AI Revolution: It’s officially “1984”- Chinese Robotic Legal Judges, Communist AI “Re-Education”, and Taxes on the Blockchain

It’s official: Google, Facebook, etc are now using Artificial Intelligence to automate many of their functions.   Most particularly, the AI scans search, comments, videos, etc for “corporate policy infringements, marks the various media, and starts removing content from public view; as it is also linked to the Search Results.

These AI engines are blocking content about AI.  These AI engines also block anything that goes against the “publicly preached historical beliefs.”  The American Historical Association is/was the organization tasked with “keeping official American History.”  For instance, the AHA is/was the reason why 9/11 can only be crime by “al-CIAda Arab Terrorists.”   Everyone with a Social Security Number must “publicly comply” with the history that only the AHA has pre-determined.  (Note: look into the AHA and Smithsonian Museum “unusual artifacts” warehouse/s)  Any “Artificial Person” that goes again “its” programmed history is/was deemed “legally incompetent”…  which is 99.9% of all people.

China is moving in the direction of Artificial Intelligence and Digital currencies extremely deeply and with conviction.  It provides a “decision model” that they could actually outpace and out maneuver the criminal UNITED STATES Corporation Elites.  China and Russia already have a dozen or more manhattan projects into Tesla Technologies according to Tom Bearden.  The Russians and Chinese would destroy the UNITED STATES in any war within days.  Apparently, Congress has even been warned of these facts (via Ben Fulford).  Trump too was sworn in to these top secret intelligences being leaked here.  These extreme ET and ET-like technologies play out before our very eyes.

China has deployed “Legal Robots” to help decide sentencing in thousands of cases.

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Chicago Police Treat Mental Health with SWAT RAIDS

How Do Chicago Police Treat Mental Health? With SWAT Raids

On a balmy day in February, Jedidiah Brown drove onto a busy expressway in the heart of Chicago, firearm in tow, with the intention of killing himself. The South Side activist, now 30 years old, sat in his parked car holding the gun to his head while he broadcast over Facebook Live. He cited the death of a family member and living in a city rocked by police violence and political corruption as reasons for the episode.

While Brown sat weeping, a team from the Chicago Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics division was deployed to the scene. The SWAT team rammed Brown’s car from the front and back with two large armored vehicles, which he says looked like “tanks.” Video footage of the incident, which Brown captured on Facebook Live, shows him growing increasingly agitated and pleading with the police. “Fucking stop it,” he said at one point, to the sound of more crashing.

“It made everything race, made everything chaotic,” Brown said of the SWAT team, comprised of several heavily armed officers. “I went from having the desire to commit suicide to thinking, ‘Now I’m going to be killed by the police.’”

Brown’s friend Alicia Spikes, who says she witnessed the incident, was troubled by the SWAT team’s actions. “I believe,” she said, “they escalated the situation more than it had to be.”

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Does The Vatican Hold A Mortmain – Mortgage Over “Your” Nation State

Does The Vatican Hold A Mortmain – Mortgage Over “Your” Nation State

“The Fed gets its orders from the Queen Mum of All Banks, the Bank of England – aka, the Bank of Rothschild. Considered by many to be the world’s most powerful institution – the power behind all presidencies, dictatorships and thrones – does the Bank of England answer to any other bank? Well, yes, actually. The Bank of Rome began opening branch offices in Venice in 1587. Bank of Rome = Vatican Bank controlled by the Jesuit General, aka the “Black” (hidden, shadowy) Pope. The Jesuit’s Bank of Rome opened its Bank of England branch in 1694. The first bank to be named after a country, the Bank of England had nothing to do with the British government – except to own it through privately held, interest-compounded debt. Unaccountable to either the Queen or Parliament, the misleadingly labeled “Bank of England” finances the throne, the British prime minister, parliament and much of the planet out of “The City” located in central London. All major British banks have their main offices in this “Square Mile” – as well as 70 U.S. banks. Throw in the London Stock Exchange, Lloyd’s of London, the Baltic Exchange (shipping), Fleet Street (publishing and newspapers), the London Commodity and Metal exchanges – and you are looking at Earth’s financial axis. (Descent into Slavery) The City operates as a sovereign state, just like the Vatican. Since 1820, the Rothschilds have traditionally chosen The City’s Lord Mayor.

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Venezuela Currency Disintegrates: Down 16% in 24 hours

Venezuela Currency Disintegrates: Down 16% Today

Venezuela’s currency, the bolivar, is disintegrating at an incredible pace under the country’s political and economic crisis that has left citizens broke, desperate and in many cases, homicidal. The depreciation accelerated this week, after a disputed vote electing an all-powerful “Constituent Assembly” filled with allies of President Nicolas Maduro, which the opposition and dozens of countries have called illegitimate.

Just two days ago, on August 2, we reported that one dollar would buy 14,100 bolivars, up from 11,280 the day before.

The next day, the bolivar slumped nearly 15 percent on the black market, to 17,000 to one US dollar. Today, it has crashed again, tumbling 16% to 20,142, and down almost 40% in just the past three days.

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The rise of the greenback: unstoppable?

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Baltimore Cops Keep Accidentally Recording Themselves Planting Drugs on People

Watch: Baltimore Cops Keep Accidentally Recording Themselves Planting Drugs on People

(ANTIMEDIA) — Officers planting evidence appear to be growing a tree of corruption at the Baltimore Police Department, as the second release of suspicious body camera footage in two weeks has led to more dropped drug charges.

On Tuesday evening, Baltimore defense attorney Josh Insley released BPD body camera footage showing officers apparently faking the recovery of drugs from a woman’s vehicle. The three videos led the Baltimore state attorney’s office to drop charges against Insley’s client, Shamere Collins, on Monday, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Insley plans to sue the police department to seek justice for Collins, 35, who was pulled over on November 29, 2016, when police say they observed what looked like a drug deal involving the passenger of her vehicle, according to the Sun.

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Wells Fargo Unlawfully Charges 800,000 Accounts with Unnecessary Car Insurance

Wells Fargo at It Again, Stuck Over 800,000 Customers With Unnecessary Car Insurance

So now we see another way Wells Fargo achieved its amazing level of product cross-sells. As reported by the New York Times’ Gretchen Morgenson, not only did it sign up customers for accounts and credit cards without their knowledge, it also forced auto insurance onto them. And unlike the “fake accounts” scandal, where the actual monetary damage to customers was limited (although some suffered real credit score damage), Wells Fargo’s own hired gun, bank consultant Oliver Wyman, estimated that 274,000 were forced into delinquency and nearly 25,000 had their cars wrongfully repossessed from January 2012 through July 2016.

How did this come about? Wells would “automatically impose” auto insurance from National General on auto loan customers. National General was supposed to check if the borrower already had coverage but apparently didn’t. The insurance usually cost about $1000 a year, before any interest. Per Morgenson:

The insurance, which the bank required, was more expensive than auto insurance that customers often already had obtained on their own.

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Clinton Foundation Grants to Charity Less Than 3% of Budget

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the Clinton foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative conference with her husband, Bill, and daughter, Chelsea, looking on.
We don’t find that the Clinton Foundation will get a “good” Charity Navigator rating!!
The real heart of the Clintons can be seen here.  Staggering but not surprising. These figures are from an official copy of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for the tax year 2014. The copy of the tax return is from the National Center for Charitable Statistics website! You can get the latest tax return on any charitable organization! 
Total revenue (line 12)                              $177,804,612.00
Total grants to charity (line 13)              $    5,160,385.00  (that’s less than 3%)
Total expenses of                                        $  91,281,145.00
            Expenses include
                       Salaries (line 15)                  $  34,838,106.00
                 Fund raising fees (line 16a)     $       850,803.00
                 Other expenses (line 17)          $  50,431,851.00
                     Travel                                        $    8,000,000.00
                     Meetings                                   $  12,000,000.00
They list 486 employees (line 5)!  It took 486 people who are paid $34.8 million and $91.3 million in fees and expenses, to give away  $5.1 MILLION 
Line 22 shows ending year net assets/fund balances of $332,471,349.00 which is up $85,171,891 from last year’s tax return!  And they call this a CHARITY?

Anonymous Bulgaria Leaks Massive 10GB Of Data: “Silk Way Airlines Helps Terrorists”

Anonymous Bulgaria Leaks Massive 10GB Of Data: “Silk Way Airlines Helps Terrorists”

By Aaron Kesel   July 24, 2017

Anonymous Bulgaria has leaked 10 GBs of data that suggests Azerbaijani Silk Way Airlines is involved in a billion dollar illegal weapons smuggling operation throughout the Middle East for at least the past three years according to the leaked documents reported by

Middle Eastern reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva was the first known journalist to break the story for

“350 diplomatic flights carry weapons for terrorist,” her headline read.

It all started on June 27th, 2017 Anonymous Bulgaria Anon_bg tweeted out that the Azerbaijani Embassy in Bulgaria had been hacked. A few hours later that day the group released the password “SilkWay Help Terrorists.”

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PayPal Screws all Customers– Double Charges All Transactions

All transactions in the entire FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM are literally DOUBLE PAID through the Social security-Birth Certificate account.

All Bills across the board are TRIPLE paid.   Utility Companies insist that if they don’t get a “customer payment” then the account is turned off…  but the Customer payment is literally EXTORTION for a third payment.

Every “Person” is their own “private” central bank.  That’s how they access and create our accounts.

Criminal Psychopaths Run The Government… Let’s Give Them More Power!!!

We all know that the criminal psychopaths who populate the government will stop at nothing to achieve their sadistic ends. But you’ve gotta vote for someone, right? So why not vote for the criminal psychopath that promises you free healthcare? Or maybe the criminal psychopath that promises to keep you safe from the big, bad turban-wearing (Gladio-sponsored) boogeymen? Anyway, I’m sure it’ll all work out…

State of Washington makes it Illegal to Text, Smoke, and Eat While Driving

Meanwhile, the Attorney General for Washington doesn’t explain how an ARTIFICIAL PERSON can Text, Smoke and/or eat.  ARTIFICAL PERSON’s are literally mere pieces of paper- a corporation that “represents” us as its own separate entity from us.  One solution is to exercise the “RIGHT TO TRAVEL” rather than the “privilege of driving.”  So long as no one is harmed, it is lawful for human beings to do these things.

DUI-E Law Now Makes It Illegal to Text, Smoke and Even Eat While Driving

Washington’s new Driving Under the Influence of Electronics law makes it illegal to text, eat, smoke, read or groom while driving.


The charge of “driving under the influence” used to only apply to drivers who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol—but it will now apply to drivers who text, eat, smoke, read or groom while driving in the state of Washington.

The implementation of the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act was expedited from January 2019 to July 23 after Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a partial-veto, and insisted that “public safety is better served by implementing this bill this year.”

When you are driving with a cell phone, you are a more dangerous driver than if you are driving drunk with a .08 blood alcohol level,” Inslee said during a press conference. “There’s hardly anything we’ve done in the last several years at the state Capitol to save more lives than this distracted driving law.”

Penalties under the new DUI-E law will include a $136 fee for first-time offenders, a $234 fee for second-time offenders, and a $99 fee for “grooming, smoking, eating or reading while behind the wheel.”

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