Updating Anna von Reitz Instructions on Reclaiming the Birth Certificate Estate and U.S. Expatriation

Anna Von Reitz released the Top 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate – Birthright Citizenship vs Corporate Slave Citizenship in April of 2015.  She has released other alternatives to yet the 12 Steps are still very intriguing to me regarding “authority” and paperworks.

Based upon my own due diligence, finding that the United Nations licenses PERSON franchises globally, there are likely a few missing components to her 12 steps.  The 12 Steps are mostly self-educational.  There are a few actions that her documents point to that require some specifics to be updated to June 2017.

UPDATE: Please note that this is not the process that Anna von Reitz discusses and specifies, but other findings.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Get the State Issued Birth Certificate.
  2. Send the Birth Certificate to the Issuing State Department of State – Office of Authentications to get an cover letter called a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION for a NON-HAGUE country, like Indonesia or Taiwan.  This authenticates the document making it usable outside the DC Federated State Corporation in the actual territory.  This should result in a Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate.
  3. Send the Apostillized Birth Certificate to the United States Department of State – Office of Authentications to have them place a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION on the State Certificate of Authentication. The US Authentication is also for a NON-HAGUE country, like Indonesia or Taiwan.  This should result in a Certificate of Authentication on the Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate.
    For an Apostille/Cert. of Auth., the US Department of State Office requires form DS-4194 and costs $8. No Fedex, USPS to the mailing address, UPS to their physical address.
  4. Optional & Not Recommended– Send the Double Authenticated Birth Certificate to the United Nations Secretary General – c/o Office of Legal Affairs to have them place a U.N. CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION on the US Certificate of Authentication for a NON-UN country, like the Vatican City and/or World Government of World Citizens.  This should result in a Triple Certificate Of Authentication.
    The process for a Certificate of Authentication is the same for the United Nations. They do not publicly produce the process though the UN Legal Team said the following process is what to do.  UN Authentication is NOT recommended because the UN has not performed their stated ordinary care nor returned any Birth Certificates thus resulting in the DISHONOR of the UN / Secretary-General, binds the UN as “IMPOSTERS – FICTITIOUS PAYEE” -according to U.C.C. Article 3 §3-404-, and the apparent loss of the Birth Certificate.  For advanced execution only.  The process for UN Authentication for the US Authentication:
    a) Write a Letter to the UN Secretary General noticing him to authenticate the U.S. Certificate of Authentication with a U.N. CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION.
    b) Include a self-address full postage paid return envelop.
    c) Send the letter, the Double Authenticated Birth Certificate, and the Return mail envelope to:
    c/o Secretary General António Guterres
    United Nations Headquarter
    Office of Legal Affairs
    405 East 42nd Street
    New York, NY 10017 USA
  5. Make COPIES of the Birth Certificate and Certificates of Authentication and write “FOR ADMINISTRATIVE USE ONLY” in red on the Faces OF THE COPIES.  On the back of the COPIES, write “I certify as competent Document Holder that this is a true and correct copy of the Birth Certificates and Authentications on file.”  Below the statement on the Back:
  6. Notarize the back of the COPIES of Certificate of Authentications and Birth Certificates below the text in #5 with the Camel Case name in RED ink; “without prejudice, all rights reserved” above the signature, “By:” to the left the signature, and “Authorized Representative” below the signature.  Copyright the signature and seal the last names/copyright with a red thumb print from the right hand.  Place your signature on the RIGHT-HAND side of the documents, for creditor, If possible, the Notary goes on the left.
  7. Create a Notarized Sworn Affidavit of Truth being above the age of 21 and are the rightful executor and title holder of [YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS] ESTATE.
  8. To prove this you will also need at least two competent witnesses who know you, know your family, and who can identify you in a photo included as part of the Witness Affidavit and verify your current address and at least the town address of where you were born.  The Witness statements must state the following above the signatures, “By Signing below, I certify that: I am competent to handle my affairs.”
  9. The Back of Copies of the Birth Certificates and Certificate of Authentications Notarized from #6 and the 3 notary signatures for #8, need the text Statement ABOVE the Notary Block providing, “Witness by Notary does not change Jurisdiction from the Land.” in red ink
  10. Notarize a Birth State Statutory General Power of Attorney Power of Attorney between with the legal presence as the Principal and yourself as hue-man as the Agent.
  11. The current address will have to be corrected— you are zip code exempt, write out the whole state name, and if you have a Post Office Box change it to a General Post Office Box (Whatever number) via a change of address card.
  12. Send the Power of Attorney COPY Notarized Double/Triple Apostillized Birth Certificate with the Notarized Sworn Affidavit and Notarized Witness Affidavits to the County Probate Recorder (Recorder of Wills/Clerk of Orphans) for recording; in effect “adopt” the artificial person.   Use the General Post Office Box as return mail, where possible.  Request a Certified Copy as well.
  13. The County Probate Recorder should return the originals with recorder markings. A CERTIFIED COPY of the ORIGINAL RECORDED INSTRUMENT is necessary though.
  14. Use the Certified Copy to actually be legally allowed to step into the legal presence as the Authorized Representative.  Having this document makes one “legally competent.”

It doesn’t matter whether or not the document is going to be used in Indonesia.  The State Departments only use it as a signifier to determine whether or not to place an APOSTILLE or a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION on the document.  An Apostille has lesser authority but “faster” recognition among member-nations.

23 thoughts on “Updating Anna von Reitz Instructions on Reclaiming the Birth Certificate Estate and U.S. Expatriation”

  1. Thank you for this info. More of us , whom understand that we are in bondage , like myself, can breathe a little easier knowing there are freedom fighters like you out there.
    Its not easy to choose the blue pill over the red pill., however it most ceratainly is satisfying


  2. Just last week I came across the fully formed government information here:


    Click: “Who can order a birth certificate?”
    Under that, click “Power of Attorney Information”

    If you do not wish to send the original POA document, you may file the original notarized POA with the Clerk of Orphan’s Court division of the Court of Common Pleas (usually in the county where the person granting the power of attorney resides) to obtain a certified copy of the POA document issued by the court. The certified copy of the POA document that includes the seal of the court may be submitted to our office in lieu of the original document. The document will be returned to you.

    The Clerk of Orchan’s Court Division of Court of Common Pleas of the Birth County.

    In the county my legal presence was born/created, the orphan court division is under the probate court.


  3. So much incorrect in those steps i’m not sure where to start. But at the beginning two processes are being commingled. Apostille is different from Authentication.


      1. javalizard . . . is 100 . . . “EVERYTHING” And (almost) Nothing Else Needed … lies within the last part of these comments as I read them . . . “to begin with”.


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