NASA Chief of Security Paul Radnish Proves that Anti-Gravitic Vehicles are Registered by NASA #disclosure

This recording is the NASA Chief of Security answering questions about registration of anti-gravitic space crafts.

After requesting the OMB form for application for registration of space vehicles (such as anti-gravitic crafts) from NASA Customer Relations (phone #202-358-0001) and The Office of General Counsel, NASA Chief of Security finally called back.

NASA does actual have specific requirements for registering anti-gravitic space craft.

The call was received because NASA refused to answer simple customer service questions about space vehicle registration for about 30 days.  This made it appear that NASA was not following through on their statutory obligations.

After the NASA Customer Service people refused to call back, the question was put to the NASA Office of General Counsel; along with their silence entering them into default.  It was then LARPed that any possible space vehicles could be shut down should entry into default by NASA occur.

My assumption before this was that the whistle blowers talking about TR-3Bs -US Anti-gravitic vehicles- was most likely untrue but, why not show NASA that the information is actually public regardless of factuality?  Combined with the fact that according to Nikola Tesla, everything has a resonance frequency that could disable the thing, I don’t know….  Could a secret NASA space vehicle fleet be shut down with a few simple frequencies?

They called back rather than enter legal default of non-performance of their own codes/laws.  However, the callback was not from a NASA attorney but from the NASA Headquarters Chief of Security Paul Radnish….   and he sounds a bit miffed.

Here is the transcript of NASA Chief of Security Paul Radnish:

Hey brad,

This is NASA calling.  We would hate to go into default.

So, why don’t you give me a call 202-358-7322 and I’ll give you my email address.

I need proof of airworthiness of your crafts, space-worthiness, ability to remain in low earth orbit, ability to go into outer space. all that stuff.  I need, ah, documentation from you.

Once again, Paul Radnish.  I’m the chief of security here at headquarters. 202-358-7322.

I look forward to dealing with you.  Thank you.

My inquiries into NASA are a result of public due diligence, deduction, and intuition.  Requesting the registration forms is only a natural extension of US titling mechanizations.  The United States Corporation -posing as a government- “registers” almost everything it can so as to place the things into usufruct.  Car, planes, boats, motorcycles, trains, helicopters, submarines, cats, dogs, and even humans are “registered property” of the “government” corporation and we are given permission to then use their property.  All these things have registrations and titles…  and application forms for registration and titles as well.

Space vehicles would be no different than cars or motorcycles regarding registration and titling.

When the NASA Chief of Headquarters Security calls back to answer a vehicle registration question, there is certainly something going on at NASA!

Here is what the recording -and who the recording is from- informs me of:

-The Whistleblowers talking about TR-3Bs are very likely telling the truth about the vehicles existence and other space-time related topics, such as Randy Cramer, Corey Goode, Steven Greer, William Tompkins, David Wilcock,   Alan Bielek, and Andrew Basiago.

-Some interferometric frequencies might actually disable TR-3Bs as this seems to be Paul’s primary concern.  (falling for a LARP that this information is already available).  According to Tesla, Everything has a resonance frequency, thus even TR-3Bs, so it is not a stretch to possibly disable a space vehicle, any vehicle, with frequencies.  Some claim that the Russians used frequencies to disable the USS Donald over in the Black Sea in 2014.  Apparently the main component of the anti-gravitic mechanism is plasma mercury, and mercury atoms are sensitive to certain frequencies of electromagnetism and interference frequencies.  This same mechanism can be used to turn on/off receptors in the body, retard and enhance oil fuel, and many other possibilities.

-The extent of NASAs space fleet is very likely HUGE.

-The probability of the US Government performing human trafficking OFF PLANET is very high and, regardless, the Chief of Security is to protect the US/UN CORPORATE BUSINESS ASSETS OFF PLANET.  The Chief of Security is the Chief of FINANCIAL SECURITIES.  He converts everything into its fictionalized financial/debt format (called negotiable instruments) to “deal” with them/it.

-Human Trafficking would cause IMPLICIT INSECURITY for NASA and the Chief of Security would need to take that seriously for NASA not to be shut down for its role in such massive human rights violations.  Hence, The Chief of Security is protected the Human Traffickers, complicit in their acts.  Paul Radnish is/was NASA Headquarters Chief of (Financial) Insecurities.

Corey Goode claims that there is a galactic human smuggling and trafficking trade in space run by the Earth’s Secret Space Programs like NASA.

There are some who claim that the Executives of Governments are non-terrestrials.  There could actually be a possibility of such a thing being true.  If there was a person who would be not from Earth, it would be the guy in the position of Paul Radnish.

UPDATE (1 day later): My phone started acting extremely funny during phone calls, as if the CPU spiked to max and the phone just couldn’t data process the call.  Maybe that is the first action of “dealing with me.”

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