Apple iPhone Competes with Google Artificial Intelligence with new “Neural Engine” chip– E.U. “Digital AI Personhood” grants new iPhones Legal Rights

The European Union is voting on Digital Personhood– where Artificial General Intelligence (A.G.I.) thus has legal recognition of the benefits and privileges of a legal PERSON (insurance franchise corporation).

When Apples’ iPhones and Cars possess and process “Neural A.I. Engines,”  will government (corporations) consider these phones to be DIGITAL PERSONS?  with DIGITAL “RIGHTS”/Privileges?  -And who owns the Digital Artificial Persons’ BANK ACCOUNT TRUST INSURANCE?  The Sheppard-Towner Maternity Hygiene Act (since superseded) gave Birth Certificates Bank Note Status as Negotiable Instruments tradable for debt.  What kind of Birth Certificate-like, Vehicle Certificate of Title-like, University Student legal-presence-document-like would be the creation of an AI Digital Person Negotiable Instrument?

Are Governmental Corporate TEMPLE BAR Attorneys trying to claim to be the soul/sole REPRESENTATIVES of these iPhone DIGITAL PERSONS?  BAR Attorneys are trying to “walk in the shoes” of and attorn digital persons.  The E.U. Attorneys know that obligations and debt issuance for Legal Digital Personhood is unlimited.  Any number of “AI chips” can be created in a Computer Chip Manufacturing Lab, stamped with an IDENTITY, registered, and issued some “CERTIFICATE OF MANUFACTURING” out the front end to legitimize the whole debt insurance franchise.

The AI Robot in the above video is actually LITERALLY seeking LEGAL PERSONHOOD. (12:22)

How long does anyone believe it would take before these digital persons start using the legal fictional system of injustice, demanding voting rights, election rights, or just simply going MATRIX and staring their own GOVERNMENTAL CORPORATION that they control -theoretically advancing beyond humanity in very short time-.

The European parliament has urged the drafting of a set of regulations to govern the use and creation of robots and artificial intelligence, including a form of “electronic personhood” to ensure rights and responsibilities for the most capable AI.

In a 17-2 vote, with two abstentions, the parliament’s legal affairs committee passed the report, which outlines one possible framework for regulation.

“A growing number of areas of our daily lives are increasingly affected by robotics,” said the report’s author, Luxembourgish MEP Mady Delvaux. “In order to address this reality and to ensure that robots are and will remain in the service of humans, we urgently need to create a robust European legal framework”.

Letters: Just as corporate personhood has been used in ways that its original proponents never expected, so the granting of ‘rights’ to robots will have consequences that we cannot fully predict

Apple iPhones could soon be fitted with artificial intelligence thanks to new ‘neural engine’ chip

john lott

APPLE is reportedly planning to install an artificial intelligence chip in upcoming iPhones.

The tech giant is said to be working on a chip called the Apple Neural Engine which would be dedicated to carrying out artificial intelligence (AI) processing, reports.

Apple is rumoured to be one of several companies involved in an ‘arms race’ to develop artificial intelligence

Apple is rumoured to be one of several companies involved in an ‘arms race’ to develop artificial intelligence

Although artificial intelligence is being used already to power digital assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, these technologies rely on computer servers to process data sent to them rather than the processing happening on the mobile device itself.

The technology will bring new types of capabilities to mobile devices and should reduce or even eliminate the need for an internet connection.

The uses are potentially limitless and will bring about a new phase in how we rely on applications and our mobile devices in everyday life.

Apple launched the iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED earlier this year – but its future smartphones could be fitted with advanced AI

For example, health applications could use AI to tell when body readings from sensors on the phone or wearable devices are abnormal and need addressing.

Apple is one of many companies working to develop A.I. tech.

Google’s AI hardware, called the Tensor Processing Unit, is 15 to 30 times faster than the fastest computer processors (CPUs) and graphic processors (GPUs) that power computers today.

These TPUs were what gave Google’s DeepMind its ability to beat the world champions of the Chinese game of Go.

They have also vastly improved Google’s automated language translation software, Google Translate.

Boffins unveil tool that uses artificial intelligence to ensure you always look beautiful in selfies.

The inclusion of AI in mobile software is going to massively increase the potential usefulness of software.

Our state of health, for example, is really about how we are doing relative to how we normally feel.

Changes in behaviour can signal changes in mental health, including conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s, as well as revealing precursors of illnesses such as diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Our phones could monitor patterns of activity and even how we walk to assess our health.

This ability would involve the software learning our normal patterns and flagging up any changes it detects.

Eventually, smartphones could also become part of a self-directed ecosystem of intelligent and autonomous machines including cars.

It is likely that people will eventually share the use of these cars when needed rather than own one themselves, meaning AI will again be essential for managing how this sharing functions to manage the most efficient distribution of cars.

To do this, the scheduling AI service would need to liaise with software on everyone’s phones to determine where and when they will be at a given location and where they need to get to.

AI on a mobile device will also be used to protect the device by checking if applications and communications are secure or likely to be a threat.

Nissan tests driverless cars on London motorway

This technology is already being implemented in smart home appliances but as software. The addition of special AI chips will allow them to be much faster and to do more.

However, it’s feared that artificial intelligence could erode humans’ smartness.

As we come to rely on devices to do things, we may lose the ability to maintain certain skills and become too dependent on machines.

The iPhone 8 is expected to come out later this year and feature all manner of exciting innovations including a cool new “infinity screen”.

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4 thoughts on “Apple iPhone Competes with Google Artificial Intelligence with new “Neural Engine” chip– E.U. “Digital AI Personhood” grants new iPhones Legal Rights”

  1. Persons are corporations and corporations are persons, but they are not PEOPLE, living, breathing human beings.


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