This information is accurate to July 2016.

STATE OF ALABAMA – MOTOR VEHICLE – CERTIFICATES OF TITLEs are issued by the Alabama Department of Revenue – Motor Vehicle Division.  The Department of Revenue treats the M.C.O. and the Certificate of Title as negotiable instrument (Bank Notes) and thus as revenue directly.

Their ALABAMA CODE (Ala. Code) Motor Vehicle Code shows the following about cancelling Titles, dismantling and destroying Vehicles, revoking motor carrier status, and non-resident vehicles:

ALA Code Title 37 – Chapter 3 – MOTOR VEHICLE CARRIERS
ALA Code Title 40 – Chapter 12 – LICENSES


    (a) The department shall suspend or revoke a certificate of title, subject to the appeal provisions of Chapter 2A of Title 40, when authorized by any other provision of law or if it finds:(1) The certificate of title was fraudulently procured or erroneously issued; or

    (2) The vehicle has been scrapped, dismantled or destroyed.

    (b) Suspension or revocation of a certificate of title does not, in itself, affect the validity of a security interest noted on it.

    (c) When the department suspends or revokes a certificate of title, the owner or person in possession of it shall, immediately upon receiving notice of the suspension or revocation, mail or deliver the certificate to the department.

    (d) Should any person fail to comply with the provisions of subsection (c) of this section the department shall seize and impound the certificate of title which has been revoked. It shall also be the duty of any peace officer, on notification to him by the department of the failure of a person to mail or deliver a revoked certificate of title to the department, to seize and mail or deliver to the department the revoked certificate of title.


    Each owner of a motor vehicle and each person mentioned as owner in the last certificate of title who scraps, dismantles, destroys, or changes the motor vehicle in such a manner that it is not the same motor vehicle described in the certificate of origin or certificate of title shall as soon as practicable cause the certificate of origin or certificate of title, if any, and any other documents or information required by the department to be mailed or delivered to the department for processing. The department shall, with the consent of any holder of liens noted on the surrendered certificate, enter a cancellation upon its records. Upon cancellation of a certificate of origin or certificate of title in the manner prescribed by this section, the department shall cancel all certificates of origin or certificates of title and all memorandum certificates in that chain of title. A certificate of title for the vehicle shall not again be issued except upon application containing the information the department requires, accompanied by a certificate of inspection in the form and content as specified in this section.


Certificates, permits and licenses shall be effective from the date specified therein and shall remain in effect until terminated as herein provided. Any such certificate, permit or license may, upon application of the holder thereof, in the discretion of the commission be amended or revoked, in whole or in part, or may, upon complaint or on the commission’s own initiative, after notice and hearing, be suspended, changed or revoked, in whole or in part, for willful failure to comply with any provision of this chapter or with any lawful order, rule or regulation of the commission promulgated thereunder, or with any term, condition or limitation of such certificate, permit or license; provided, that no such certificate, permit or license shall be revoked (except upon application of the holder) unless the holder thereof willfully fails to comply within a reasonable time, not less than 30 days, to be fixed by the commission, with a lawful order of the commission, made as provided in this chapter, commanding obedience to the provisions of this chapter or to the rules or regulations of the commission thereunder, or to the term, condition or limitation of such certificate, permit or license, found by the commission to have been violated by such holder.

NOTE: Without the extra text: Any such certificate, permit or license may, upon application of the holder thereof,… may, upon complaint … be … revokedin whole.


Alabama shall cancel, suspend, or revoke any apportioned registration if the registration was issued erroneously, or if the registrant fails to pay any outstanding liabilities.


Alabama only requires a “change” in the “Motor Vehicle” status [info on the Certificate of Title] to cause the Certificate of Title to be cancelled.  Upon Cancellation/Change send  all the proper documents back to the Alabama Department of Revenue.  “JUNK”ing the Certificate of Title (by writing “JUNK” on the title) is sufficient evidence that the legal entity is dismantled and destroyed.

A Notarized “Bill of Sale/Exchange” within the World Government of World Citizens is evidence of change of legal status of the Car from a personal property MOTOR VEHICLE in a Foreign Motor Private Carrier Service to a private property Automobile exercising the Right To Travel.

The MOTOR VEHICLE Code is purposefully underdeveloped and vague for withdrawing Certificates of Title though the [foreign] motor [private] carrier Code is very specific that a “complaint” must be made though the Motor Carrier Service Manual simple claims that the registration fees simply do not need to be paid for the Cancellation of the [foreign] Motor [private] Carrier.

Claiming that the “legal entity” is dismantled and destroyed by “JUNK”ing the Certificate of Title is enough evidence of the “change in status.”  Sending a NOTICE with a default judgement/nihil dicit judgment after 21 days and a BILL OF EXCHANGE worth debt (according to U.C.C. Article 3, for the constructive trust) is close enough to an World Citizen “complaint” to meet their definitions in the MOTOR VEHICLE CARRIER Code.

Following the UNITED STATES Title 49 Code of Federal Rules §365.123  complies and executes the Alabama Code for “dismantling”/”destroying” the legal entity entering a “change of status” besides “JUNK”ing the Certificate of title and not paying any further registration fees.

Suggested Solution

Using the Standard World Citizen Withdrawal of Applicant for Certificate of Title is sufficient in Alabama.

For greater proof and evidence of owning your own automobile, follow these steps:

  1. Make yourself the (First) Lien holder of the STATE VEHICLE CERTIFICATE OF TITLE
  2. Official Export the Vehicle using Customs and Border Protections.  Export to the UNIVERSE.  The CBP agent on the phone used the words “export to the UNIVERSE.”
  3. File the World Citizen Withdrawal of Applicant for Certificate of Title with the State.
  4. After a month or so File a CERTIFIED Records request a CERTIFICATE OF NO RECORD for your automobile’s AIN [VIN].
  5. Make a negotiable instrument “legally representing the automobile” through the World Citizens.
  6. Get a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION on the documents through the US Department of State.
  7. Place your World Citizen ID/Passport, the notarized and authenticated World Citizen Automobile Certificate of Title with Certified CERTIFICATE OF NO RECORD on record with the local corporate County Recorder.
  8. Get a Certified Copy of all documents from the County Recorder.