FBI Director Comey Claims the Government Corporation Owns All Thoughts and Memories…

The FBI Director Comey has come out stating that LEGAL FICTIONAL JUDGES have full jurisdiction to compel ARTIFICIAL PERSONS to do ANYTHING.  This also means that the US GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES CORPORATION is claiming to OWN anything that the artificial person owns…  which is EVERYTHING…  including THOUGHTS AND MEMORIES.

By confusing yourself with an ARTIFICIAL PERSON -a corporation owned by the NATION-STATE to “represent” you, the human- you are allowing the corporation-pretending-to-be-a-government the authority to OWN YOUR THOUGHTS and MEMORIES.

In the end, Comey states that the LACK of any privacy is a given and the bargain.  I have yet to see the signed agreement between Comey and any Living American that gives the terrorist CORPORATE LEGAL ENFORCEMENT the right to OWN any human being (read: non-citizen) thoughts/memories.

Not a SINGLE Human being is a US CITIZEN.  ALL US CITIZENS are corporations!  It is your LEGAL PRESENCE CORPORATION that is the US CITIZEN.  You, as a human, are NOT LEGALLY PRESENT, as the Legal entity is its own corporate person.  You as a human do NOT have a “legal name.”  Humans have Lawful Names disconnected from the legal corporation artificial person construct.  Anything and everything LEGAL is a fiction…  a legal fiction…  that is IN-FACT NOT TRUE.

Human beings are AMERICAN NATIONALS Without THE UNITED STATES, INC MINOR.  The UNITED STATES, INC is a corporation that does business ONLY in Washington, DC.  Indeed, your LEGAL PRESENCE CORPORATION is also located in Washington DC, and does business WITH the UNITED STATES, INC.  It is only by virtue of doing business in DC that attorneys across the country have any jurisdiction over human beings.

It is important to note that the UNITED STATES, INC [MINOR] is merely a corporation.

Title 28 U.S.C. §3002 
     (15) “United States” means-
             A) a Federal corporation;

And this confirms the fact that Donald Trump is actually CEO DONALD TRUMP, as per his “executive orders.”  They say “PRESIDENT” but don’t let that confuse his role as CEO, like REP. ALLEN WEST states in the video above that the “president” is the “CEO.”

February 28, 2017.

His Title beneath his name is “THE WHITE HOUSE”!  As we have posted before.  the EIN for “THE WHITE HOUSE” is 52-1413575, and is NOT the same EIN as the UNITED STATES; which are: AG 59880464 A (not an EIN, but another corporate reference number), 52-1943749, 52-2283179, 52-1259974, and 72-0564834 (Louisiana, if prior to 2001).


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