“Driving” Waives Constitutionally Protected Rights Enabling Tax By Mile, restored by exercising Right To Travel

Unable to compel drivers to give blood or breathe into a machine, these states made it a crime for a person to refuse to submit to a police demand to do so.  These states justify their laws based on two legal fictions — that driving is a “privilege, not a right,” and that by driving a car that the driver impliedly consents to have his blood and breath searched.  In effect, these states give a driver the choice to either surrender his rights or go directly to jail.

Based on its “privacy rights” analysis, the Supreme Court of Minnesota came to the bizarre conclusion that the government can do literally anything it wants to a person’s body “incidental” to his being arrested.

North Dakota not only claimed complete sovereignty over the body of an arrested person, but, by doing so, the state denigrated the right of the people to use an automobile to facilitate full participation in the nation’s economy.

Clearly, the commercial activity of “driving” in a “motor carrier vehicle” requires a Driver’s License (DL).  The Driver’s License is its own artificial person corporate franchise insurance product TRADE-NAME©.  The DL itself is its own artificial person -that is NOT us, as human beings-. The DL “represents” us, and -having our signature on it- is the contract that allows the suspension of Constitutional Rights for corporate rights of the artificial person.

I know people directly who have attempted to get a DL while writing “Without Prejudice U.C.C. 1-308” over their signature.  The Secretary of State of Michigan has ONLY refused those application signed “Without Prejudice” for contracting as a LEGAL artificial person entity known as a “legal permanent resident.”  These Artificial persons must be called “legal permanent resident” because there is nothing permanent about a piece of paper as a contract with a signature that authorizes it.  The Artificial person does not actually “reside” anywhere but in the fictitious corporation space of legal registration filed paperworks.  That is the nature of “legal” being fictitious, that everything legal is a legal fiction, a story these B.A.R. Attorneys have “made up” in their heads and convinced the rest of us is somehow real by writing it down and systematizing their legal fiction with “codes” and rules.

Anyone engaged in “driving” deserves to have their constitutional rights waived.  The UNITED STATES, INC operates on a SECOND INCORPORATED Constitution.  The order of application for the second constitution is for the lowest application in the legal system engaging in COMMERCIAL LAW which is modified admiralty law called statutory “law.”  The DRIVER’S LICENSE, being its own artificial person -OWNED by the STATE issuing the personal property DL-, holds the human being as SURETY for the DEBTS of the ARTIFICIAL PERSON through the SIGNED CONTRACT on and of the DRIVER’S LICENSE.  The Contract on the DL is what allows the STATE to claim that it has total authority over any CITIZEN’S actual human body.

All corporate legal codes are optional to the Human Being.  Corporate legal codes are required for “artificial legal presence persons.”

The easiest way to express their optionality is to OPT-OUT of the contract with the STATE, without prejudice.  There are many ways to do this, including IRS Form 966 Corporate Dissolution, SSA Form 521 Withdrawal of SSN, termination of Birth Certificates, surrendering Driver’s licenses and Passports, etc.  This includes removing our private automobiles from “legal [artificial] personal” contract with the state as “VEHICLES”, via 49 C.F.R. §365.123.

And to be clear, when applying for a “CERTIFICATE OF TITLE” for any vehicle, we surrender the automobile.  This waives the “Government’s” Constitutional Mandate for violating “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation” (Fifth Amendment).  When applying for a CERTIFICATE OF TITLE, the MCO, which is the actual legal title of the car, is literally surrendered to the state!  Due to the legal definition of “surrender”, the State does not need to provide just compensation.  Personal property is the public’s versions of private property, but still public property representing ownership THROUGH the STATE/Government, but is not actual ownership.
Put another way, if we own our own car, we would have the Full Legal Title called the MCO (Manufacturers Certificate of Origin), or a replacement document.  The PDF “Common US Automobile Ownership” covers the creation of a new private title, as a negotiable instrument, in accord with U.C.C. Article 3.

The usage of the Driver’s License -as its own artificial person- allows the “governmental services corporation” to legally take possession of the automobile and convert it into a vehicle.  As the State themselves own the automobile as a “vehicle” FOR the benefit of the “Driver,” the State can require tracking devices in THEIR car.  The State can implement “per mile taxes” on the usage of THEIR “personal” property.

The STATE claiming ownership over our human body is evidence of the power of the unlawful contracts called Driver’s Licenses.  The legal system cannot allow the unstated “humans are surety for debts of the artificial person” clause to be violated.  Anything other than total STATE/Corporate domination over humans would defeat the authority of every “corporate fictitious sheriff” across UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED.

 Such as this: Thom Hartmann exposes that corporations were never ruled to have personhood

CLOSE CALL: ILLINOIS Almost Enslaves Every Single Driver in ‘BEHEMOTH’ Tax by the Mile Scheme

The easiest way to stop a “tax by mile” by any state is to removing our cars out of the STATE’s legal system “personal property VEHICLE” in exchange for making it a “private property automobile”.  The Right to Travel has no “driver’s license” requirement.  Removing the “personal property” vehicle out of the legal system into a “private property” automobile is possible by withdrawing the “application for certificate of title” of the vehicle, via 49 C.F.R. §365.123 here: Common U.S. Notice of Applicant “Certificate of Title” Withdrawal

Also here are a few videos of people “engaging in their right to travel in private property automobiles”

 The Right to Travel in our own private automobiles is a basic human right, a right so basic that it need not be mentioned.  This is a reminder of what U.S. judges have said about the “Right to Travel.”  Exercising our Right To Travel in a Private Property Automobile is the solution to any automobile issues the “government” is attempting to foist upon us.

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