  Many corporations (such as AT&T, VERNON, COMCAST, etc) will not produce their banking information and it may be required to send a USPS Return Mail Receipt with your payment to get the information.  The Bank should put their name and contact details on the USPS Return Mail Receipt.  The Signature method may also work with UPS and Fedex regarding getting the Banks name.  If the bank is unknown entering “HOLDER IN DUE COURSE” is reasonable.

Your address should always include “c/o” or “care of” because you do not live at residence, your dwelling lives in you and your consciousness!   You, as a spirit-human, live in your body, not in your house/condo/apartment/etc.  Also, after your numeric street name, always put “, Non-Domestic” to declare yourself outside, WITHOUT, the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED.   Furthermore, never use a ZIP CODE  A Zip Code is acceptance of military district declaration– derived from the continuation of the CIVIL WAR.

BTW, the Civil war never ended.  The Lieber Code for marshal law during the Civil War was never stopped; it was updated in the Trading with the Enemy Act to make U.S. Citizens enemies of the state and is/was thus applicable.  (The laws are all on the books, one just needs to look it up: ACT OCT. 6, 1917, CH. 106, 40 STAT. 411.).  To summarize, ending the Civil War required a Peace Treaty from the North with the South, but this peace treaty was never passed nor created because it would require recognition of the Confederacy as legitimate.  The South Confederacy could only be seen as illegitimate by the North Yankees.  Thus the Civil War Marshal Law “continues.”

From Senate Report 93-549, by the “Special Committee on the Termination of the National Emergency” (1973, referring to Roosevelt’s 1933 declaration under “Trading with the Enemy Act”):

A majority of the people of the United States have lived all their lives under emergency rule. For almost 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought in force by states of national emergency.

All UNITED STATES, INC. attorneys/”fictitious lawyers” MUST have and use a ZIP CODE or they wouldn’t have the STATUTORY/COMMERCIAL/MILITARY jurisdiction to give the appearance of a court.  DO NOT USE A ZIP CODE, unless under duress.  Even Wells Fargo SEC Filings proves that ZIP CODES are not a part of addresses.

e.g. “c/o 123 Lawful Street, Non-Domestic, Keene, New Hampshire [zip code exempt]”
e.g. “c/o 456 Lawful Street, Non-Domestic, San Francisco, Republic For California [zip code exempt], North America, World”

Side note: The Gold border on their flags designate Admiralty/Military/Commercial jurisdiction.  Flags and seals are very important to these corporate/”government” officials.  If one is going to use a TRADE NAME©, please know what it is and how they work when entered into them with full disclosure and proper performance of the CONTRACTUAL TRADE NAME.

For instance, they have made our TRADE NAMES into public offices.  See the AFFIDAVIT OF CORPORATE DENIAL. This means that for our 24/7 fulfillment by election and/or assignment, the governmental services corporation must be paying us equal to or above minimum wage!  This is to say, Universal Basic Income is actually guaranteed by the actual fundamental nature of these governmental services corporations and their own definitions…  when applied fully upon themselves.

The Debtor’s Authorized Signature is the TRADE NAME© Corporation “legal presence” in ALL UPPER CASE.  It is written in blue ink.  It should also be copy-right controlled so the Governmental Services Corporation cannot gain access, control, and jurisdiction of it by confusion and/or semantic legal deception.

Get the Original Note and True Copy Notarized or, if possible, go to your bank and demand that they put their Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on the note rather than their regular notary.  The Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE is a qualified legal method of entering the note into their financial system.  If your bank won’t put their Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on your private bond when you sign it, tell them that they are in dishonor and you need remedy which now includes their Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on the note.  Furthermore, if they refuse to do it, notarize it without the Medallion and then send it anyway requesting that the receiving Bank Institution put THEIR Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE on the note.  It is their responsibility to honor the note, and discharge remedy upon dishonor.

Sign your name in Gold Ink on the original, and black ink on the copy with the notary and/or banker.

I like to SEAL my signature with a red ink thumb print over the copyright.  Using “sigil seal magics” in reciprocity of others who use it against them is not an issue for most people.  People can study Islam without being/becoming Islamic, likewise.

The LETTER OF CREDIT needs posting instructions, notice of dishonor, and a return address.  The NOTICE OF DISHONOR should be included according to U.C.C. – Article 3, part 5 as you would have to send them another letter for notice of dishonor in 4 business days if it is not included.  Either of the  following can be done, or both together:

  1. Make Two copies of your letter, sign and Authenticated by: Red Thumbprint over Copyright of signature, Notarization, or Bank Medallion Signature Guarantee.
  2. Register the Negotiable Instrument with a Registrar -like the Local County Registrar, and get a CERTIFIED COPY of the REGISTERED

When sending these Negotiable Instruments, it is wise to use REGISTERED MAIL from the USPS.  Registered mail is specifically designed for the transfer of negotiable instruments both domestically within the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED, and internationally, with the Republic for the united States of America.  If possible, send “internationally non-domestic” even within the US; even if you get strange looks.

How Banks Deal with Negotiable Instruments

My dealings with JPMorgan Chase Private Bank confirmed that any bank that denies and dishonors these negotiable instruments are committing crimes.  Put another way, all banks are required to accept these private bonds for face value because they are negotiable instruments.  Every bank can “exchange the bill” with any STATE and/or FEDERAL Treasury Window, and/or GSA Vendor, such as the United States Treasury to ensure they have the funds.

To not accept these private bonds can be considered theft of the negotiable instrument and the funds there-in by the bank.  The Better Business Bureau is a reasonable institution to resolve any stolen negotiable instruments.  Also tag the bank/corporation on yelp and other social media for not accepting our negotiable instruments.

These Promissory Notes can and SHOULD be used to pay for any and all CORPORATE DEBTS, Mortgages, Student loans, credit cards, car and boat loans, etc.  Please contact your debt collecting agency/bank and request a FULL PAY-OFF.  They will likely add in other costs and fees, such as attorneys and collection costs.  By “registering” the original note with your local county DEEDS/RECORDS Office it is securing the note with a CERTIFIED COPY.  Some banks say they need the note “registered” in a COUNTY REGISTRY before payment is acceptable.

It is also significant to observe that FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and all security Features they use are based on SIGIL MAGIC.  Guilloches, inverted ink numbers, Flutes and Horns, Borders, names and lettering in ALL UPPER CASE, and Sigils.  Sigil Magic is also known as SEAL magic.

On the back of the ONE DOLLAR “bill of exchange” negotiable instrument, the “floating eye pyramid” and the Phoenix says underneath, “THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES.”  Furthermore, “IN GOD WE TRUST” has nothing to do with faith in god, nor trust in the god of credit.  GOD, INCORPORATED is/was the Vatican.  and another name for TRUST is “Estate.”  Put another way, this phrasing is better said, “IN THE VATICAN, INC WE ESTATE.”  This phrasing is found above and behind the podium of the U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, INCORPORATED along with Two Fascias.

Mussolini said in his book, “Fascism is better defined as corporatism.”  Title 28 U.S.C. §3002 (15)(a) the United States is a Federal Corporation.  In Mussolini’s time, governments took over corporations for their profits.  In our time, Corporations and “Elite” have taken over the government, via campaign contributions, regulatory capture, lobbyists, writing the bills to be passed, etc.  The Vatican became its own CITY-STATE under the Fascist Benito Mussolini for the Vaticans support of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  Now the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED appears to be owned by the Vatican.  In this Alfred Lambremont Webre Interview, Emily Windsor Cragg claims that World War Two was a false flag.

The Short Debt Creation Process

These note samples use the same kinds of symbols used by the Banks in their negotiable instrument securities.

Here are the quick Instructions:

  • 0. (optional) request a full pay-off statement.
  • 1. Fill out the Private Bond Note Information Original, the True Copy of the Private Bond Note, and the AFFIDAVIT OF PAYMENT/LETTER OF CREDIT.
  • 2. Notarize the Original in gold ink, Notarize the Copy in black ink, and Notarize the Letter of Credit in red or green ink. Notarize by: Thumb Seal, Notary, and/or Bank MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE.  Don’t forget to Copyright © your signature.
  • 2.5 (optional) Seal with your Thump Print
  • 3. Make your own copy of the signed True Copy and signed Letter of Credit and/or (optional->) Register the Instruments with the local County Registrar with a Certified Copy.
  • 3.5 (optional) Apostillize with a Certificate of Authentication on the state level, federal level, and/or United Nation Level.
  • 4. Send to the PRESENTMENT ADDRESS.  The presentment address is where the bank want you to send all payments.  If there is no presentment address, we can then send it to the Chief Financial Officer/[County & Court] Clerk/Attorney/Postal Receiving Office/etc by USPS REGISTERED MAIL.  Each HOLDER of the Note needs to sign for it as it is delivered.
  • 5. If they send the note back, they must do so within three (3) days or else it gets dishonored, on the fourth.  They work just like regular “checks” in this way.  Sometimes, legal fictional judges want to see 10 and/or 20 days abuse such nuances by dismissing the debt as “not fictional.”

Another observation, the reason why banks wait three (3) days to “deposit” checks is not just for the interest…  On the fourth day, if the bank does not deposit the funds, the banking system is allowed to REPLICATE the debt to remedy the dishonor.  The funds are basically stolen from the original bank account, and the new debt is deposited, looking like a “transaction.”  The method by which banks do this is that the banks turn the liability of the check (which is literally its own negotiable instrument worth ENTIRELY new debt on its own accord) into an asset on the fourth day; and then signal to the original bank to pull the funds making it look like a transaction.

Courtrooms and Negotiable Instruments

In many instances, courtrooms globally are dismissing our legitimate private bonds.  The authority they have for doing this is that all Courtrooms globally have been taken over by the United Nations with “competent national tribunals.” Michigan County Prosecutor Brian Mackie P-25745 stated that “[his] MASTER’S AT THE UNITED NATION” needed to check something.

The Courtrooms rule against private negotiable instruments because the United Nations has usurped all Legal Presences Globally.  The United Nations is the single global franchiser of legal presences to all UN Member-Nations.  A UN Member-Nation is NOT a nation.  The UN is the League of Nations operating in Bankruptcy, and requires all UN Member-Nations to operate in bankruptcy as well.  Each UN Member-Nation cannot be held accountable within any UN Courts, state actors have TOTAL IMMUNITY with the UN to perpetuate the continuation of World War 2 upon all humanity.  The Head of the UN is a Secretary General: A military position of keeping secrets.  The United Nations has essentially STOLEN all debt as speech rights by underwriting it themselves.  The courtrooms are UN Competent National Tribunals and thus are totally unrelated to the Constitution, the National laws, rules, and codes.  American Sovereignty was Lost to the UN in 1946.  The UN Legal PERSONHOOD -corporate overlay- Constitution is the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights and it supersedes the US Constitution in all ways.

It is very important to observe that New York City is a Sovereign City-State just like the Vatican City, City of London Corporation, District of Columbia, and CERN.  New York City issues their own birth certificates separate from the State of New York, just like DC.  New York City is the City-State of the United Nations.  The NYC Police Department are an independent UN Police Force.  They are not required to take orders from the Federal US Government because they are OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES.  Donald Trump is born in New York City of the UN, and thus technically NOT allowed to be US President as he is not a US Citizen except by explicitly jurisdictional confusion.

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UPDATE 2017.04.28
Direct Physical Evidence of Success!!

Here is just ONE instance of what happens when American National Money Orders actually work.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. returned this IRS Form 1099-C to a very happy American National! (the hand written text in the image below was only moved to fit vertically on this webpage)

For those of you who NEED evidence that this works before you actually do it yourself: Here is the very direct, very physical evidence that you need in the picture above.

As you can see, JPMorgan Chase DOES actually honor what Negotaiable Instruments are and the U.C.C. legal codes surrounding them.  JPMorgan are required to by law to accept and DISCHARGE these Money Orders.

All Credit Cards, Utility Bills, Car Bills, Mortgage Bills, and Student Loans can be Discharged in exactly this way.  If they do not, the lending institution is committing a crime and they need to be reported to the proper LEGAL authorities for the theft of the DEBT/line item accounting of the total amount on the Money Order.

UPDATE 2017.05.19
¡¡¡BOMB-SHELL!!!   Debt Issuance and Donald Trump’s “Presidency” – How the Presidency was Purchased for NOTHING (mere debt)

This is a must read article on how Donald used the above Negotiable Instrumental Processes to quite literally (as a matter of speech-debt) buy the PRESIDENT’S OFFICE (CEO) for exactly one signature on a negotiable instrument, as above- so below.  Donald Trump totally understands this system of debt.

Trump is not hiding the fact that he uses and plays with debt…  and many would say abuses it… but all legal.  All Attorneys know what debt is and how it works… BAR Attorneys are merely DEBT COLLECTORS.  It is their job to know what debt is; and hide it from their clients.  All BAR Attorneys convert their clients INTO DEBT called a LEGAL PRESENCE ARTIFICIAL PERSON Corporation.  This Artificial Person Trade name is how DONALD TRUMP is/was elected.  People only vote for the UPPER CASE NAMES which is the legal fictional representation of the human rather than the actual human being.

And it’s not just Donald Trump who knows about how debt comes from nothing and ab/uses it for their campaign.  Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney are a few other names who have publicly loaned themselves debt from nothing to fund their campaigns.

by: belisoful  on Governmental Services Corporation Watch

Other Articles of Interest:

P.S. Did you know that besides Washington, DC, the CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION, and the Vatican being their own city states, are others?  CERN Only corporations that commit as much crime as these three entities would want need that kind of sovereign immunity from those they are affecting.  The fourth is the CERN Large Hadron Collider.  They recently upped the capacity to  1184 Tera-electron Volts.  It was originally specified and sold to the world for “only” 14 Tera-electron volts.  What are they doing that requires them sovereign immunity?  CERN Coverup.

The UNITED NATIONS, INC in New York City is the City-State that licenses legal presences.  They need such sovereign immunity because it is/was waging World War 2 upon humanity.

P.P.S.  there are only TWO countries in the world that have SQUARE flags.  The Vatican is one, which shows the significance and importance of a square design.  The other is Switzerland, home for the Knights of Malta, The Secret Society of Secret Societies with their Red/White Cross.

Their N.S.A. like organization called “The Federal Intelligence Service” (“Nachrichtendienst Des Bundes” in German) is the most known unknown of government secret covert spy organizations.  Of course, all spies need a place to call home: Switzerland! This is also where the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS also has its home…  The B.I.S. (Bank for International Settlements) is the International Central Bank of Country Central Banks!  I suspect the movie, “The Kingsman: The Secret Service” is about outing this most notorious spy “agency.”

To the wise: There appears to be some very interesting possible links between 9/11 and Switzerland’s F.I.S/N.D.S. (like the US’s CIA/NSA only far more secretive).  The FIS/NDS is the Global Secret Agent Organization of Secret agent organizations.  They have known links to US Corporate Secret Agencies as well and appear to work together, despite theatrical threats otherwise.

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P.P.P.S. Corporate Personhood is a total fraud!  Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific Railroad Company (1877) that gave corporations rights under the second incorporated constitution was a total work of fiction.  The summary of the legal opinion has no judicial standing, yet is/was what is/was quoted by judges as legal precedence for corporations having Constitutional “rights”/privileges.  The original Legal writings NEVER included corporations having rights under either version of the constitution.  See this:

The Young Turks: Thom Hartmann-
Are Corporations People

And the regulator capture of the U.S. Department of Justice with Goldman Sacks Alumni to allow GS to get away with some of the greatest financial crimes the world has ever seen:

The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime:

If this doesn’t boil your American blood, I don’t know what would.

61 thoughts on “Issuing our own American National Private Bonds Negotiable Instrument – Money Orders”

  1. Here is how to deal with the banks… Every time they dishonor the negotiable instrument, send them a new one. It may take 10-20 times… Eventually the bankers will capitulate.

    I have this on word from several elder “ATTORNEYS” who have seen the criminal nature of the Fictitious legal system.


    1. I’ve noted you say this can be used to pay “CORPORATE DEBTS” and the expection is the banks will most likely trade the instrument created rather then attempt to collect (therefor creating more “money”) SO what if, as the representive of my corporate persona I created a bond to pay a debt to another corporate persona (say a family member?) how would they (with my help) go about trading it into the banks for $ in their bank account or can I payoff debts for others with this? Does it have to pay a bank debt or can it be exchanged for Federal $ in their bank account?


      1. Excellent Question… According to Law, all promissory notes are ASSETS that Represent future debt as credit today. Bank create MORE DEBT by trading the instrument rather than redeeming it with the issuer. Trading promissory notes as assets maximizes “shareholder profit” in the Corporation, and Maximizes “stakeholder loss” as “UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY National Debt.”

        Corporations can process promissory notes in three ways… DEBT DISCHARGE, Redeeming, and trading. DEBT DISCHARGE requires accessing the Birth Certificate Bank Notes (both the STATE OF TEXAS Vital Records called it a BIRTH BOND on the phone and the STATE OF CALIFORNIA Vital Records said to me, and i quote, “IT [birth certificates] wouldn’t be a bank note without the bar code.”).

        Even though ISSUANCE OF DEBT is our Constitutionally protected FREEDOM OF SPEECH that absolutely requires acceptance for maximization of profit for shareholders, corporations are nearly ubiquitously ignorant or criminal in their operation of promissory notes. The hypocrisy is EXTREME. If no bank accepts our issued debt to pay their issued debt, then their issued debt is NOT VALID!!! Technically ALL mortgages are fraud, have no consideration, are loaning us our own money back after the bank STEALS the funds and the asset, and cannot be enforced -are null and void- due to being unlawful adhesion contracts.

        These promissory notes have had success with JPMorgan and I have posted the IRS DEBT DISCHARGE statement from a promissory note actually working!

        This said, there are a few things to do that would bolster our position regarding the acceptance of promissory notes as assets for placement upon a double entry accounting system (such as the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM *). * Foreclosed by U.C.C. 2012127810, 2012127854, 2012127907, and 2012127914.

        Becoming the EXECUTOR of the ARTIFICIAL “PERSON” TRADE NAME FRANCHISE BANK ACCOUNT that is our FICTIONAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES allows us to command the account rather than be “subjected” to the account and US Bankruptcy. See these 12 steps, that are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE. Think of it as “a fundamental step” in “becoming an adult” such as getting a illegal adhesion contract “driver’s license”.

        I have explored both paying off existing debts as well as for placement in exchange for $ in an account. It is far easier to pay existing debts with our own promissory notes. Here is the simplified Process for paying off existing debts:

        0) Get the FULL PAY-OFF statement from the bank.
        1) Issue Promissory Note with notarized signature.
        2) Register Promissory Note with the county registrar.
        3) get a CERTIFIED COPY of the registered promissory note.
        4) create a LETTER OF CREDIT.
        6) on the fourth business day, or after, send a NOTICE OF DISHONOR with a copy of the Note with Letter of Credit.
        7) If it is not accepted, REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS NECESSARY UNTIL ACCEPTED. (I have gotten word that banks will eventually accept the promissory note as payment for mortgages).

        Each time, send a new Promissory Note. The reason being is that the banks have RE-HYPOTHOCATED ALL ASSETS multiple times over. Every Mortgage has been sold somewhere between 10 to 100 times. Each sale of the debt CREATES ITS OWN COPY!!!!! As outrageous as this sounds, its true. The bank NEEDS to pay off EVERY COPY. What American Banks are doing these days is TOTALLY FRAUD!!!!

        Anywho…. If you have a Bank Account, promissory notes CAN be issued upon the bank for acceptance by dishonor. This process creates original debt. Here is the process for having the notes accepted by any bank AS A MONEY ORDER:

        1) Issue Promissory Note with BANK MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE stamp and signature from your bank (rather than a notary). This should be enough to be worth the banks time but not so much as to break the BANK MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE.
        2) Register Promissory Note with the county registrar.
        3) get a CERTIFIED COPY of the registered promissory note.
        4) create a LETTER OF CREDIT.
        5) send via USPS REGISTERED MAIL the CERTIFIED COPY of the REGISTERED PROMISSORY NOTE to the CFO for underwriting.
        6) on the fourth business day, or after, send a NOTICE OF DISHONOR with a copy of the Note with Letter of Credit.
        7) If it is not accepted, REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS NECESSARY UNTIL ACCEPTED. (I have gotten word that banks will eventually accept the promissory note as payment for mortgages).

        My own experience with this is on a notarized promissory note (without the Bank Medallion Signature Guarantee) issued for honor/dishonor with JPMorgan PRIVATE BANK is extremely interesting. JPM received my note, then they hemmed and hawed. After talking with them, they sent the note to the “MORTGAGE” UNDERWRITERS… Where they terminated the account without notice, and then sent a nice letter stating that, “JPM could not underwrite the asset because I do not have an account with them.”

        As you can see, the bank is required to accept it, JPMorgan even went so far as to say they would accept it… but then they committed fraud so as to not meet their fiduciary responsibilities to maximized shareholder profits (debt creation).

        The problem is that banks only want THEIR promissory notes “honored” and no one else debt assets. Yet, banks cannot be legitimate without treating ALL promissory notes as legitimate. Any bank that refuses to accept our own issued promissory notes shall have their promissory notes treated as illegitimate, IN KIND. If they say promissory notes are not acceptable in exchange for debt, then their issued promissory notes and underwriting is just as INVALID. Bank, Attorneys, and governmental service corporations are invalidating their own assets and processes by not acknowledging “the bank code.”


  2. Very Informative Post! So, does these negotiable instruments/promissory notes/money orders have to be on any kind of special paper?..i.e., (like the presentment video of David Young’s Promissory Note, looks like it is a certificate of some sort, or check paper with magnetic ink, or resume paper and/or 24/32 lbs wt?.. what are the chances of a bank employee (Chase Bank) coming to collect the payoff of this alleged loan?..i mean, JPMorgan/Chase Bank is a local bank, in my state.


    1. Great questions! Thank you for asking! There is much clarity.

      The type of paper is not important. The way that negotiable instruments were initially designed were for “proper use” and not to issue debt upon debt upon debt upon debt, ad infinitum. For instance, Creating a Negotiable Instrument on the Skin of a Banana to represent the banana inside is a perfect use case. When the banana is eaten, the negotiable instrument is rendered “complete”, finalized, discharged, etc. as the banana can no longer be represented as it does not exist (external to a stomach), and the skin of the banana also goes bad. (this is just a model case). A more applicable use case is putting a negotiable instrument on a crate of bananas that represents the bananas. Then the representation can be bought and sold somewhat distinctly from the crate of bananas itself, so long as the crate gets to the one who “makes presentment” to receive/finalize the crate.

      So The type of paper/media/blockchain/etc fundamentally lacks importance, so long as the text is meets the standards for UNCITRAL International Promissory Notes/U.C.C. Article 3 and 4 Negotiable instrument. A Negotiable Instrument is a STANDARD. It defines a a certain set of fields that are required to be present to be “acceptable”, usable, functional, operational, etc as a negotiable instrument. There is no need for a Negotiable Instrument to be printed on paper nor have any frilly guilloche patterns; as any text that meets the Negotiable Instrument Standard/Syntax-Grammar is worth the debt to be underwritten.

      One may add any level of “SECURITY” FEATURES to the Security/Bank-Note so others cannot DUPLICATE it and thus claim it. Thick Paper is often a first great added level of security. Using 24-28lb paper like the U.S. Inc [minor] Governmental Services Corporation uses for some of their Negotiable Instruments (Birth Certificates, Vehicle Titles, MCOs, MSOs, etc, “Attorney” Certificates, University/College Diplomas, etc).

      A common Security Feature is to make the original Signature in GOLD ink. This also has the bonus of making it a Heavenly Signature rather than a Royal (purple), Human (red), resurrected statutory artificial “person” corporation trade name on the sea of commerce (blue & upper case), in peace (green), dead statutory artificial “person” corporation trade name (black & upper case), and/or any other meaning/color you find fits your consciousness.

      Magnetic Ink is a fun feature, though there are plenty of features:
      – Color Changing Ink
      – Heat Changing Ink
      – Micro Print (Usually the system uses this to insert “AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE” or “AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE” under the signature line without adding U.C.C. 3-402b1)
      – RFID Chips
      – Magnetic Strips
      – Magnetic Ink
      – UV Ink
      – color particles (e.g. blue/red, UV) in the paper
      – Bar Codes
      – Water Marks in the paper (like in Federal Reserve Notes, just hold one up to the light)
      – Paper embedded Security Strips
      – guilloches are difficult to duplicate
      – fine waving patterns
      – embedded holograms (you can have your own hologram design created!)
      – Custom/Homemade Paper
      – Using your own SEAL (such as your thumbprint, which duplicates are not the same, and/or raised paper stamp seals)

      The probability of a regular Chase Bank employee in a traditional branch taking their own banking codes seriously is usually about 0%. They don’t know the legal codes. Indeed, they likely don’t even know what “legal competency” even is! (it’s knowing the difference between you, the human, and your representation, legal presence artificial person corporation trade-name via birth certificate/upper case name). They don’t know very much about these things and seem to prefer their cognitive dissonance over abiding by their own codes requiring them to accept and underwrite these notes… Even if all the Ts are crossed and Is are dotted.

      A much better idea is to mail negotiable instruments to a bank’s presentment address. Every bank has a presentment address where they accept “checks, money orders, warrants, negotiable instruments, promissory notes, etc” for Bank customers who have accounts. The idea is to send it to the presentment address with a LETTER OF CREDIT and possible an AFFIDAVIT FOR CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE proving that you sent them the negotiable instrument. Be sure to send it USPS REGISTERED MAIL, if not FedEx/UPS.

      When using negotiable instrument for paying off Any Loan (mortgage, Credit Card, Student, Vehicle, etc), the best idea is to send it by Registered mail/FedEx/UPS, over and over and over and over until they accept it, furthermore stop making the regular payment. The negotiable instrument is all they need to finalize and settle the debt account. Be clear with them and don’t take “their opinion” as true. Banks would rather continue extorting the whole of humanity; much more profit in it!

      When using these instruments to terminate existing debt, corporations are required by legal code to accept them.
      When using these instruments to create NEW debt, corporations are required by legal code to accept them.

      You would want to send the note to the Presentment address, and in the LETTER OF CREDIT/INSTRUCTIONS tell them to forward this to the CFO for signing and stamping a BANK MEDALLION on it, and then send it to the Mortgage department for underwriting into the account FOR YOU (not -Your- account).

      The local branches DO have the ability to underwrite these simply as deposits. When depositing $100, the bank accepts $100 and then puts $100 into your account. Now there is $200! that’s why they make us sign to deposit cash… it’s a loan to the bank where the bank creates it as new money! However, they are not trained for negotiable instruments and would probably cause too much cognitive dissonance to be of use.

      The probability of a bank collecting on a negotiable instrument is near zero. The reason being is that they could only accept another negotiable instrument as payment! So anyone can keep creating these ad-infinitum to pay off the last.

      What people do not realize is that DEBT in the US Corporate Legal System almost NEVER extinguishes. Corporations NEED it.

      All Negotiable Instruments are more valuable on the market than through collection. The standard mortgage Promissory Note is duplicated Once during underwriting, a second time for insurance by the bank on the new debt, a third time by the FDIC, a fourth time by the title company, a fifth time as insurance by the title company, a sixth time as insurance by the title company on the insurance they offer as their service, a seventh time when the underwriter sells it to a bank, an eighth time when the bank insures it, a ninth time when the bank places it into a Mortgage Fund, a tenth time when it is registered in MERS, an 11th time when MERS insures their copy of the debt, a 12th time when the Mortgage Fund is placed into a CDO and repackaged, a 13th time…. the list goes on and on and on. This is why banks “need” so many full pay-offs. They have re-hypothecated (sold) the one asset many times over to many buyers who think they are the only ones who have a copy! The entire Financial system is operated this way, top to bottom. Elon Musk got Rich this way with PayPal.

      So, in sending your note to the presentment address and/or corporate headquarters CFO and/or Mortgage Underwriters, they are required by law to maximize shareholder profit to accept your note and sell it on the market making it (with the proper language) unable to collect on the original for selling and underwriting it multiple times over.

      I have seen a few successes with using Negotiable Instruments to pay off a DEBT with CHASE BANK. In one instance, Chase issued an IRS DEBT DISCHARGE statement for over $8,000.00. In another instance, rather than abide by the banking/corporate law and accept the note, they terminated their account in violation of their fiduciary responsibilities. Start talking about “fiduciary responsibilities” and bankers ears will perk up. So they would rather be bad fiduciaries than abide by profit maximization? No wonder banks in the US, INC [minor] are a TOTAL FAILURE. So a bank would rather DISCHARGE the debt than collect on it.

      Also, the total amount of Debt issued in the economy is a farce. The Federal Reserve has accounts on their books for over 2 septendecillion (2 million trillion trillion trillion trillion dollars). One Hundred Dollar Bills aren’t worth the metal in a penny. It’s just a fancy rigged ponzi monopoly game. There is plenty of debt everywhere. Corporations are SWIMMING in the stuff. They just don’t want human beings to have access to it.

      Most banks will insist that the promissory notes WE sign for them are good (like when they extort us with unlawful mortgages that don’t have consideration), yet when we use the same principles to extinguish a loan creating with the same codes, they refuse to play ball. Banks are nothing but hypocrisy.

      They make money by literally making debt out of thin air. It’s not just 100% profit. They get us to pay them back so its a 200% profit ponzi extortion for banks. If Banks wanted the best quarter ever, they can just loan that debt into existence with a snap of their fingers. When the Government FINES a bank for a criminal action that would land anyone else in prison, the bank uses the Fine as a negotiable instrument and underwrites it. Banks don’t use their own debt to pay fines… all fines are paid with NEW DEBT that they created out of nothing.

      Furthermore, CEO Trump financed his own campaign by loaning himself the money. The Loan allowed him to create all the debt for his campaign from nothing! Trump didn’t spend a nickel on his campaign. It as all a loan that came from nothing.

      If Trump is allowed to finance his own campaign from nothing, why aren’t the rest of us allow to access the same facility? Is it that he just has a lot of debt so banks allow him to create more? Without the power of debt creation, Trump couldn’t have financed his campaign (for nothing!)


  3. What portion of the process of validating the negotiable instrument makes the banks obligated to accept the promissory note and why?..and why the Bank Medallion Stamp?..and I’ve even seen some promissory notes with a cancelled postage stamp, according to the Stamp Act. Any idea or explantation?


    1. So long as the “form” matches and/or exceeds the required fields for being a “Negotiable Instrument”/”UNCITRAL PROMISSORY NOTE,” then Signature is what authorizes the Debt as valid according to U.C.C. Article 3 – Negotiable Instruments and/or UNCITRAL Bills of Exchange/Promissory Notes.

      U.C.C. – Article 3 Negotiable Instruments/Money Orders/Checks-
      UNCITRAL International Bills of Exchange/Promissory Notes-

      It needs to be over stood that U.C.C. is LICENSED by the UNITED STATES, INC [MINOR] for a few hundred thousand debt dollars each year ($250,000? $400,000). UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE: Copyright By THE AMERICAN LAW INSTITUTE and NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF COMMISSIONERS ON UNIFORM STATE LAWS. This is to say, only ATTORNEYS are allowed to use the copyrighted text called “UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE.” If you try to use it as a “beneficiary” -before becoming executor of your birth certificate, proven private attorney general of yourself- they might try to say using the code would compel one into the system. It is included in the Downloadable Notes because the entire system is fraud, unlawful, and compelled slavery and thus illegitimate. U.C.C. 3 is included in the notes to solidify their potential for acceptance by the DEBT (fraudulent) BANKS in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. Essentially, it calls them out.

      So, to recap: What makes Bills of Exchange/Negotiable Instruments valid is the Fields describing the debt as defined by the Codes you are using. You can meet both, one and not the other, and/or neither. Then the Signature is what “authenticates” the debt as valid, as defined by the same Codes (“corporation fictional legalized laws” that apply to legal fiction presences). A reminder, that humans have a higher authority to execute codes without legal presence (non-legal, alegal) as humans are greater “persons” than artificial “person” constructs.

      The Bank Medallion Stamp is a superior form of NOTARIZATION to the regular bank Notary and the “Sworn” Notary. The Bank Medallion legalizes the Bill of Exchange as acceptable debt within the system! All a bank needs to ever do is place a bank medallion on it, then send it to their underwriters for “duplicating” the debt so as to have a balanced ledger. A BANK MEDALLION proves that the Bill of Exchange is acceptable as a SECURITY by any and all banks according to the U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION.

      These are the direct reasons for “acceptance.” as seen next:

      U.C.C. 3 does need some explaining… It is nearly impossible to REFUSE a Negotiable Instrument!!!! According to the codes, if a Bill of Exchange is “accepted,” then an equal Bill of Exchange needs to be rendered to be in “HONOR.” This is usually called a “receipt.” The cool thing is that the Receipts are all redeemable for the original notes! So all store receipts should be reimbursed by the State/Corporations. That is a part of the total crime these corporations are committing. A great example of how this works is here:

      Essentially the “Bill” is a “payment coupon” – corporate dividend that they make look like a “bill.” All utilities are paid by the SOCIAL SECURITY BANK ACCOUNT LEGAL PRESENCE TRADE-NAME INSURANCE. and so paying any utility “bill” payment coupon is extortion and double payment. We all need to be called them with the question, “HOW DO I REDEEM YOUR PAYMENT COUPON?” or “HOW DO I REDEEM YOUR NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT.”

      If exchange is NOT produced, the Bill of Exchange goes into DISHONOR. The issue is that REFUSING a negotiable instrument means INSTANT DISHONOR according to the code. The only method to “refuse” to pay is by CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE. And then supply YOUR terms and conditions. They if they reject your terms, then the Original Negotiable Instrument is not valid. One of the best methods here in defense is to CONDITIONALLY ACCEPT with your terms and conditions, and then IN GOOD FAITH that they accept, also provide payment in return. Then if they don’t respond, they are then in DISHONOR of your Bill of Exchange. Both “dishonored” debts can be mutually terminated. And if they don’t mutually terminate, collecting the debt is only a perfect reflection of them. Every time they call, WE are the debt collectors collecting the debt from them. Have fun with it.

      Lastly, Debt is Constitutionally Protected Speech according to CITIZENS UNITED v F.E.C. Important because speech cannot be denied otherwise it violates freedom of debt speech. Also Corporations are required by law to maximize profits. Denial of any BILL OF EXCHANGE is a loss of shareholder profits, particularly when it is PURE PROFITs in the case of the banks… as they only loan DEBT into existence from literally nothing. They just simply break double entry accounting standards for every underwriting, undertaking, mort/gage death ceremony. They are the ONLY corporations that are allowed to violate double entry accounting standards. My bet is that when governments fine banks, it is done so via negotiable instrument… which the bank just underwrites, gives the new debt to the government for essentially nothing, and then sells the “government fine” negotiable instrument on the market and actually makes a profit! We’ll see.


  4. What is the best way to authenticate the negotiable instrument, through the state or county level?..and if my mortgage was recently refinanced, would that effect the promissory note process? if so, how and why?


    1. Authentication is a very specific process. It officially occurs when the document is signed. With that, there are various LEVELS of authentication.

      1) Notarize Signature (Signing is actual “authentication”)
      2) “Sworn” Notarized Signature
      3) Bank Medallion (authenticated by banks to be officially recognized as DEBT by any bank by the S.E.C.)
      4) Registering a Notarized (1, 2, 3 above) Instrument With the County is proof of existence and proof of authentication. This is not “authentication, but “legalization. State Recorder Services usually only work ONLY with State Actors. So the STATE RECORDER might record Birth Certificates (e.g. as in the STATE OF MICHIGAN CORPORATION). So it’s not usually possible to “register” an instrument at the State level as it is on the county level. This shows what kinds of artificial persons have access to what kinds of “record keeping”. County corporations are the least “official” of the corporate registrar hierarchy.
      5) A “CERTIFIED COPY” of a recorder instrument is proof that the instrument has been “legalized” (fictionalized).
      6) A State Apostille/Certificate of Authentication is a 3rd process of getting a US instrument recognized Internationally. There are nuances between the State level and Federal Level that are extremely dualistic and odd.
      7) A Federal Apostille/Certificate of Authentication is a 3rd process of getting a US instrument recognized Internationally. This is also what World citizens need to do to have their ID/Passports/etc officially recognized by the US Corporation. It is also required for Birth certificates to have this CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION to become the EXECUTOR of it.

      The STATE and FEDERAL AUTHENTICATION is for preparing the documents for annexing/authentication in a foreign government. A mortgage usually NEVER makes it this far in the process. Banks have and use other mechanisms, codes, rules, and regulations for internationalizing THEIR mortgages from a LOW level legalization of any authenticated document.

      Without the authentication signature, the Instrument is NOT VALID, according to U.C.C. Article 3 – Negotiable Instruments. There are some specifics that they like to adhere to for validity that are common mistakes that can be used to force the bank to capitulate.

      Without legalization of the documents at the County Registrar, they wouldn’t be able to prove it’s existence to trade upon and sell. It is the proof in the puddin’, so to speak.

      An important point: it’s NOT your mortgage! hehehe. It’s THEIR mortgage! You already paid it off. They are simply trying to extort everyone. The Promissory Note itself WAS WORTH IT’S STATED VALUE IN DEBT!!! The Bank underwrote the Note with new debt to balance the ledger, then stole the exchange, then loaned you the debt they just stole. They then sold the note, insured the note, Securitized the note into a CDO, which is also insured, which was then sold to china, who underwrote it for the 50th time for their own purposes. it’s a fucking debt bonanza and the humans don’t seem to by typically allowed in… which is a HUGE CRIME by every bank. I could rattle off so many specific crimes banks today are involved with it would rattle JPMorgan’s Bones!!! lol. he might be proud of the banks for what they have been able to get away with.


      1. Very useful feedback and enlightenment! Since checks are debt instruments, Federal Reserve Notes are debt instruments, and promissory notes are debt instruments, I thought you can not pay a debt with a debt? How is this fraud legal? (GREAT job on “The Global Debt Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes”)…also, wanted to get your opinion/feedback on this…


      2. Theoretically, you are correct. Debt cannot be “paid” with debt. It creates a debt infinite loop. However, The debt slavery legal system actually depends on that DEBT RE-HYPOTHECATION (tens, hundreds!, thousands!?!? of times!!). It is legalized via a few mechanisms. The Incorporated Constitution of 1871, The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, The IRS in 1914, Trading with the Enemy Act 1917, The Emergency Banking Act of 1933, Nixon’s Gold Shock Executive Order of 1971, The Financial Act of 2008 (which moved all risk to the Federal Reserve Bank System), and likely many more.

        It is important to NOTE that UNDERWRITING by the Banks require a LICENSE… which is insurance to do something unlawful, but legalized. The SEC issues BANK MEDALLION SIGNATURE GUARANTEE Stamps that make any note acceptable (within the underwritable debt limit).

        It is wise to note that banks do not sign promissory notes nor mortgages. Banks/underwriters sign notes/mortgages after the fact which is fraud and changing the terms and conditions. It is NOT a contract as it is NOT signed by the BANK as a contract. Furthermore, because the bank does not sign these documents as contracts, they are not enforceable as contracts by the bank. Only the UNITED STATES, INC [minor] can “enforce” the greater codes that were only apply WITH PREJUDICE. (and which banks won’t allow the words “WITHOUT PREJUDICE” on any Note/Mortgage!)

        Fraud vitiates all Bank securities, true. Cancelling the Mortgage is a great idea. I would recommend using it in combination. For Instance, “In good faith that the bank proves that the mortgage is not reminded -null and void- (valid, and contractually enforceable), render another note to discharge/underwrite the first.” That way there are several layers of recourse, remedy, and -if not discharged- damaging to the bank.

        This is important: UCC §3-603; “If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument and the tender is refused, there is discharge, to the extent of the amount of the tender…”

        One of the aspects not covered is that PROMISSORY NOTES/MORTGAGES and all SECURITIES use UPPER CASE NAMES… which itself is an insurance franchise ARTIFICIAL PERSON by the Governmental Services Corporations. For the fact that the DEBT that is created by the BIRTH CERTIFICATE for the person, a MORTGAGE using an ARTIFICIAL PERSON does not disclose the debt nature of the artificial person, which is required by the TRUTH IN LENDING ACT. Just because the “government” issues the debt as insurance for an ARTIFICIAL PERSON franchise corporation, doesn’t exempt them from the TRUTH IN LENDING ACT!

        Lastly, The ARTIFICIAL PERSON that the bank is locking each signatory into, requires payment of MINIMUM WAGE for being CEO/President/TRUSTEE of the Artificial person on a 24-7-365 period. Put simply, Just for having a Driver’s License, SSN, and Birth Certificate, each of these LEGAL PRESENCES requires payment of minimum wage for being employed into the artificial person corporation.

        For ONE Federal Legal Presence, the total is $135,720.00 every year. If you are NOT getting paid this amount, then it is UNLAWFUL for anyone and everyone to being employed as the ARTIFICIAL PERSON DRIVER’S LICENSE, Birth Certificate, SSN, Voter ID Card, etc. This is just for having THEIR LEGAL PRESENCE IDENTITY…. which is employment.

        If it weren’t employment, why would they offer food stamps for “nothing” if the “person” doesn’t make enough? lol. food stamps simply access the insurance franchise debt. Access has its own costs where the government services corporation then duplicates the debt multiple times over, then the banks do the same. The only one who gets just ONE copy of the debt is the signatory. messed up. yup.


      3. To get an apostille you need to provide a country requesting authentication? Is this accurate?


      4. Yes. Apostilles are for “annexing” and “authenticating” for “annexing.”

        The Source Country is the United States and/or State Department of State putting the Country’s Certificate/Apostille on the “Fictitious Instrument”. Wells Fargo calls all mortgages and loans “Fictitious Instruments.”

        The Destination Country is the issue and needs to be provided. For using these negotiable instruments within Hague Member Countries to the Treaty of 1961 Abolishing The Requirement Of Legalization For Foreign Public Documents, they would get just an Apostille which is only usable within and between member countries. Getting a Certificate of Authentication is necessary to use the documents outside the treaty member countries.

        The Certificate of Authentication is good for “outside the United States.” Which is to say, the attorneys operating the contracts of the United States against the Unincorporated States and the State Citizens should be in recognition of it if they do their jobs properly.

        It is important to observe that the ACTUAL Destination Country has exactly ZERO influence on anything… The ONLY reason that they seem to need the Destination Country is to determine whether or not they need to issue an Apostille or a Certificate of Authentication. The equation is very simple: If the Destination Country is a Hague Member, issue Apostille. If not, issue Certificate of Authentication. The Certificate of Authentication is FAR superior for its recognition within and without the hague member countries, and is/was in MUCH LESS demand on a document level.

        You’ll want to choose a NON-HAGUE country like Indonesia to make sure that you get a Certificate of Authentication rather than just an Apostille.

        Keep in mind that Temple Crown Corporation BAR Attorneys are scum bags, deceivers, and criminals; in no particular order, nor standing, nor honor.


      5. What about using a postage stamp. Placing your thumb print over the stamp then endorsing through the stamp. Then turning the document over and placing your Signature in the lower right hand corner. If there’s more than one document I believe the documents need to be bound together properly.


  5. So what’s the difference in going to the Secretary of your State and have your promissory note authenticated or have it recorded at your County Recorders office?


    1. I just got off the phone with the Michigan OFFICE OF GREAT SEAL that operates the STATE Apostilles and Certificate of Authentications.

      They said that the APOSTILLE/CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION is document is NOT copied. No records are kept other than the Apostille for proof of existence. Thus, getting an apostille/authentication is NOT recording the document. Apostillizing/authenticating is only making it usable in international commerce. APOSTILLIZATION is for legal fictional artificial “persons” within the US, INC to have their instruments fictionalized/legalized.

      The County Recorder does NOT authenticate (apostillize/non-fictional annex) as that is a separate process. The County Recorder “records” and “legalizes”/”fictionalizes” the documents. This makes the document recognizable as a fiction of legalisms by a fiction of legalisms. Recording makes a copy of the document for recognition within the legal system.

      A Negotiable Instrument Document must be Notarized before being recorded.
      A Negotiable Instrument Document must be Notarized before being apostillized/authenticated.

      An Instrument is formally issued (“authenticated/proven”) by signing it.
      An Instrument can be signed by 2-3 witnesses for the same proof of signature as “judicial” notarization, but at the Common Law
      An Instrument can be notarized, not recorded, and not apostillized/authenticated.
      An Instrument can be notarized, recorded, and not apostillized/authenticated.
      An Instrument can be notarized, not recorded, and apostillized/authenticated.
      An Instrument can be notarized, recorded, and apostillized/authenticated.

      I recommend that after notarizing, getting an apostille/authentication prior to RECORDING in the county. This would effectively record the instrument for use in international domains such as the STATUTORY COURTS (which are operating internationally in DC MUNICIPAL CORPORATION).


      1. “Republic for The united States of America } SS” is all about jurisdiction. There is no line to fill after SS. You can change the jurisdiction in any way you want by changing the text BEFORE the “} SS”. For instance, a French National might put “Republic for France”, a Russia National might put “Republic for united Russia”, and a World Citizen might put “World Government of World Citizens”.

        In total there are eleven (11) fields to the above designed negotiable instruments.
        1) Instrument Id Number: anything you want to use, maybe have a date and/or incremented number for each order.
        2) Place Made: A general area/location where your note is created. e.g. territory/state/republic, city, nation, continent.
        3) Date Issued: just the date the order is created.
        4) Pay to the Order Of: Who is getting the debt
        5 & 6) Amounts, written in text and a second time in numeric format. The written format takes precedence over the numeric, so get the text amount correct.
        7) I, the legal presence artificial person corporation name the debt is issued through; use your name/corporate/trade name in upper case.
        8) HOLDER. the bank or the destination corporation if the bank is unknown.
        9) c/o: your home address without zip code. Do not be afraid of dropping the ZIP CODE from your address. ZIP CODES are not actually a part of the ADDRESS fields as per WELLS FARGO ATTORNEYS. They are smart cookies and know how to scam people really well.
        10) the legal presence artificial person corporation name in upper case, again. most likely use the same name as 7.
        11) By: Signature. Use gold ink for the original note and black ink for the copies. Be sure to copyright your signature with a © symbol after your signature… Your signature is your copyrighted art! and what makes the orders worth the debt it says. Use your right hand thumb print in red ink over your last name and copyright symbol. Everyone’s finger prints, image likeness, and DNA are their copyrighted private property art work. Copyright your finger prints, image likeness, and DNA. it is already copyrighted. We just need to claim the copyright and demand Amendment 5 just compensation for public use of our private property. For instance, each DNA strand of each human is worth more than $10 million per chromosome. The Birth Certificate is worth enough debt to pay for this upon demand.

        I have yet to meet an attorney that actually abides by their own laws. BAR MEMBER ATTORNEYS are licensed to break the law… that’s the power that attorneys have and what makes them first class citizens while the rest of us are treated as second class citizens by these attorneys/terrorists. A part of their scam is that they only want to recognize negotiable instruments/debts that are issued by other attorneys/judges/banks/etc. They designed their legal fiction system in such a way as to rig it in favor of their own negotiable instruments. That’s why it’s nearly impossible to say NO to their negotiable instruments while they are then allowed to entirely dismiss ours. The only method of disregarding any particular negotiable instrument is to CONDITIONALLY ACCEPT IT, with your own terms and conditions; such that, when they refuse our terms and conditions they are also rejecting their own. This is VERY magical, 4th Density type stuff they are dealing with.

        Equality before/under the law is paramount and mandatory by law. If their negotiable instruments are considered “legitimate” they must consider ours (NON-ATTORNEY) debts/negotiable instruments to be as well. I have yet to meet an BAR attorney who actually abides by the rule of law. They are all debt collector scam artists…. by legal statutory code! SEE: B.A.R. ATTORNEYS HAVE NO LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY IN COURTROOMS!

        LEGAL STATUTORY CODE IS NOT LAW! It is legalized (read: fictionalized) law.

        LEGAL CORPORATE STATUTORY CODE only applies to LEGAL CORPORATIONS STATUTORY ARTIFICIAL PERSONS. This is documented in legal precedence by JUDGE JOSEPH F BURKE P-33801 in the 15TH DISTRICT COURT (CORPORATION), on/around/about JULY 17TH, 2015 said, and i quote, “YOU ARE NOT PARTY TO THE LAW!!!” (ASSET ACCEPTANCE, LLC v MICHELLE FOSSUM). He was speaking about me as a World citizen, non-legal sentient living breathing human being and American National. ANYONE May use that in any and all courtrooms in America as legal precedence.

        It should be noted that According to Title 4 U.S.C. §72, states, “All offices attached to the seat of government shall be exercised in the District of Columbia, and not elsewhere, except as otherwise expressly provided by law.” Which means that the 15TH DISTRICT COURT CORPORATION is operating out of DC upon a legal fiction (the Social Security Number, Bank Account Trust, artificial person) WITHIN WASHINGTON, DC MUNICIPAL CORPORATION! Any Court has yet to show the “otherwise expressly provided [] law”.

        And lastly. regarding energy bills, phone bills, internet bills, cable bills, car bills, mortgage bills… what makes a bill a bill is that it is a negotiable instrument… which can be redeemed/presented as debt for itself! It is true. I have been on the phone with AT&T for months asking them what the presentment process and address is for their BILL-PAYMENT COUPON. (btw, a payment coupon is NOT a bill. it is a negotiable instrument).

        Think of every PAYMENT COUPON-BILL as if it were a CHECK TO YOU, which can be deposited. The exchange in the bank for the receipt then gives you the debt to pay the bill. So technically, these private money orders are not even necessary for payment of any NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT.

        LEGAL COMPETENCE: being able to say “I AM COMPETENT TO HANDLE MY AFFAIRS.” and knowing that the human WAS the surety, and now the executor of the ARTIFICIAL PERSON ESTATE TRADE NAME CORPORATION that represent the human in the legal fictional system.

        Call up the PAYMENT RECEIVABLE OFFICE for AT&T, VERIZON, ENERGY COMPANY, TESLA, FORD, MERCEDES, WELLS FARGO, JG MORGAN CHASE, etc. Ask them if the bill that you have is a negotiable instrument. If they say NO, ask for someone that actually understanding this stuff and is legally competent. If they say YES, ask them “HOW DO I MAKE A U.C.C. ARTICLE 3 PRESENTMENT OF THIS NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT?” AT&T said yes to my question of if the bill is a negotiable instrument…. then she literally HUNG UP on me when i asked her “what is the presentment address for this negotiable instrument?”

        So. that is who to ask the question of presentment of THEIR negotiable instruments upon.


  6. As you stated in an earlier post, “The problem is banks only want THEIR promissory notes ‘honored,'” Now there’s a lot of info about being a private banker, when it comes to writing promissory notes. As stated from,, “The Private Banker of the unincorporated Private Bankers National Banking Association, PBNBA, under Federal, U.C.C., and Common Law also processes promissory notes for its Private banker members to write, make, and issue these promissory notes as full payment and full settlement of the debt to the bank corporations.” Do you have to be a member and/or affiliated with such group to write negotiable instruments? (i.e., public banker now dealing with a private banker?)


      1. Presenting them with our instruments should work upon ANY of the CORPORATE OFFICERS due to NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT; NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL. So, technically it is your choice. I would prefer making a presentment to someone that knows the NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT processes such as C.F.O, Legal Department, Accounts Receivable. This has not been verified yet: we likely could make presentment of their negotiable instruments in “person” to their C.F.O., legal department, and Accounts Receivable Office.

        When making a presentment of their “bills”/Payment Coupons/Negotiable Instruments, according to U.C.C. Article 3 (the code that makes a piece of paper “bill” into a legitimate payable bill), it presentment needs to be made to the presentment address. This has not been verified yet: we likely could make presentment of their negotiable instruments in “person” to their Accounts Receivable Office.

        See: U.C.C. Article 3 – §3-501 PRESENTMENT

        The PRESENTMENT WARRANTY is what requires them to make the discharge. see U.C.C. Article 3 – §3-417 PRESENTMENT WARRANTIES under LIABILITY OF PARTIES.

        Freedom School Discusses 3-501 discharge under another name “REFUSAL FOR CAUSE, WITHOUT DISHONOR”: 5 Ways to Respond to a Presentment or Draft. That is an accurate interpretation. The Corporations are still enabled to rehypothecate the debts multiple times, meaning that even if the debt is refused, it has already been made into an accounting line item via breaking double entry accounting standards. ALL NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS are allowed to be re-hypothecated… by breaking double entry accounting standards. It is the negotiable instrument as a debt of the debt that allows the line item to look balanced.

        All Corporations sell these debts multiple times over. The GOVERNMENTAL SERVICE CORPORATIONS are probably the worst offenders of basic accounting and mathematics.


    1. My humble apologies for the delay on the answer.

      It is the “AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE SIGNATURE” that technically “Authenticates” a future debt into the Present Moment. There is no need for “recording”, U.C.C., Federal Reserve, Common Law, Contract Law, International Law, Statutory Code, etc. On a Spiritual Magic level, these are just words “codi”-fying the non-physical energy. Co-Sharing the Di-Duality.

      The Federal Reserve gets its debt issuance power FROM YOU. “You” gave them access to your Birth Certificate Bank Note. “You” continue giving them access and control.

      Taking possession of the Birth Certificate -by becoming executor- should be the “turning 21” government process; just like birth certificates, “driving” at age 16, registering for selective service at age 18 (for MEN Legal Fictions), etc. This seizes “power of assumption” back from the bankers and BAR Attorneys.

      “We are Private Bankers under Federal Law, Common Law, U.C.C. Commercial Law, and World Law and we are NOT Attorneys nor Accountants and we do NOT provide any legal, accounting, or financial advice and we do NOT make loans.”

      The key terms UNDER and the confusion is a through-the-looking-glass aspect of the LEGAL FICTIONAL SYSTEM. The “fictional” issue is that by referencing any slavery legal codes, it all get assumed in full, with prejudice. It’s a slippery slope, in ways. How far is one willing to go into the pool of legal BS?

      The PBNBA seems totally legit in their knowledge and UNDERstandings. It’s more of a comical thing. To lay it out in full:

      1) The PBNBA -As an unincorporated entity- seems to be doing great work.
      2) As an unincorporated entity, they are Never UNDER anyone’s slavery Code (U.C.C., UN, etc). That is/was likely that they don’t know the legal terminology/ramifications assumed by referencing such slavery Legal Codes. the correct word could be “overstand” rather than “under.”
      3) By using legal terminology “UNDER” -the Slavery Codes; so as to be defined as PRIVATE BANKERS- the organization is not a private organization but thus considered by BAR ATTORNEYS as part of the PUBLIC, de facto.
      4) Incorporation -being assumed by attorneys- is automatic.
      5) Such fictional assumptions are false because attorneys are all criminals for conversion of humans into (their) bank accounts/corporations.
      6) To be Declared a Private Banker under Federal Law makes per human into a PERSON as a PRIVATE BANKER.
      7) Such conversion of a human being into a PUBLIC PERSON called a PRIVATE BANKER (aka DEBTOR’S SIGNATURE) is unnecessary.
      8) The PBNBA is a “new legal and lawful unincorporated bank.” (from their website). That means that it is/was operating legal fictions beyond just the mere unincorporation entity.

      The slippery slope is/was the conversion of an actual human being Private Banker (the ability to make a signature as AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE) with being a PUBLIC PERSON defined as a PRIVATE BANKER. The Legal system is/was mixing so much BS that nearly everything legal is/was “through the looking glass.”

      The PBNBA issues Common Stock to members and thus OBLIGATES PRIVATE BANKERS to provide equal debt in return. It’s a mixed thing: +) the stocks are negotiable instruments worth debt and could appreciate. –) The stocks have obligations, debt obligation – which is spiritually and holographically connected – to eventually be “remedied” by honor/dishonor.

      That is what all negotiable instruments – even as UNINCORPORATED COMMON STOCK- UNDER the U.C.C. shall eventually require.

      Given how atrociously U.C.C. is/was being abused by TEMPLE BAR Attorneys, i prefer to define U.C.C. as totally shut down and irrelevant, null and void, from The One People’s Trust – via U.C.C. #2012127810, 2012127854, 2012127954, and 2012127914 –over at

      So a long comment summary: The PBNBA shouldn’t be necessary, and is/was a very useful tool. Be a little discerning with the use “UNDER.”


  7. Additionally. My sister was an attorney with the STATE OF CALIFORNIA BAR as a member. BAR ATTORNEYS are like first class citizens because they are automatically “legally competent” when they have made the rest of us BY DEFAULT legally incompetent (aka second class citizens). This is why it’s important to overstand the phrase, “I am competent to handle my affairs.”

    My sister-attorney states that:
    1) The phrase “I am competent to handle my affairs” really is so important to attorneys that, in my experience, attorneys refuse to “work with me” because their no longer have “authority” to direct the artificial person. Some have continued to try to gain contractual executorship of the legal fictional presence corporation, but their insistence should be met with ever more questions for them to explain themselves.
    2) Family Courts are NOT CONSTITUTIONAL!!! (And thus, do NOT HAVE STANDING other than by contract on the LAW OF THE SEA-Debt)
    3) Her Attorney Professor at her California Law School pulled her aside and told her, “EVERYTHING LEGAL IS A FICTION.” A legal fiction, equity (debt) that is not true but made “true” by corporations and their sigil/seal/Babylonian-slavery-pledging legal system.
    4) Police (statutory Corporate POLIC.y E.nforcers) are merely glorified DEBT COLLECTORS with guns and an unlawful violent ego to use them against peaceful innocent human beings. Mark Passio discusses the violence of Order Followers and its solutions.

    I had to push extremely hard to get these details. It seems that no attorney wants to talk about the unconstitutional nature of the sigil/seal legal system with their clients -and even their families-. That is/was to protect the BAR ATTORNEY criminal syndicate. BAR Attorneys NEVER put their own system to the test in the legal system; that is the whole point of trying to regulate the practice of law and having organizations to control the process. They vet people who will work WITH the criminal nature of the legal system. There are lawyers who go to law school, discover how criminal the legal system is/was, and never continue. BAR Attorneys cannot regulate the common law practices of remedy. BAR ATTORNEY membership is merely like a Walmart Customer Loyalty Card.

    When American Nationals put the legal system to the metal in their own system, the legal system can only fail due to its EXTREME CONTRADICTIONS. Such hypocrisy and conflicts in “code” are not only obvious… they are criminal because they are designed to be there as loopholes for attorneys to use but not for anyone else.

    If you have an attorney PLEASE! Print the article in this link and Ask “your” attorney to explain it:
    Hiring Any Attorney waives Constitutional Protections, makes humans wards of court with unsound mind/


    18 U.S. Code § 2311 – Definitions

    “Securities” includes any note, stock certificate, bond, debenture, check, draft, warrant, traveler’s check, letter of credit, warehouse receipt, negotiable bill of lading, evidence of indebtedness, certificate of interest or participation in any profit-sharing agreement, collateral-trust certificate, preorganization certificate or subscription, transferable share, investment contract, voting-trust certificate; valid or blank motor vehicle title; certificate of interest in property, tangible or intangible; instrument or document or writing evidencing ownership of goods, wares, and merchandise, or transferring or assigning any right, title, or interest in or to goods, wares, and merchandise; or, in general, any instrument commonly known as a “security”, or any certificate of interest or participation in, temporary or interim certificate for, receipt for, warrant, or right to subscribe to or purchase any of the foregoing, or
    any forged, counterfeited, or spurious representation of any of the foregoing



    31 U.S. Code § 5103 – Legal tender
    “United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. Foreign gold or silver coins are not legal tender for debts”

    UNITED STATES COINS is Gold and Silver Coin… Unless the US Mint is considered FOREIGN GOLD OR SILVER. In which case, ok… the Federal Reserve System and UNITED STATES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION is Foreign to the Organic united States of America.



    “Once jurisdiction is challenged, the court cannot proceed when it clearly appears that the court lacks jurisdiction, the court has no authority to reach merits, but, rather, should dismiss the action.” Melo v. US, 505 F2d 1026.

    “The law requires proof of jurisdiction to appear on the record of the administrative agency and all administrative proceedings.” Hagans v. Lavine, 415 U. S. 533.


    1. So.. for clarification… every time I want to send off a bond to pay a bill I need to 1) create new bond note, 2) sign in front of notary/notarize, 3) record with county recorder, 4) send to recipient w/ letter of credit and letter of default?


      1. Letter of default comes after the 4th business day in accordance with UCC- Article 3. 3 business days to respond. I like to give them 10 days.
        4.1) send certified, registered, return receipt mail.
        5) commercial lien for theft of debt-money if they refuse to discharge.


  11. BEWARE!!!
    Anyone attempting this may have short term success because the system takes time to recognize frauds. But this process will get anyone who tries it jail time. It’s been done over and over by unscrupulous people trying to get something for nothing.
    All those people are in jail.
    Google Tim Turner and his “Republic” for proof. He is serving 20 years in federal prison for doing just what these people are advocating.
    This process is for US banks only, private people will be charged with federal crimes!!!!


    EDITORS NOTE: Please explain why the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, INC defined and declared DEBT as SPEECH?
    It is a crime for the US, INC to criminalize debt speech in any of the ways it is trying to assume.
    Rather than just use ad hominem attacks and abuses of the legal fictional system of injustice (protecting the Corporate Pirates in the US, INC), please provide proof that DEBT INSTRUMENTS are invalid.

    I fully agree with you that if you believe that the above DEBT INSTRUMENTS (even just as examples) are somehow “invalid”, then all MORTGAGES, car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc are also invalid.

    It is literally the whole point of issuing our own debt instruments is to point out the hypocrisy. It is drawing attention to the fact that DEBT AS MONEY IS A FRAUD being perpetrated upon us all by bankers and BAR Attorneys.

    For as long as DEBT is recognized as “LEGAL TENDER” (which is NOT “money”!), then it is WISE AS HEAVEN to actually grasp the concepts of debt as money ponzi scheme run by International Bankers and BAR Attorneys.

    Even if the mechanisms of debt are not used by American Nationals…

    Do you understand that Donald Trump literally used the same mechanizations of debt to PURCHASE THE US PRESIDENCY? If the above are not legitimate, how can you say that it is legitimate for Donald Trump to BUY the President’s office? If it’s only for banks, why and how did Donald Trump do it?

    If it lands people in jail, please explain the Proof from JP Morgan that they discharged the debt?

    To continue this conversation, please See: “Reign of the Heavens” claims Debt Issuance is Scam; Baiting and Switching their own. Rather than just use ad hominem attacks and opinions, please answer a few questions and engage in actual intellectual debate with evidence. As for Tim Turner, he is/was being unlawful persecuted legally for exercising his Right to Speech-Debt. Just because the Governmental Services Corporation is trying to enforce debt like they have a monopoly on it, doesn’t make it right, moral, ethical, legal, nor lawful.

    For our benefit, here are the questions to be answered:

    1. What is the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL?
    2. What is the difference and relationship between a LEGAL PRESENCE and a Human Being?
    3. What makes American National Issuance of Debt NOT protected DEBT SPEECH under Citizen’s United v. F.E.C.?
    4. How can business required to maximize shareholder profit refuse to accept any valid debt instrument as payment?
    5. Wouldn’t refusing payment be contrary to their LEGAL CORPORATE MANDATE to maximize debt/income/revenue/shareholder value?
    6. What makes providing tools and examples for people’s own Negotiable Instrument into a SCAM?
    7. If negotiable instruments are a scam, why did Donald Trump use the same mechanism to buy the presidency? and how is that legitimate?
    8. If these negotiable instruments are a scam, why did JP Morgan (and many others, not posted publicly) accept them?
    9. Given that all Mortgages, Student Loans, Car Loans, etc use the SAME LEGAL CODES as these American National Money Orders, how is it that these examples are a scam yet what bankers and attorneys are doing is NOT?
    10. How is it that any Mortgage Promissory Note could be considered a “CONTRACT” when only ONE PARTY signs it?
    11. How is a FICTITIOUS DEBT INSTRUMENT -as per WELLS FARGO & COMPANY’s own words- enforceable as something real in physicality? iow, How is fictional more real than real?
    12. Do you get that the States treat your Certificate of Title for your car as revenue because they are negotiable instruments?

    It is true that it does not work every time. It is too (in)convenient a truth for many BAR Attorneys and bankers. Remember that their ignorance of the law is no excuse. And visa Versa, our ignorance of the law IS THEIR EXCUSE… to commit legal crimes upon us.

    The above article advocates for the Freedom of Speech and knowledge of the debt system. At least be educated about how the criminal governmental service corporations are abusing debt against us rather than advocate for being ignorant of these topics.

    Lastly, I am going to add my experience: BAR ATTORNEY JUDGE JOSEPH F BURKE P-33108 stated to me on JULY 17TH, 2015, and i quote -under penalty of perjury-, “YOU ARE NOT PARTY TO THE LAW!!!” For me to say this under penalty of perjury is very serious. When he said YOU he was referring to me as a World Citizen at the World Government of World Citizens, an American National, and Human Being. That is the legal precedence required to prove that human beings are not liable to CORPORATE POLICY STATUTES. This quote may be too inconvenient for POLICY ENFORCERS, however, their ignorance of the law is no excuse.


    Please see this article as to why there are no such thing as BAD SECURITIES… and thus why every SECURITY IS BAD.

    BTW: I am leaving the Name misspelled. It’s Guardian. Welcome to “The Truth.”


  12. BEWARE!
    The process advocated here is set up by the system for the system. If you try to infiltrate the system with fake notes, you may succeed ince or twice because the system takes time to recognize fraud. But creating fraudulent bank instrument is a FEDERAL CRIME if you are not an authorized US bank!!!
    Google fraudulent bank notes and educate yourself in the consequences of such actions!
    Tim Turner is serving Federal prison time for attempting the same thing. He got away with it for years! But then BOOM! They came for him just like they will come for you if you attempt this!


    Tim Turner is/was being persecuted for exposing the truth about how the government and bankers use these instruments.

    If Tim Turner is/was in prison for issuing fictitious debt instruments, then why is Donald Trump not in prison for doing the exact same thing to BUY the US Presidency?


  13. The corporation hasn’t responded to the negotiable security instrument with Letter of Credit along with Notice of Dishonor within it. Also they have violated the UCC Article 4-302. So now what? and If payment was made again, would that constitute another agreement between Trade name & corporation?


    1. Be consistent. Challenge any “loose references” that aren’t specific. Call them. Write Letters. Email. Communicate. Act in Good Faith, and under duress (and even reference their violations of U.C.C. 3-402b1 as reasons for acting under duress). Start requesting lawful remedy. Be the Debt collector of the Debt that they are in Dishonor under. We are each our own “private debt bank” via AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE codes.

      Debt is speech. There are fractal effects just simply in filing our copyright speech; without expecting results. If they refuse to even acknowledge it, here are a few options:
      1) ignore their ignoring. (be sure to have back up, like a lien on your own house/property, or papers of a private automobile withdrawing the vehicle/private legal title papers.)
      2) resend the payment
      3) send another payment
      4) send their “INVOICE” back to ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE for discharge.
      5) send to a Treasury Window. (this seems to require being an executor of the legal presence bank account constructive trust rather than beneficiary)
      6) Rescind all Signatures (can be done at any time, particularly under duress!)
      7) call them: CFO, accounts receivable, presentment address-contact, write letters with CERTIFICATE OF SERVICES for “legal” proof of service.
      8) contact agencies to report the theft of the negotiable instruments to start documenting the crimes of the banks.
      9) “complain” with the better business bureau.
      10) report the dishonor of the note with/out the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, the FDIC, SEC, etc about the dishonor of any payments.
      11) use your imagination.

      when reporting these crimes i like to add “©, in propria persona” after my family name. The copyright is for the “name/title” as speech-debt. BAR Attorneys use it to access the Vatican debt constructive trusts via TEMPLE BAR -Crown Corporation.


  14. Each situation is different and has a specific energy imprint.

    The issue of the corporations refusal to acknowledge AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES has been long-in-the-tooth. Wells Fargo threatened me with legal harassment and actual physical violence over what they call “a fictional instrument” simply for attempting to Cash a fully authorized refund check from Western Union (who use Wells Fargo as their bank).

    By honoring the invoice, it is/was accepting the debt to discharge. Making another (or 100x) notes, particularly IN GOOD FAITH and UNDER DURESS, won’t add/change the fictitious obligation. Indeed, if it is an agreement, where is THEIR signature on the document? The only AGREEMENT made were SINGLE SIGNATURE DEBT OBLIGATIONS.

    I don’t like the historical hypocrisy that FICTIONAL U.S. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SCALIA presented in the legal body of work, He did at least one thing worth sharing:

    FICTIONAL JUSTIC Scalia advanced SIGNATURE RESCISSION “privileges” by allowing the rescission of (mortgage/debt) signatures past the statutory limit (3 years, if i recall correctly; now unlimited).

    For more information about rescission of signatures, see this:

    So what to do… many ways to proceed.

    Send their “invoice” -which is a negotiable instrument credit- to the presentment address documenting it with a CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE, and maybe with a TRUE COPY of the discharge note.

    If it’s a mortgage, the bankers re-hypothecate the note tens if not a hundred times. They are looking for MOAR! I have actually heard by phone that an attorney leaked that being persistent works. it may be 10-20 notes, but eventually the banks capitulate. I can’t vouch for persistence -as I have not done it myself- but a Michigan Property BAR Attorney leaked this information to me “in secret.” He said that several of his clients had done it and it worked. And that makes sense to me, given the BS re-hypothecation that banksters all do in their “off-book” shadow-books.

    The aspect that gets a lot of people is/was the bankers are willing to push their FACADE to the limit. They are going to try to “stick to their legal debt-slavery narrative.” We must know the codes and definitions well enough know when they are simply lying. I have seen bankers abuse language posing negotiable instruments as if it MAY be some violation of code, yet refuse to reference which code the action “violates” when called out for proving it. Unlawful threats of Legal Harassment by banks -particularly via local legal fictional policy enforcers- seems to also “trigger” many 3D-ego based LEGAL PERSONS.

    If a bank threatens violence and/or legal harassment, that is threats and abuse by the banks for exercise of basic rights. Another very productive avenue to pursue is reporting the Dishonor of the Note to “proper authorities.” Leave a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, complain to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency/F.D.I.C./S.E.C., report threats of physical harassment to the policy enforcers, etc.

    Not providing a response is a typical first step. I like to start making recorded phone calls. If the conversation has good info, i’ll keep it as evidence. I also call them out on their codes, procedures, definitions, actions, etc. question everything, demand answers from the attorneys and higher directors/supervisors who are running the scam, not the customer service people. Call the CFO. Call the Accounts Receivable. Call the General Counsel, Legal Affairs, attorneys, etc.

    After silence, if they don’t like the simple application of their performance of codes, BAR Attorneys, Bankers, and Governmental Corporation officials have threatened me and others with real physical violence and legal harassment over what they call “FICTITIOUS INSTRUMENTS”. Such threats might deter some who doubt the bankers crimes, and rightly so… They have guns and seemingly the mind to abuse violence. Having the Constitution to deal with TEMPLE BAR ATTORNEY Scum and their banksters has nothing to do with “Americas Founding Document(s).” Some people have been unjustly thrown in prison simply for knowing and expressing speech. Mostly, the people who teach others are persecuted in such ways. There are also plenty of examples of negotiable instruments working also. So, “Life [was] like a box of chocolates.” – Forest Gump

    The agenda of Criminalizing Being Human was to be able to lock people up for whatever reason the governmental corporation -operating bankruptcy- legally decides.
    When Everything is a Crime: Harvey Silverglate on the Overregulation of Ordinary Life

    Does this help? Are more specifics needed? There are many parts and even many unknowns. Laying such multi-dimensionalness out in a linear coherent narrative might seem confusing. So, let me know if there is any further clarifications that can be made.


    1. As they are bought they would become more expensive, restricting the purchase of more, and making them more usable/valuable.

      Also, there are many many types of digital currencies, digital assets, and digital tokens.


  15. This site has given me so much knowledge. It has taken me 46 years to wake up. According to my family and friends my cheese has slid off my cracker. Thank you so much.
    (Editor: I accidentally deleted this comment, and so re-constructed it)


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