CERN Whistleblower Exposes Antimatter Dimensional Portals

Antimatter is chaotic and attracts energies from other dimensions.  Antimatter is connected to all matter.  Antimatter is Everywhere.  Possession can only happen with preparation.  Some people cannot be possessed.  Antimatter changes peoples’ energy.  Antimatter reacts with other remote antimatter.  Losing containment in one location causes a loss of containment in all remote locations.

The Cabal has an “Antimatter Chaos Weapon” that has been deployed in foreign countries.     The weapon triggers “negative” thoughts and feelings. The Veil between matter and antimatter has been “found.”  The scientists are discovering ways to break the veil down to get more antimatter in this realm.

China is building their own Super Collider twice the size of the CERN-LHC, to be able to create their own antimatter/dark-matter weapons.

United States has 33 Super Colliders.  The supposed “closed down” Superconducting Super Collider in Texas was secretly opened, located at: 32.363767, -96.946224.  It is proposed that the super-collider was only made to look “closed down.”  It actuality, it is operational.  All operations are underground.  The facility appears to have many cars located around the area.  The government wouldn’t spend that much money only to close it down.  The Texas Superconducting Super Collider went dark and into the corporate conglomerate control.



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