Washington State Warrant Processing Division Scrubs Website that (Court) Warrants are merely Checks

Many of the blog posts here on Governmental Services Corporation Watch have relied upon the evidence on the State of Washington Corporation – Warrant Processing Division website.  The legal fictional BAR Attorneys seem to have gotten wise to the obviousness of the following text on such a governmental website:

April 11, 2016 Snap shot Click for the full resolution screen shot. And also found here on the Wayback machine.

As it is seen here:

A warrant – or check – is a legal, negotiable instrument drawn against the state treasury in place of a commercial bank.  State agencies disburse funds to vendors or other payees by issuing warrants from the state treasury that bears the State Treasurer’s unique Routing Number and are signed by the State Treasurer.

Because the responsibility for authorizing and producing warrants resides with individual state agencies, inquiries about a payment made by a state agency should be directed to the issuing agency.

But this text has changed:  the “-or check-” is removed.  Their website now puts forth:

A warrant is a legal, negotiable instrument drawn against the state treasury in place of a commercial bank.

This subtle change is a world of difference.  Here are a few circumstances as to how and why this seemingly minor text change is so literally important.

All Court Cases are Fraud

When BAR Attorney legal fictional Judges/Magi-strates conjure and summons the artificial person from Off-ice, they issue (a legal term of debt underwriting and creation) a warrant (a negotiable instrument check).  The text from the Washington Warrant Processing Division proves that court cases are about debt by the fact that all warrants that “courtrooms” (merely banker administrative off-ices) issue are merely checks.  Indeed, these warrant/checks are even DRAWN (a term copyright underwriting art) against the State Treasury…  by their own admission.

The State Treasury is the mass of debt collected from Birth Certificates Artificial Person Negotiable Instruments, Driver’s Licenses Insurance Franchises, etc.  It is the “Public’s” Funds because it is literally the insurance debt that makes up corporate-corporeal “THE PUBLIC” -being legal fictional artificial person corporation insurance franchise trade name estates-.

Thus drawing debt through a  WARRANT – or check- against the ARTIFICIAL PERSON… which is a debt franchise negotiable instrument itself.  The State of California Vital Records BANK NOTE SPECIALIST has said to me, “It [the birth certificate] wouldn’t be a bank note without the bar code.”  The Sheppard Towner Maternity Hygiene Act (since superseded) made Birth Certificates tradable for debt, which the CA Vital Records also claims is VALUELESS.

Thus, the relationship that people discuss where the human is surety for these debt appears to actually be true in light of the text on the website.   Despite the human being is actually the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE (U.C.C. 3-402 (b) (1)) of the artificial person, until such relationship is overstood, they are considered Legally Incompetent, and thus held as SURETY for the DEBTS of the artificial person being lien upon by the State.

Courtrooms are not Constitutional Courts by any measure, and was a fact covered up by attorneys.  My sister was an attorney and confided in me about that the statutory [family] courts are Unconstitutional.  She rationalizes it by admitting all attorneys know this but that they believe, “it’s the best we have.”  lol.  are human rights atrocities by an unlawful de facto legal fictional system really “the best we have?”

Attorneys call Court Cases by a different name: “CONSTRUCTIVE TRUSTS.”  The debt of the trust comes from the WARRANTS.  According to Judge Dale and other sources,  each “charge” is underwritten by 3 million dollars ($3,000,000).  The Magistrate treats the artificial person insurance franchise like a charge card.

“These “negotiable instruments” are just bank accounts/checks (U.C.C. Article 3) being treated as corporations (estates/corporations) the legally defined as persons (Corporate Personhood), and given the statutory confusion of a natural person (legal definition of artificial person).”

A byproduct of these Artificial Persons verses Human Beings is that the Artificial person is an corporate insurance franchise.  As such, they are required to have debt already in the account (in trust with the State Treasury) to pay for “damages” and “remedy”; and that the debt comes from nothing.  The Debt funding the State Treasury is AGAINST THE PEOPLE, as it claims.  Courts across the country are forging our signature on these WARRANT-CHECKS AGAINST us with our own copyrighted artwork signature autograph.  The false presumption (via color of law) was that we are legally incompetent to simply be able to sign a check to pay the “charges” ourselves.  If someone signs to be an inmate, one can sign a negotiable instrument themselves.  It is simply deception by attorneys.

Citizens United v F.E.C. affirmed that DEBT IS PROTECTED FIRST AMENDMENT SPEECH.  Though debt speech is not so bad when it is actually overstood…  Such Debt-Speech was used by Donald Trump to buy the CEO-President’s Off-ice for factually NOTHING.  This is why copyright speech is sovereign and protected; and what makes debt sovereign, protected and copyright.  Debt Is Speech!  Thus the debt of the Artificial Persons being by the STATE TREASURY itself is SOVEREIGN and what makes and given any corporation “SOVEREIGNTY” over the “legal fictional people”.

To summarize, Human beings have Legal Presences that represent them.  Legal presences are Artificial “person” corporate insurance franchises trusts that constitute a Second “you.”  The Artificial person insurance franchise is made up of a block of DEBT via birth Certificates being Negotiable Instruments.  The Debt is underwritten by the UN and IMF through their “UN Member-nation” franchise.  All Debt is/was considered Speech by corporate legal systems.  Speech is copyright, protected, and sovereign. Thus these corporations managing the debt being sovereign speech, themselves claim authority to manage the debt.

However, the State Treasury doesn’t hold debt as debt comes from nothing.  Their role is simply DISCHARGE- the creation of ever more debt.  For any corporation to holds debt- that is a liability due to using “debt as money”- aka an inversion of wealth and value.  The only thing that a STATE TREASURY needs is the same underwriting facility that all banks have and use…  which is to say that when a new negotiable instrument is issued on by any state agency, the treasury simply creates new line item debt for each in violation of the double entry accounting standards.  That is the remedy of debt discharge.  The debt never really existed until the “other party needs it remedied in dishonor.”  Dishonoring (U.C.C Article 3- §3-501) the debt is what allows its near infinite replication.

These are two solutions dealing just with the “warrant” on a “check/negotiable instrument” level.  There are many more solutions than these.  Here are a two you may use upon any civil and/or criminal legal fictional court case:

The warrants being checks for any and all constructive trust “court cases” is a very deep topic and well worth pointing out.


Vehicle Certificate of Titles and MCOs

Warrants- being checks- being negotiable instruments- is a very important aspect to what makes MCOs and Certificate of Titles what they are.  The legalisms of “driving” would be entirely different if MCOs and Certificate of Titles were NOT Negotiable Instruments.

In many US, INC Corporate States, it is their Department of Revenue that issues CERTIFICATE OF TITLES when cars are purchased.  Registering for a Certificate of Title in all states of the UNITED STATES, INC require the SURRENDER (a term of war) of the MCO.

According to the Mississippi Department of Revenue Frequently Asked Questions on Titles:

What is a title?
​A title is a secure, negotiable document issued by the DOR that represents ownership of a motor vehicle, trailer, or a manufactured housing unit.​

The MCO is the legal title, and the Certificate of Title is the Title of Equity (debt).  The MCO is printed on Security Paper and is a negotiable instrument and so is the Certificate of Title according to legal code.

The MCO -being a negotiable instrument- is a check and converted into a warrant drawn against the state to fund-underwrite the VEHICLE INSURANCE FRANCHISE CORPORATION.  The Certificate of Title is also underwritten for the same amount.  The amount these checks are drawn against the MISSISSIPPI State Treasury for is the Total Purchase Price of the automobile…  each time it is transacted!

Each vehicle sale constitutes a NEW CERTIFICATE OF TITLE and thus NEW DEBT created from nothing AGAINST THE PUBLIC as a warrant.

The reason why so many states issue Certificate of Titles from their DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE is because these negotiable instrument, warrant, checks, are literally revenue for the state.  The State treasury underwrites the MCO and each new CERTIFICATE OF TITLE and the DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE considers it as income.

The laws on the books for every state I have researched (~30 at the moment) have claimed that all security interest Debts are RETAINED by the state even after the Negotiable Instruments are terminated!

What occurs to the Original MCO Check- Negotiable Instruments -according to the states- is that the MCOs are/were recorded into MicroFilm and the originals destroyed.  Then the Certificate of Title Warrants-debt instruments represent the original MCO.

Running an off the fold calculation with NEW + USED CAR SALES across the UNITED STATES, the amount of DEBT that is created by issuance of Certificate of Title Negotiable Debt Instrument Documents is roughly equally to the total sum of IRS Income Taxes for the State.  These revenues are being hidden by each state.

Imagine what your State could do with TWICE the revenue it has, but is hiding?

Where do these funds go and why are these state revenues not reported to the public?

Furthermore, given that CERTIFICATE OF TITLES are issuance of NEW DEBT, they are required to meet the “Truth In Lending Act” disclosure requirements.  If the Governmental Services Corporation is not telling us that they loan money into existence with each Certificate of Title, then the STATES are NOT in compliance with their own Loan-Debt creation Disclosure rules.  It is recommended that all legal fictional abuses by governmental corporations (which is all of them, all of the time) be reported to these institutions, just simply under protest of its fact and truth and their ATTORNEYS refusal to acknowledge their criminality because they say “it’s their job to oppress people.”

The Original MCO cannot be retrieved.  Though these corporations do release their Certificate of Titles upon transferring the automobile to a foreign government such as human beings at the common law and World Citizens.  There are World Citizen forms for transferring automobiles out of the corporate jurisdiction.  These forms to actually work, however, cops have given themselves the authority to literally steal private property without any liability.   So even following all the proper processes may result in the policy enforcers further breaking the rule of law in their enforcement of the rule of law: an oxymoron that cannot be morally nor ethically rationalized.

All Mortgages are Fraud

As if warrants being checks invalidating all court cases, and exposing Vehicle Incorporation Insurance Franchise Fraud wasn’t enough, the connection between a check and a negotiable instrument -aside from the warrant- is critical for all Mortgages (and car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc).  Fundamentally every loan of debt by every bank is absolutely unconscionable unlawful deception.

The original Promissory Note is the document first signed in every mortgage/loan application.  It is known that a Promise to pay: is a debt.  What makes debt into debt is that they are negotiable instruments.  A document referencing a debt that does not exist, thus calling it into existence.  like a computer reference pointer to an invalid memory location…  and then using it like its valid.

With the Washington State Treasury – Warrant Processing Division announcement and scrubbing of text that warrants are  negotiable instruments are checks and given that the Originating Promissory Note is a negotiable instrument-  Then the promissory note is itself the debt that can and should be used to pay for the product.

The mortgage is a second contract agreement that LOANS the money of the Promissory Note Negotiable Instrument CHECK back to you at interest.  The bankers loan us our own debt, with interest!  That is literally outright theft.  of the negotiable instrument without giving any value in exchange, then selling the note back to us with interest… so as to have the debt to buy the house…  which is then used for the property deal.

All Negotiable Instruments are underwritten with NEW DEBT….   each time they are deposited.  Many negotiable instruments are deposited many times over.  That is the definition and the whole point of re-hypothecation…  the economic concept of “selling a thing/debt multiple times over.”  This is done because all signatures by default WITH PREJUDICE and without any reservation of rights.

The problem is that the source of these funds is being extorted from us by the banks for twice the funds, plus interest, and we don’t get a copy of the CREDIT that is the debt.  It is simply a matter of which side of the ledge is the debt.

Banks are allowed to “underwrite” any negotiable instrument they want!  Put another way, banks are literally allowed by law to transfer any negotiable instrument liability debt into an asset credit.  This is exactly what banks do with “governmental fines.”  The bank treats the fine as a credit, underwrites the governmental fines, and sends the new debt back to the government corporation.  This is why fines upon banks are NEVER EFFECTIVE.  Indeed, banks MAKE MONEY on the fines, but underwriting them, and then likely selling the negotiable instrument for underwriting at the next bank.  Such selling and re-underwritting is the very essence of RE-HYPOTHECATION.

In this instance, the mortgage is fraud.  By sending banks our own American National Money Orders to pay their illegitimate debts, I have heard that the banks eventually capitulate…  and capitalize the American National Debt by underwriting/discharge for acceptance.  The banks underwrite every instrument we send them that they don’t send back.  Demand that they produce a detailed audit of the accounting, which may require “suing” the unlawful bank in an illegitimate banker UN Competent National Tribunal (aka unconstitutional CourtRoom).


The Washington State Treasury – Warrant Processing Division website is/was scrubbed of the Warrant-Check connection.  That seems to have been done because it was too close to home regarding the crimes that Governmental Service Corporations are committing upon us.  At some level, the Washington State Treasury Warrant Processing Division was likely tipped off as to the obviousness of this connection and someone pointing to it….  Like this blog points it out in depth.

People wonder why everything is getting so expensive….  well, the banks and governments are creating massive amounts of debt behind the scenes and not telling us.  The media is complicit in the cover up of the destruction of main street across America.

There are also whistleblowers who are saying that 70% of Earth Trade is taking place OFF-PLANET, such as with the Mars Corporation (formerly run by Dick Cheney), and other Extra-Terrestrials (who do not accept debt!).  The many sightings of ET crafts is to expose these governmental crimes and help wake us up.  If this really is true, then it explains why mega corporate America is doing so well, while Main Street suffers so much.

The break away technological society very likely could be buying everything of value on the planet with worthless debt and selling it off planet for all kinds of technologies, goods, services, maps, etc.

So put in perspective: Two words changing on a governmental website is a very serious change in meaning.  It means a lot.

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