Results of 50 FOIA Requests to each State for Vital Records “Underwriter”

Early 2015 I sent out 51 FOIA requests to each State for the underwriter of vital records.  What came back is fascinating and -by itself- inconclusive.  What does matter is further due diligence/research into the topic. There were 51 FOIA requests sent because New York City has its own BIRTH CERTIFICATE REGISTRATION for “legal presences” because they want to get in on the negotiable instrument sales of human beings into slavery for their own profit.  The above specific NON-STATE issuer of BIRTH CERTIFICATE negotiable Instruments can be seen here with DONALD JOHN TRUMP’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

What makes a BIRTH CERTIFICATE a SECURITY is multiple aspects:

  1. According Nicholas Domitrovich, Counsel for DPHHS Office of Vital Records, Montana Office of Legal Affairs -who wrote half of Montana’s Birth Certificate “codes”-, stated by phone that Birth Certificates to meet the format and qualifications of being a NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT in accordance to U.C.C. Article 3 – Negotiable Instruments.
  2. Nicholas Domitrovich has stated that the Inventory Control number is red and is stamped on their Birth Certificates.
  3. Birth Certificates seem to be ubiquitously printed on SECURITY PAPER… because it is a security worth debt as per required by U.C.C. Article 3 – Negotiable Instruments.
  4. Texas Vital Records has stated on the phone that the red number is a “BOND NUMBER” several times until being pointed out, upon which the supervisor attempted to back-peddle and retract the statement.
  5. California Health Department Office of Vital Records has a position called BANK NOTE SPECIALIST who stated by phone, and I quote, “[Birth Certificates] WOULDN’T BE A BANK NOTE WITHOUT THE BAR CODE.”  The bar code is the same as the red inventory tracking number.  The inventory being the human being, not just the piece of security paper.
  6. The Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act (1921) monetized all birth certificates.  The Act has been since superseded with updated acts making BIRTH CERTIFICATES tradable for debt.

Most States said:

  • We don’t have any “records” responsive to such terms.
  • We refuse to respond.
  • We are too confused to be able to give a coherent answer.

Each of these makes sense.  The Birth Certificates are SOLD FOR VALUE as per “Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act Updated Code.” so the laws as they are written are not records to be searched, nor does the “state” underwrite the negotiable instruments.  Each state does have underwriting facilities for creating any amount of new debt called STATE TREASURIES.  These Birth Certificates MIGHT be sold and underwritten by the STATE TREASURY.

We have tracked US Birth Certificates.  They seem to be issued from each State Health Department (or similar institution), Registered in the State Recorder for only state records, possibly underwritten by the State Treasury, then sold to the Federal Government where it passes through these following hands in roughly this order:  US CENSUS BUREAU, US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, US DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, US TREASURY, FEDERAL RESERVE, DEPOSITORY TRUST AND CLEARING CORPORATION.   There may be more.  though it is highly suspected that EACH institution rehypothecates the BIRTH CERTIFICATE -underwriting it each time- for its own funds and funding.

These are the Responses worth posting:

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services – Office of Legal Affairs:

SECURITY PAPER is used because the Birth Certificate is literally actually a financial security!  By phone, Nick said that the Birth Certificates meet the qualifications for being a NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT according to U.C.C. Article 3.

Another important Note: Nick said by phone that the issuance of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, quote “SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGES THE LEGAL STATUS of the child.”  As in, before issuance of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, the child is NOT LEGALLY PRESENT and without a CORPORATION TRADE-NAME which is the LEGAL PRESENCE ENTITY.

Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

Idaho is claiming that BIRTH CERTIFICATES are printed on SECURITY PAPER, but is being underhanded because DEBT does NOT have intrinsic value!  So a Birth Certificate is intrinsically worth debt because it is a FINANCIAL SECURITY, but DEBT is has no intrinsic value.

California Department of Public Health – Vital Records Issuance Branch

In California, the Vital Records People are claiming that they do not have the financial duties to issue Birth Certificates as Negotiable Instruments.  Comical because they have a BANK NOTE SPECIALIST in the California Vital Records MILITARY CORPORATE RANKS who has said to me by phone, and I quote, “IT WOULDN’T BE A BANK NOTE WITHOUT THE BAR CODE.”

This response indicates semantic deception and fraud on the part of the California Vital Records Department as they are issuing debt on behalf of the human beings requesting that it be issued for ARTIFICIAL PERSON LEGAL PRESENCE.

Arkansas Department of Health

This is a very funny response.  They assumed that because I am Sui Generis -being NOT a resident of the UNITED STATES, INC; being without legal presence- Arkansas simply denied the request.  It was requested that upon denial, that the code exception be supplied with the denial to maintain legitimacy.

Arkansas never gave a reason why the FOIA request was denied.  When called on the phone, some guy said that they said so.  Some guy saying so isn’t a statutory reason to deny a FOIA request.

This indicates that the ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH does actually KNOW about how Birth Certificates are TRADED for WORTHLESS DEBT but just simply refuse to answer any questions about the scam/slavery.

Illinois Department of Public Health

This is a typical response letter.  The Vital Records people do NOT engage in underwriting.  that is what the State Treasury and sale of the Birth Certificate Negotiable Instrument is for…

Plausible deniability.  The answers are far deeper than a FOIA REQUEST, though this does provide good data.

Ohio Department of Health

This is a typical response showing not cognition of the real question being asked… and trying to pass of the FOIA request as a regular COPY OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE REQUEST.


The Vital Records people are either ignorant/out of the loop, or intentionally deceiving people.  The SHEPPARD-TOWNER MATERNITY ACT is clear that Birth Certificates are tradable for debt, and with this this further due diligence proves that Birth Certificates DO ACTUALLY MEET THE QUALIFICATIONS of a Negotiable Instrument of U.C.C. – Article 3 tradable for worthless DEBT.

the  Bank Note Specialist at the California Vital Records said it:

“[Birth Certificates] wouldn’t be bank notes without the bar code!”


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