South Korea Secret Oligarchs: The 8 Goddesses Cabal

South Korea Collection : The 8 Goddesses Cabal, secret Group of Oligarchs

So why are 100,000-130,000 people protesting?

Protests in South Korea that the media isn’t covering.

BREAKING: Korean Shadow Government Uncovered

Little to no coverage of South Korean scandal?

Images of mass protests in Seoul, South Korea calling on the president to step down after discovering she is controlled by a secretive group of 8 oligarchs

South Korea President Exposed As Member Of Cult And Told What To Do By “8 Goddesses” Cabal. This Same Cult Is Linked To The Sewol Ferry Disaster. 476 People Sunk With The Ship, Mostly Korean Children On School Trip. As A Human Sacrifice.

Media censorship in Sweden over presidential corruption in South Korea

BREAKING: South Korea’s Choi who Controlled Park has Possible Ties to Merkel and Clinton

Theory: the small-time Korean oligarchy controlling Park Guenhye was exposed by the vastly more powerful Western oligarchy controlling the United States and Europe.

The “8 Goddesses” of S.Korea groomed President Park, Country controlled by Shadow Government

What the hell is going on in South Korea? Shadow government of women including Choi Sun Sil who has left the country..

What happened inside Sewol ferry 2014.04.16

A ferry with 300 students ordered to stay in their rooms while the boat is sunk, and the students drowned. Haunting video of the students trapped on board while the captain and crew escape safely.

Secret advisers, nepotism and even rumours of a religious cult: the political scandal that could destroy South Korea’s president

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