Man claims Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional, cuts camera wires

There is a really easy solution for this…  Own our automobiles as private property without a STATE registration rather than legally through “personal” property owned and “allowed” by the fraudulent fictitious corporate STATE.  Withdrawing a vehicle CERTIFICATE OF TITLE can be done by following 49 C.F.R. §365.123.

As a World Citizen, our automobiles do not need plates, though if we make our own, the are NOT traceable by these “Red Light Cameras.”

This kind of direct action is what is required.  We cannot be afraid of the Attorneys who literally commit crimes upon humanity by conversion of humans into corporations via legal presence artificial person TRADE-NAMES©.  Their corporate courts do NOT have jurisdiction over human beings.

Red Light Cameras, just like the entire legal system, is only about creating as much debt as possible for the benefit of the state and its agents.

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