Currency Solutions: The Zero Note – The 5th Pillar

by belisoful – India has a “worthless” Zero Rupees Bank Note that is used to conduct commerce with corrupt public servants and corporate employees.  It is specifically designed to manage bribery and corruption; as bribery and corruption is/was a leading issue in third world countries like India, Inc.  The founder of The 5th Pillar Zero Rupees Note has expanded into creating a Zero Currency Note for nearly every country.

Use this Zero Dollars Federal Reserve Note in instances of corruption and bribery in the UNITED STATES, INC.  Click here for more information.

Here is how it works:

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Health Ranger BitCoin Questions Answered

The Health Ranger Mike Adams and Natural

Recently the Health Ranger Mike Adams  publicly issued questions for the community to answer.  Here are the answers from an actual computer techie who works with digital assets on a daily basis.

Question #1) Apple produces iPhones. Amazon produces fulfillment services for millions of products. What does Bitcoin produce?

Digital Assets produce a functioning alternative to UNLIMITED RE-HYPOTHECATION of DEBT; that is called “The Federal Reserve” and “Debt as Money Ponzi scheme.”  The value is in its processes, and the ability to be TRUSTLESS.

Question #2) Bitcoin’s “value” has increased by 350% in the last 12 months. What has Bitcoin introduced in that time period that would justify a 350% increase in its value?

Several Things:
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US State Department Requires Stranded U.S. Citizens to Double Pay for Hurricane Rescue

Washington Free Beacon obtained copies of the documents showing the US Department of State Forces Stranded U.S. Citizens to Foot the Bill for their Rescue.  These service documents have been in place since 1956 and stems from “disaster rescue” not being a mandate, and so is an optional service that must be signed for and contracted…   by copyright debt-speech.

The “US Citizens” -which are United Nations artificial “person” insurance franchise corporations– must sign a “promissory note” to pay for a Rescue operation.  The Secretary of State also closed claims that the Promissory Note must also be paid back.  What the US Department of State isn’t telling us is that the Promissory Note IS THE PAYMENT.  “Paying it back” is actually extortion and double payment.  The US Department of State is using “Hurricane Rescue” to extort US Citizens through these mechanisms.  Here is how it works…

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The Unfiled Draft JPMorgan Mortgage Lawsuit the CEO paid $13B to Keep Secret with Government Collusion

Four years ago, JPMorgan Chase reached a then-record settlement with the Department of Justice after, among other things, the bank received a copy of a U.S. attorney’s draft complaint documenting its alleged role in underwriting fraudulent securities in the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. Following the bank’s $13 billion financial agreement, the draft complaint was never filed. Then the bank paid another settlement to prevent a separate legal case from potentially unearthing it. The contents of the draft complaint have long been a financial-crisis mystery, a Great White Whale of a document. At least until now.

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Dutchsinse: 6.3 Earthquake at North Korea Nuclear Site Confirms Kim Jong Un Hydrogen Bomb Test

A 6.3 Earthquake rumble North Korea from the Nuclear Test Site at 2017-09-03 3:30:02.6 UTC.  Dutchsinse was recording while it happened as seen in the video above around 46:20.  The Earthquake data confirms that North Korea tested its Nuclear capabilities and has does in-fact have fissionable material.

Dutchsinse is predicting Japanese Earthquakes of 3 to 4 in magnitude in the next week.

The timing is also very interesting: 3 in Asian culture has the meaning “to live” and “life.”  Detonated at 3 3 3 – three threes- on the 9th month, 3+3+3.

The chinese date of the Nuclear Test is: Ji-You(Rooster) (7th month), 13, 4715.

NYTimes: Symbolism and Numerology is important to North Korea Rocketry

55 Truly Stunning Facts about the United Nations

The “United Nations” is a singularly unique thing in the world.  Here are some truly stunning facts about the United Nations:

  1. The United Nations was established on October 24th, 1945.
  2. Only Warring “Allied” nations qualified to join the United Nations in the beginning, and some nations declared war retroactively to join and be seen as belligerent and combative (a form of legal incompetence).
  3. Germany surrendered to the “United Nations” on May 9th, 1945 -and was made retroactive to May 8th- months before the United Nations was officially established.
  4. The German Instrument of Surrender made the German Nazi Government the First unofficial Member of the United Nations, which was then “dissolved.”
  5. The United States deposited their ratification of the United Nations Charter on August 8th, 1945. Continue reading 55 Truly Stunning Facts about the United Nations

Florida Court Rules Pointing at Policy Enforcers “threaten[s] death or great bodily harm” while Cops actually threaten harm and death daily with total impunity

The level of asymmetric WAR against the people by Corporate Fictional Policy Enforcers was legitimized by making all Americans into “ENEMY COMBANTANTS” – guilty until proven innocent – by the unending Lieber Code Marshal Law from the Civil War and Definition Changes in the “Trading with the Enemy Act.” Simply using Debt as money (Federal Reserve Notes, etc) makes the user into an Enemy Combatant.

A Florida Court has recently ruled that pointing at corporate policy enforcers is not protected “speech”– where the Policy Enforcers may construe the hand gesture as like a gun, which is entirely discretionary.  To these Administrative Clerks posing as “legal fictional JUDGES”, only DEBT –their debt/checks/warrants– is seen as legitimate speech.  Such concepts allow “judges” to make all copyright works of art -such as pointing fingers; an act by actors/actresses dressed in the garb of “legal presence”- into something that THEY control, own, en/franchise, en/title, and underwrite.  By franchising the act of pointing a finger, the UNITED NATIONS (through the UN Member-Nation) controls the act.  The “legal fictional florida judge” Maria Ortiz simply put a DEBT-FRANCHISE price tag on the action to control it, and it was “allowed/consented.”

If you can’t pay up, don’t know that all “court charges” are simply administrative fees, and/or they simply don’t like us, the UN Authorized BAR Attorneys can have the Corporate Policy Enforcers kidnap and cage the SURETY (the human being).

“The Florida Pointing Case” was another instance of confusing the surety, with the authorized representative, with the legal presence.  Each of these three (3) entities is unique, and must be separate.  Knowing the relationship between these entities is the key to comprehending the weirdness of “The Florida Pointing Case.”  Let’s deconstruct the “fictional Judges” Maria Ortiz’s words…

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“Reign of the Heavens” Fiction tries to claim jurisdiction over World citizens by exiling World citizen from their “Fictional United States”

The REIGN OF THE HEAVENS has been trying to say they have jurisdiction and/or authority to “motion” something/anything regarding myself and/or my PERSON.  They have only refused to produce their jurisdiction, their medical qualifications, a contract, their competency statements (the statements are directly found here on this website), and their papers showing legitimacy.

I am not claiming any legitimacy nor illegitimacy.  The REIGN OF THE HEAVENS simply decided to DISLIKE me and the non-person message and status that I communicate.  The SELF-PROCLAIMED NEW UNITED STATES REPUBLIC literally hates speech so much, they are trying to claim jurisdiction and then EXILING me from their little LEGAL FICTION for asking them questions like: Where is your legitimizing legal paperwork?  I never claimed to be a part of their sophomoric exercise in futility, and thus they have no jurisdiction to even be able to make any motions.

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LEAK: Russian Weaponry- GPS Navigation Hijacking Scalar Weapon for Ships, missiles, etc

Given the available evidence, it appears that Russia and other anti-Cabal/Anti-War “countries” have the technology to be able to hijack any GPS system, such as those in ships and weapons.  Their technology simulates the GPS satellites positions and timings in a particular space-time on Earth and then sends multiple radar interferometer signals that -when crossing- create scalar waves in the location of the GPS Navigation System.  The Scalar Waves combine in the location of the GPS device to computer simulating the signals of a different GPS location.

The effect of a Russian Scalar Wave GPS Hijack system is the ability to steer every device where the navigation system is linked to a GPS system.  Every weapon hurled at Russia/China would be turned back around at the aggressor.

The more firepower the US Military throws at any county protected by these defensive weapons, the more the US Military would harm itself.  ALL REMOTE WEAPONS could be turned back around on the vessel that fired it…  likely destroying the aggressor.  These Kinds of GPS Weapons have been covered by the news publicly, and withdrawn.  Russia simply weaponized such GPS Weapons with Tesla Scalar Waves.

U.S.S. Fitzgerald after collision with a Cargo Ship.  Most likely caused by a GPS Navigation Hijack Weapon.

Russia very likely TESTED the GPS Hijack Weapon and caused U.S. Destroyer Fitzgerald to collide with a Cargo Ship.  People call it a “mystery” but this most like was both a military weapons test, and a warning shot of some kind (offensive?  defensive?).   Russia discovered that the entire U.S. Military is vulnerable to GPS hijacking because…  the U.S. Military is more about paying off corporations and developing technology for the secret space program than protecting the people.  We’ll see how long it takes to stop more from occurring.

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Public Letter to US- Secretary of State- Treaty Affairs: What is the United Nations Headquarters District?

UN Secretary-General António Guterres and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (under Trump)



This is a public letter to the United States UN Member-Nation Secretary of State Office of Treaty Affairs.

I am engaged in due diligence and clarification around the definition of 22 U.S. Code §4309a – United States responsibilities for employees of the United Nations. 22 U.S. Code §4309a (e) provides:

(e) “United Nations Headquarters District” defined
For purposes of this section, the term “United Nations Headquarters District” means the area within the United States which is agreed to by the United Nations and the United States to constitute such a district, together with such other areas as the Secretary of State may approve from time to time in order to permit effective functioning of the United Nations or missions to the United Nations.

As per the phone message, here are my questions in writing- as follows:


B) What are the various laws, codes, and most particularly the ORDERS/PERMITS between the United States, Secretary of State, and United Nations that have let to the present definition of UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT?

C) It appears that the Secretary of State is authorized to “approve” orders and permits that effectuate the borders between the United States and the United Nations according to 22 U.S. Code §4309a (e). Is this in-fact true that the Secretary of State can change the border with the United Nations of the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT?

D) It appears that the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT is in-fact and in-law constituted of Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Statin Island, U Thant Island (each “listed”), and possibly other land areas.  Are these areas part of the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT? What other areas not listed are part of the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT?

E) City of New York appears to be a separate entity from the UNITED STATES, entirely.  The City of New York issues their own Birth Certificate – legal presences outside of the UNITED STATES.  If the City of New York is defined as the UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT -as it appears to be- then anyone born in the CITY OF NEW YORK is NOT a UNITED STATES CITIZEN and is not qualified to be a US PRESIDENT.  PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP was born in the CITY OF NEW YORK making him a NON-US CITIZEN, and thus not eligible for Presidency.  What treaty authority does a UNITED NATIONS CITY OF NEW YORK CITIZEN have to be/become a US Citizen and then US President?

Please answer these questions in full as per the office’s responsibilities and/or forward these questions to the appropriate office that handles the orders and permits between the US-SoS and UN.  NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT; NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL.

It is a pleasure conducting business with you.

By signing below, I duly certify that:
-I am competent to handle my affairs and am over the age of 21.
-I am no Citizen, resident, and/or legal entity but as a World citizen at the World Government of World Citizens.
All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice
By: /s/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx©, in propria persona/
world citizen, human rights inspector general for the World Government of World Citizens

AI Revolution: It’s officially “1984”- Chinese Robotic Legal Judges, Communist AI “Re-Education”, and Taxes on the Blockchain

It’s official: Google, Facebook, etc are now using Artificial Intelligence to automate many of their functions.   Most particularly, the AI scans search, comments, videos, etc for “corporate policy infringements, marks the various media, and starts removing content from public view; as it is also linked to the Search Results.

These AI engines are blocking content about AI.  These AI engines also block anything that goes against the “publicly preached historical beliefs.”  The American Historical Association is/was the organization tasked with “keeping official American History.”  For instance, the AHA is/was the reason why 9/11 can only be crime by “al-CIAda Arab Terrorists.”   Everyone with a Social Security Number must “publicly comply” with the history that only the AHA has pre-determined.  (Note: look into the AHA and Smithsonian Museum “unusual artifacts” warehouse/s)  Any “Artificial Person” that goes again “its” programmed history is/was deemed “legally incompetent”…  which is 99.9% of all people.

China is moving in the direction of Artificial Intelligence and Digital currencies extremely deeply and with conviction.  It provides a “decision model” that they could actually outpace and out maneuver the criminal UNITED STATES Corporation Elites.  China and Russia already have a dozen or more manhattan projects into Tesla Technologies according to Tom Bearden.  The Russians and Chinese would destroy the UNITED STATES in any war within days.  Apparently, Congress has even been warned of these facts (via Ben Fulford).  Trump too was sworn in to these top secret intelligences being leaked here.  These extreme ET and ET-like technologies play out before our very eyes.

China has deployed “Legal Robots” to help decide sentencing in thousands of cases.

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Harvey Dent’s Youtube Channel Taken Down: Legal Presence and Debt as Money Franchise Licensed from UN/IMF/BIS

Harvey Dent’s youtube channel has been shut down.  It was apparently too much truth for the bankers to handle.  People are mirroring Harvey Dent’s Videos, such as above.  Many others are vlogging as well.  This blog has an Info Graphic and deeper information into what the Federal Reserve was doing.

These numbers can be plugged into the any e-check payment system and then used to pay any bill.

The Intellectual Freedom Movement website is nearing completion (if not already available).  Motuuuuuuu   Propriooooooooo!

The key in (legal/fictional) commerce has been keeping our real human identity separate from the inhumane “legal fictional presence” corporation identity.  Knowing the difference is fundamental to walking upon these paths.  Without the distinction, attorneys make humans into “wards of the UN Court” as “infants of unsound mind”.

There have been several methods identified to keep us separate.  One of the interesting methods that Harvey Dent suggests is getting a Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate and doing a Power of Attorney over it; between the legal presence and yourself as human.  Becoming the Attorney-In-Fact over the legal fictional presence corporation insurance franchise is/was the key to being “legally competent.”  Knowing the phrase “I am competent to handle my affairs” is most critical in handling all legal fictitious attorneys.

The greatest issue is who creates these legal presences…

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We see the phrase “In God We Trust” is found in many places. It’s on every US Federal Reserve Note. It’s also found in the US House of Representatives front and center. The Phrase came about:

In 1956, “In God we Trust” was legally adopted by Congress and the President as the official United States National Motto. (Public Law 84-140; United States Code at 36 U.S.C. § 302). On Oct. 1, 1957, the first paper currency bearing the phrase “In God we Trust” entered circulation – the one dollar silver certificate.

John F. Kennedy stated Feb. 9, 1961: “The guiding principle of this nation has been, is now, and ever shall be ‘In God we Trust.’”

“In God We Trust” is an important phrase and its esoteric meaning is far more sinister that we have been mis-educated to believe.

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Overstanding Birth Certificates– Birth Certificates create Corporate Property; How to claim a Birth Certificate

One of the easiest ways for us each to claim ownership over the Birth Certificate Corporation is putting a Certificate Of Authentications (powerful Apostilles) on our own Birth Certificate.

Then, by signing a Power of Attorney (“POA”) over the Birth Certificate, we become the Attorney-In-Fact for the legal presence corporation.   Each state has a standard POA form.  The “Legal presence” Principal should give-up  as many powers as possible to the Agent.  The Agent (you) are a “non-person” of non-“limited sovereignty” in a self-governing body, such as the World Government of World Citizens.

Birth Certificates are NOT trusts/estates, but held in trust/estate due to us not claiming it.  It’s the same as if we get a coat checked and get a receipt in return; but then never return to pick it up.  Under their rules, they can use the coat we left there in any way they want.  We must pick it up.

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