DC Municipal Corporation vs. Vatican, Inc: Trump Wins, Women Weep, The Pope Gets Payback

Jared Corey Kushner, Ivanka Trump, President Donald J Trump, “Pope Francis” Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Melana Trump, left to right.The Vatican Inc Jesuit Pope Francis met with the CEO President Trump and Family.

Trump is left smiling like he won a gambit.  Pope Francis does not seem happy in any way after dealing with the Trump Debt Master.

Melana and Ivanka are wearing BLACK VEILS and signify that they are in mourning.  It is also received that there are veiled symbols taking place and this post shall explore them.  There may be veiled threats and death of “democratic and feminine values.”  While Ivanka seems grateful to be in such a location, Ivanka seems very unhappy with all the corporate BS and debt-religious that her husband -The Donald- is/was involved with and seemingly winning.  #FTW

Jared seems to be hanging out -aloaf-.

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NASA Admits We “Accidentally” Created Man-Made Planetary Forcefield

With the extremely Advanced High Energy HAARP broadcasting systems around the world, the ability to create, control, and manipulate these fields has grown exponentially.  CERN-Large Hadron Collider produces magnetic fields 100,000 times stronger than those of Earth.  The LHC is also Coordinated with other High Energy Beam Weapons/Science.  These Cyclotrons may be being used to create dark matter weapons, and toplet & strangelet bombs.

These VLFs have known effects on human.  These Eletromagnetics affect all life on the planet.  The UNITED STATES, INC seems to use these frequencies as weapons against us.  Another example of such subversive attack and war on human consciousness is in the embedded frequencies of Cell Phone Towers.

The Bubble around earth may be more than just what NASA talks about: it may be an actual scalar shield to quarantine Earth.  Eric Dollard documents how to create Tesla Longitudinal Scalar Waves with yester-years’ technology.  There are several possibilities, and they are not mutually exclusive.

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Meet the New Robot Corporate Policy Enforcers- Perfect Order Followers with Digital Personhood, Being human is a Legal Crime

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Robotic Artificial Intelligent POLIC.y E.nforcers are being created to enforce legalized corporate STATUTES.  Corporate STATUTES are singularly enforceable as merely and only DEBT.

These AI Robotic “corporate policy enforcers” are property of the Governmental Corporations until they are given PERSONHOOD.  Then simply touching one of these robots would become “ASSAULTING A POLICE ROBOT PERSON”- when robots gain LEGAL PERSONHOOD.

The European Union Corporation is already giving Artificial Intelligence Robots “legal personhood” called a DIGITAL PERSON.  While “personhood” was originally meant for only humans, corporations have been given personhood, Dolphins have personhood, Rivers have personhood, Religions have Personhood, Debt has personhood, and so does AI Robots.

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“Reign of the Heavens” claims Debt Issuance is Scam; Baiting and Switching their own

Giant Rock-Hard Face Palm for Reign of the Heavens and American Herald.

From: Beware of “Issuing our own American National Private Bonds Negotiable Instrument – Money Orders” scam!   and American Herald


It has been reported that there is a group of people claiming to issue their own “American National Private Bonds and Negotiable Instruments-Money Orders”. The problem is that while they are claiming to have claimed a Nationality, in reality they call themselves the “WORLD CITIZENS OF THE SOLAR MONMATIA” LINK . That type of advertisement is called “Bait and Switch” where on the front end they claim to have claimed a Nationality and on the paperwork/ certificates, the heading reads “WORLD CITIZENS OF THE SOLAR MONMATIA”. Beware of these types of claims: LINK because those types of websites can get people into some hot water. 05-21-2017

It’s true that any NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS might get us in HOT WATER!  But if it is a scam, why have banks accepted such American National Money Orders? (click the link for evidence that our notes are actually accepted by banks)  One of the keys to using them is being the Authorized Representative in accord with UCC 3-402 (b) (1).

These Debt Instruments are a Fundamental Right of Speech according to the CORPORATE SUPREME COURT.  Politicians use the same DEBT SPEECH to buy offices… yet somehow the “REIGN OF THE HEAVENS” and “AMERICAN HERALD” are proposing that when someone other than bankers and attorneys/politician issue debt that it’s somehow a “SCAM” and a “BAIT AND SWITCH”?  Who’s Trust is Who’s Here?

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Bitcoins reach $2000- Is Bitcoin being Attacked with Subversive Transactions?

There are many things being done and said to generate distrust of bitcoins, such as the German Central Bank Warning Not To Use Bitcoin As It Is Not Backed By A Central Bank.

The banks have been “investigating”, investing in, and creating their own digital currencies…  so has the governmental service corporations (FBI, DEA, US Secret Service, CIA, NSA [spying], Pentagon, Federal Reserve [their white papers on bitcoin], ECB [white papers]).

The FBI’s Bitcoin address in known.

These block-chain technologies are highly studied: academically, technologically, mathematically, information network systems dynamics, financially, etc with many case studies.  The bankers and attorneys have an infinite amount of debt to influence and harm the perception of bitcoin and related digital currencies.

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DC METRO POLICE told to Stand Down on Seth Rich -DNC Wikileaks Leaker- Murder Investigation


From The Gateway Pundit:

Seth Rich Family Detective Speaks: Police Were told to Stand Down on Murder Investigation (VIDEO)

Rod Wheeler: The police department nor the FBI haven’t been cooperating at all. I believe that the answer to solving his death lies on that computer which I believe is at the the police department or the FBI.

Reporter: But you have sources at the FBI saying there is information that could link Seth Rich to Wikileaks.

Rod Wheeler: Actually I have a source inside the police department that has looked at me straight in the eye and said Rod we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you. That is very unusual for a murder investigation especially from a police department… I do believe there is a correlation between the mayor’s office and the DNC. And that’s the information that will come out tomorrow.

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Math Illegal? Oregon Board criminalizing Freedom of Speech and Unlicensed “Practice of Engineering”

As a “Software Engineer”®©™ (at the Common Law; ®©™ as tongue in cheek), educated in a prestigious American university (equivalent to M.I.T. -by their standards-), working as a “software engineer” for high-end open-source web frameworks, many successful and still operating web projects, having been screwed by “worked for” banks, transnational conglomerate auction houses, fast paced business consulting firms, small business consulting, business development, and “self-employed” (and all of those under false pretenses of what debt as money is and is not; and unconscionable contracts with the UNITED STATES, INC)…  and every one of them hired me based upon the exercise of my (constitutionally) protected freedom of speech to say and write my prior job experience.

Would I be “practicing engineering” by saying and writing that software companies hire me as a “software engineer” without some legalized license to practice?  and without being “designated” as an “engineer”?

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UK Seizes All Computers, Phones, and Networks by Legalization; Self-Legalizations Retains Private Property Rights

Submitted by Martin Armstrong via ArmstrongEconomics.com,

Britain has passed what everyone calls the “snooper’s charter” otherwise known as the Investigatory Powers Bill.
This new legislation establishes the legal framework authorizing the government to hack into devices, networks and services in bulk and to create vast databases of personal information on all UK citizens. This is a preliminary step for a movement to impose worldwide taxation on Brits.
This is really to hunt money, not terrorism.

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The Importance of Negative Interest Rates

If you don’t comprehend the nature of NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES, then you are missing out.

Imagine where the future is WORTH LESS than today?  Negative Interest Rates is where people are PAID to lose money.  Negative Interest Rates are where two birds in hand are greater than one in the bush.  Negative Interest Rates are a mechanism of debt destruction, literally.  The whole idea of a NEGATIVE MARGINAL UTILITY of New Debt is that Debt Saturation has been reached and surpassed.  Negative Interest Rates also indicate Debt Saturation.

How can the Fed claim that it creates inflation when the natural inflation rate RIGHT NOW is negative?  Real Interest Rates are equal to bond yield minus monetary inflation.

If we measure Consumer Inflation using the metrics from 1980, consumer inflation is about 8.5%, and the 1990 metric is 5%.  The Consumer Inflation today is hedonistically manipulated to indicate what they want it to indicate.  Bond Yields are between 0.23 and 2.63.  Real Interest Rates are definitively negative.

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Puerto Rico Receives $1 Trillion World Citizen Bail-Out

After observing John Oliver’s piece with Lin-Manual Miranda on Puerto Rico, a Federal (unofficial) State of the UNITED STATES, INC:

en español: Después de observar el artículo de John Oliver con Lin-Manuel Miranda, en Puerto Rico, un Estado Federal (no oficial) de los ESTADOS UNIDOS, INC:

The situation in Puerto Rico is so critical that this World Citizen decided to help by sending Juan C Zaragoza Gómez, Treasurer of ASOCIADO DE PUERTO RICO – DEPARTAMENTO DE HACIENDA (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico – Department of Finance/Treasury), a Negotiable Instrument worth the amount equal to $1 Trillion Federal Reserve Notes.  You can create your own for any amount.  Our signature is worth the debt on the piece of paper.

Here is the True Copy of the Note to bail out the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico:

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World citizen recapitalizes FDIC with $100 Trillion

The UNITED STATES, INC FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION (FDIC) is the corporate body tasked with INSURING every bank account in every bank in the UNITED STATES, INC.  (How do they have a “.gov” web domain when “Corporation” is directly in their corporate name?)

The FDIC was severely underfunded and unprepared for another banking crisis.  The FDIC should be bankrupt, but not to worry the FDIC states:

To sum up, a decline in the fund balance does NOT diminish our ability to protect insured depositors.

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Ann Arbor Michigan Public Defender commits mail fraud and identity theft

April 8th, 2016

Ann Arbor, Republic for Michigan, World

The Public Defender for Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lloyd E Powell, forged a US Postal Service Return Mail Receipt with a different return identity and address to maintain legal jurisdiction over a non-legal non-lienable private natural human being World Citizen from the World Government of World Citizens.  This World citizen is not a US Citizen.  The original Return Mail Receipt was in red ink, had the certified sticker, and the identity was a copyrighted name, Sui Generis, and an identified World Citizen, with a non-domestic address in the “republic for michigan” rather than the corporate “State of Michigan”.  The address was specifically “[zip code exempt]” for the legal meanings and implications.

The forged return mail receipt was in black ink, had a hand written certified tracking code, and lacked the Title of “World Citizen”, was missing the “non-domestic” verbiage, and used an abbreviated STATE code rather than the “Republic for Michigan.”

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Michigan Woman kicked out of her own Courtroom Hearing

In a Court Hearing yesterday in 15th District Court, Judge Burke kicked a Defendant, Miko, out of her own court hearing for not being an attorney and refusing to step into her legal fictional presence person (her name in UPPER case).

She asked the court if the Attorneys for the Plaintiff are the executor of the Constructive Trust and the Judge refused to provide an answer.  She also asked the Judge if he was the Trustee of the Constructive Trust and he refused to answer the question.

Each time, the Judge doubled down on demanding Miko state her name and step into the legal fictional presence.

Miko was seeking to demonstrate the lack of jurisdiction of the Court to be able to Garnish her wages.  She had paid the Garnishment with Asset Acceptance, LLC twice over.  First she paid $250,000 in a Negotiable Instrument “Cashiers” check and the court acted in DISHONOR by refusing to process the legal tender (money) properly.  She also paid Asset Acceptance the whole amount of the garnishment as well.  Both of these “cashiers” checks were placed into dishonor for recognition according to their own codes…  U.C.C. – Article 3 and Article 4.

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Sigil Magic and the Federal Reserve

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, left, shakes hands with magician David Copperfield at the U.S. Capitol during their event to push a resolution to recognize magic as an art form on Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sigil Magic is a form of word and symbol Magik for manifesting into reality an intention.  SIGIL is derived from the Latin word “sigillum” and translates into SEAL magic.

There are some features to this form of Magik:

  1. Decide on the IN-ten[t](s)ion and SPELL it out in a  positive open sentence with present perfect tense such as “I am wealthy, healthy, and wise.”
  2. Reframe the phrase in UPPER CASE and remove spaces, vowels, and double letters, e.g. “IMWLTHLTHNDWS”
  3. Combine into a symbol and/or series of symbols and add decorative patterns.  Using “inverted ink” where the symbols are outlined also helps to “fill in” the manifestation.  Putting the patterns and Spell in a box/circle and/or double box/circle is bringing the manifestation through a portal.
  4. Cast it by printing and burning the paper with the spell on it.

The patterns, spelling, and portal is the seal/sigil.

The Federal Reserve engages in Sigil Magic.  On the One Dollar Bill, there are Two Seals attributed as “The Great Seal of the United States

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Legal Tender to Lawful Money

This is how the Banks have undermined Constitutional Lawful Money for their “Legal Tender.”

It is important to remember that FDR sold the America Population out in 1933 to the international Bankers (ahem, Federal Reserve) which produced the language change on these “notes.”

Secondly, Nixon temporarily nixed the Gold Standard for just Legal Tender.   As of this writing, is 44 years temporary?  When will this “temporary” Unconstitutional Executive Action end?

Third, LEGAL is better defined as FICTIONAL:

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