The Importance of the Legal Phrase “I am Competent to Handle My Affairs”

Likely the two most important concepts of the LEGAL FICTION SYSTEM of all corporations -such as UNITED STATES, INC-, is the phrase “I AM COMPETENT TO HANDLE MY AFFAIRS” and the meaning of being Authorized Representative in accord with “U.C.C. 3-402 (b) (1)“.

These two concepts are key in overstanding what the legal system is doing to us and exposes the fraud-slavery that the “BAR ATTORNEY LEGAL SYSTEM” was across the Earth.

“I am competent to handle my affairs.”

This phrase has only a single meaning to attorneys:  The One speaking the phrase “I am competent to handle my affairs” is declaring and declared LEGALLY COMPETENT.  Without this phrase, to all BAR ATTORNEYS World-wide, we are LEGALLY INCOMPETENT and can and should be treated by them as such.

This phrase stops attorneys dead in their tracks.  It means that One is competent enough to know that attorneys are treating us as ARTIFICIAL PERSON CORPORATION TRADE NAME over-lays–   a second “you.”  This phrase takes position of the trade name corporation as its OFFICER and AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE in accord with U.C.C. 3-402 (b) (1).

This phrase has double edges as using it is admitting that it has power; however it is the deactivating “phrase” that attorneys cannot rebut.  The only -unlawful- rebuttal is “ordering a mental evaluation,” which can and should be ordered back at them, “The Order is Frivolous, demeaning, prejudicial, unconstitutional, belligerent, and combative.  and that for such unlawful orders, you are now served the constructive notice order of dishonor for the S.I.D. and lack of jurisdiction.”

“I am competent to handle my affairs” is one of the non-paperwork methods (as well as valid on all paperworks also) of becoming the EXECUTOR OF YOUR ARTIFICIAL PERSON ESTATE.

By adding this phrase above your signature as such:

By Signing below, i certify: – I am competent to handle my affairs. (AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH)

One is declaring the LEGAL COMPETENCY rather than allowing the basic assumption of LEGAL INCOMPETENCY.

U.C.C. Article 3 §3-402 (b) (1) AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE

U.C.C. Article 3 – §3-402 (b) (1) provides
     “(b) If a representative signs the name of the representative to an instrument and the signature is an authorized signature of the represented person, the following rules apply:
                (1) If the form of the signature shows unambiguously that the signature is made on behalf of the represented person who is identified in the instrument, the representative is not liable on the instrument.

Being the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE is a very powerful position is signing ANYTHING; -as can be seen- as they are NOT LIABLE for the debts of the “person” they represent.

Obviously, the human is the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE of the Artificial corporate “person” trade-name trust-estate insurance franchise.  We are the CEO.  Indeed, according the Minimum Wage Laws, we are required to be paid guaranteed universal basic income for these positions.

Of course, secondarily, the Artificial “Person” corporation represents the human “authorized representative” as the game piece in their legal system.  Thus, within the legal system, the human is treated as being represented, and without the legal system, the artifcial person is treated as being represented.  This confusion is what allows people to claim that one cannot “represent” oneself.  Just reading this makes it clear enough to see the scam.  By becoming Executor of the Estate/Birth Certificate, this whole confusion mess is avoided by having defined and declared paperworks saying what is what.

To break this down, the code means that the Debt of the ARTIFICIAL PERSON cannot be held as liable by the authorized representative, which is the human.

By declaring and defining these definitions, attorneys have no room for the confusion of SEMANTIC DECEPTION allowing them to commit these unlawful human right abuses.

WARNING: DO NOT USE THE LANGUAGE “AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE.”  Where that is present, in MUST be crossed out.  That is in conformance to U.C.C. Article 3 §3-402 (a), providing “If the represented person is bound, the signature of the representative is the “authorized signature of the represented person” and the represented person is liable on the instrument, whether or not identified in the instrument”; which makes the human ACCOUNTABLE for the debt of the Represented Person


If you have an attorney, please ask them to clarify these points for you, particularly if you have any confusion or you know this and they seem to by intentionally mis-representing the facts and thus YOU.  They will start sweating.

Print and Ask your attorneys to describe this article: Hiring Any Attorney waives Constitutional Protections, makes humans wards of court with unsound mind

The easiest method is to have an attorney as Constitutional Co-Counsel rather than as a legal “representative.”

Furthermore, Knowing how to sign your signature is VERY IMPORTANT to these legal monsters.

When one sees this:

AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE*  X:_________________________

*May be in Microprint called a “security feature” making the “(bank) note” a financial security.

We need to know the application of U.C.C. 3-§402 (a) and what “X: means.  The AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE makes the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE liable for the debts of the Artificial PERSON in UPPER CASE.   and the “X” is a mark for being DEAD.  Also using BLACK INK as a signature means death as well.

Change the above to the following:

                           without prejudice, all rights reserved
AUTH. SIGN. X:_By:_(autograph in red, thumbprint)©, (date)
authorized representative

“Without prejudice” makes it such that one’s signature is not “by default WITH PREJUDICE.”  All legal signatures are by default “WITH PREJUDICE” meaning that every code, regulation, definition, etc is agreed to no matter how contradictory, unlawful, immoral, and unethical it might be.

This “With Prejudice” is the reason why nothing “legally” can be done about unlawful geo-engineering, chemical experimentation, and GMO foods.  We consent to it by WITH PREJUDICE signatures.

“All Rights Reserved” makes it such that the human body is NOT reserved as surety for their unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional LEGAL FICTIONAL system of INJUSTICE.

Crossing out the offensive parts is important to deactivate them energetically and legally.

Adding “By:” makes the signature of a Living Breathing Human.

The autograph inks and their meanings:

  • Black – Deceased, lost at sea, unsalvaged.
  • Blue – At the Holy Sea of DEBT Commerce, allowed by the “Vatican”
  • Red – a Blood flowing Living Breathing sentient human being.
  • Green – Neutral, nature and natural.  
  • Purple – Royalty, bridging the gap between Living on the Land and the Commercial Sea of DEBT – Negotiable instruments.
  • Gold – Sovereign, in mind and feeling, definitions.

It is recommended not to use any color of “greater nor lesser authority” than necessary.

The “©” after the signature is very important.  That is one’s COPYRIGHTED ARTWORK as an autograph.  Without the copyright, attorneys can forged the signature due to “with prejudice.”


The autograph is what makes negotiable instruments the DEBT they say the papers say are worth.

The FINGER PRINT in RED INK is our seal. Place one right thumb print over the copyright and the last name autograph.  Sealing these documents is an important witchcraft element of the legal fictional system.

Date the thing, because all artwork -including autographs- have a copyright date…  just look at the bottom of any webpage.  is there a date associated with the copyright?  lol.

Lastly, under the line, write “authorized representative U.C.C. 3-402 (b) (1)” to indicate that one is the authorized representative and cannot be held accountable for the debts (as surety) of the Artificial person corporation trade name estate trust insurance franchise -work of fiction-.

Use this information in daily life most expediently.  It is relevant in just about every aspect of modern life.  And knowing this is half the battle.

Put this into practice and see the universe change to your change!


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