“Reign of the Heavens” claims Debt Issuance is Scam; Baiting and Switching their own

Giant Rock-Hard Face Palm for Reign of the Heavens and American Herald.

From: Beware of “Issuing our own American National Private Bonds Negotiable Instrument – Money Orders” scam!   and American Herald


It has been reported that there is a group of people claiming to issue their own “American National Private Bonds and Negotiable Instruments-Money Orders”. The problem is that while they are claiming to have claimed a Nationality, in reality they call themselves the “WORLD CITIZENS OF THE SOLAR MONMATIA” LINK . That type of advertisement is called “Bait and Switch” where on the front end they claim to have claimed a Nationality and on the paperwork/ certificates, the heading reads “WORLD CITIZENS OF THE SOLAR MONMATIA”. Beware of these types of claims: LINK because those types of websites can get people into some hot water. 05-21-2017

It’s true that any NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS might get us in HOT WATER!  But if it is a scam, why have banks accepted such American National Money Orders? (click the link for evidence that our notes are actually accepted by banks)  One of the keys to using them is being the Authorized Representative in accord with UCC 3-402 (b) (1).

These Debt Instruments are a Fundamental Right of Speech according to the CORPORATE SUPREME COURT.  Politicians use the same DEBT SPEECH to buy offices… yet somehow the “REIGN OF THE HEAVENS” and “AMERICAN HERALD” are proposing that when someone other than bankers and attorneys/politician issue debt that it’s somehow a “SCAM” and a “BAIT AND SWITCH”?  Who’s Trust is Who’s Here?

Also, what exactly are we SWITCHING?!?!?  ROFL…  A Bait and Switch would require that we SWITCH something out with something else.  The only thing our blog is promoting is KNOWLEDGE.  Gaining perspective and an OVER-standing of what these Governmental Service Corporations are and how they work.  The World Citizens of Solar Monmatia is a Natural Law unincorporated Organization OUTSIDE the jurisdiction of any legal corporations.   No claim necessary.  Indeed, the proof is required on REIGN OF HEAVEN’s end to prove that World Citizens are not foreign nationals.

I myself enjoy calling myself an American National (non-legal territorial jurisdiction) and a World Citizen (non-legal international organizational jurisdiction).  These two concepts are not mutually exclusive.  However, due to LEGALISMS, being a US CITIZEN is exclusive…  even to the degree that claiming to be a human “person” is illegal!  I strongly believe in American ideals, morals, and ethics and identify with such.  The ideals, morals and ethics of the UNITED STATES, INC -with their DEBT as MONEY ponzi scheme [Federal Reserve System Inc]- is to reward debt delinquency with discharge and the hard working people with even higher interest rates.  The UNITED STATES, INC in contrary to what most Americans consider “American“.  That is/was the DE FACTO Corporation posing as a government.

Simultaneously, World Citizens are more expressive of the international jurisdiction  that can and must be used to remedy the crimes of the FOREIGN UNITED STATES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION upon American Nationals.  Getting remedy from WITHIN the legal FICTIONAL system that is designed to suppress everything WITHIN the fictional system has been a waste of time.  The only “law” the attorneys seem to recognize is international law as that’s where their jurisdiction is derived…   UNITED NATIONS.  The UNITED NATIONS seems to have taken over EVERY COURT ROOM in the UNITED STATES through the International Treaty clause of the Constitutions (plural).

Also, as an American National and World Citizen -at the World Government of World Citizens- and World Citizens of the Solar Monmatia, why wouldn’t I want to help my brothers and sisters in America?  What is so hypocritical about helping people across borders, races, religions, creeds, ideology, gender/sex, etc?  If the source of hypocrisy is not clear, lets continue…

Knowing what DEBT is and what ATTORNEYS are doing with DEBT is an important part of being educated and LEGALLY COMPETENT.  Without the knowledge that DEBT comes from NOTHING, then people are legally defined as LEGALLY INCOMPETENT.  The promotion and advocacy by Reign of the Heavens to be Legally Incompetent and not overstand debt is the scam and bait and switch.

The text from Reign of the Heavens and American Herald indicate that they would rather have people NOT overstand what debt is… nor how the Governmental Service Corporation is screwing them and their own children using such FICTITIOUS INSTRUMENTS.

The whole point is that we don’t need World Citizens, nor the Solar Monmatia, to be able to issue our own NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS.  Michael Tellinger speaks to the fact that ISSUING DEBT INSTRUMENTS is a RIGHT.  The US, Inc Supreme Court defines Debt as “CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED SPEECH UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT.”  A Negotiable Instrument is simply a FORMAT with a specific set of data fields…  there are no other requirements.  Very simple.

A Negotiable Instrument COULD be written on the skin of a banana and still be VALID.  So long as the few Informational fields are available, it is a valid negotiable instrument.

According to 18 U.S. Code § 2311 – Definitions: the term “Securities” includes any note, stock certificate, bond, debenture, check, draft, warrant, traveler’s check, letter of credit, warehouse receipt, negotiable bill of lading, evidence of indebtedness, …; or, in general, any instrument commonly known as a “security”, or any certificate of interest or participation in, temporary or interim certificate for, receipt for, warrant, or right to subscribe to or purchase any of the foregoing, or
any forged, counterfeited, or spurious representation of any of the foregoing”

The Legal Code specifically states that -BY LAW- EVEN FORGED, COUNTERFEITED, AND SPERIOUS NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ARE VALID DEBT INSTRUMENT SECURITIES!  This is to say, that -BY LEGAL CODE- there are no such thing as BAD DEBTS (SECURITIES).  In this way…  all debts are BAD DEBTS…  such as the National Debt, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Car Loans, Student Loans, etc are all illegitimate.  Thus, for Reign of the Heavens to consider American National Money Orders to be a “scam” would actually nhke these bank notes legally valid because of the legalisms (18 U.S. Code § 2311) of the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED.  the spurious representation of all these “bank authorized promissory notes” are only considered valid for THUS THEN the exact same kinds of legal definitions.

Reign of the Heavens even claims:

You have been talking to the original Government of the country. The 1781 under the Articles of Confederation. It has been well established that this Government has been reclaimed and renewed in 2010.

We are not the United States Inc. on Manhattan Island nor a part of the District of Columbia nor a part of the constitution of 1789.

we are not the ones issuing fraudulent money orders and international instruments, you are!

The Reign of the Heaven’s issues their own so called “fraudulent international instruments” here, and are  are the apparently ONLY LEGITIMATE issuers of “debt”, because here are THEIR notes…  the psychological projection is just too funny!  Here are The New Old Republic’s Instruments.  When asked for the evidence that the Government was reclaimed in 2010, they only refused to provide any documentation; resorting to ad hominem attacks to rationalize and justify not producing the documentation and evidence.

One of the most comical aspect is that when the United States signed a peace treaty with King George in 1783, the Founding Father’s turned the country over to the King and the Vatican:

“It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America…”

The UNITED STATES, INC in Manhattan is/was a dependent organ of the UNITED NATIONS and unless the New Old American Republic has is a licensee of legal presence franchises, then it officially does not exist.  The qualifications for being UN member are: incorporating the government, bankruptcy of the corporation, operating in trust, surrender of executorship to the UN and surrender of the Birth Certificates for the license of the legal presences.

Here is a a spurious representation of debt value Bank Note [financial] Security “paper” by the Governmental Services Corporation known as UNITED STATES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION:

Indeed, Citizens United v F.E.C. specifically states that Debt is a First Amendment Speech and is thus protected by the the Constitutions – First Amendment.  On a legal level, debt being protected Constitutional speech means that WE CANNOT get in hot water for using these instruments.  Any governmental agency that tries to push violence (and/or unlawful legal harassment) simply for exercising basic freedoms of debt-speech makes that “agency” illegitimate.

Wells Fargo themselves declares “Promissory Notes” as “FICTITIOUS INSTRUMENTS.”   Please, “REIGN OF THE HEAVENS” explain how using FREEDOM OF SPEECH DEBT could end anyone in hot water…  especially since TRUMP used the same exact mechanism to PURCHASE the Presidency.

The Ad Hominem attacks by “REIGN OF THE HEAVENS”, et al, does not include any legal definitions nor legal precedent nor legal references to support their slanderous derogatory words.

The sincere “PITCH” by these websites seems to be, “We don’t like it; so we are just going to SAY that they are a scam without any proof nor evidence.”  (aka, slander)

Please.   If the REIGN OF THE HEAVENS is going to be making LEGAL ARGUMENTS about the invalidity of DEBT INSTRUMENTS then please have their website authors explain the following:

  • What is the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL?
  • What is the difference and relationship between a LEGAL PRESENCE and a Human Being?
  • What makes American National Issuance of Debt NOT protected DEBT SPEECH under Citizen’s United v. F.E.C.?
  • How can business required to maximize shareholder profit refuse to accept any valid debt instrument as payment?  Wouldn’t refusing payment be contrary to their LEGAL CORPORATE MANDATE to maximize debt/income/revenue/shareholder value?
  • What makes providing tools and examples for people’s own Negotiable Instrument into a SCAM?
  • Explain what we a SWITCHING after this website BAITS people?
  • If negotiable instruments are a scam, why did Donald Trump use the same mechanism to buy the presidency?  and how is that legitimate?
  • If these negotiable instruments are a scam, why did JP Morgan (and many others, not posted publicly) accept them?
  • Given that all Mortgages, Student Loans, Car Loans, etc use the SAME LEGAL CODES as these American National Money Orders, how is it that these examples are a scam yet what bankers and attorneys are doing is NOT?
  • How is it that any Mortgage Promissory Note could be considered a “CONTRACT” when only ONE PARTY signs it?
  • How is a FICTITIOUS DEBT INSTRUMENT -as per WELLS FARGO & COMPANY’s own words- enforceable as something real in physicality?  iow, How is fictional more real than real?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Their response to these questions:

“Waste of time to answer questions and challenges that have already answered over and over.”

what answers?  where?

It seems that “REIGN OF THE HEAVENS” and “AMERICAN HERALD” have NO idea that the US Government is/was using Negotiable Instruments to ATTACK us and our children.  The main vector of attack by BAR Attorneys and International Bankers is in converting humans into corporate artificial person legal presence trade names is the BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

The State of California Vital Records has a position called “BANK NOTE SPECIALIST” who told me, and I quote, “it [All Birth Certificates] wouldn’t be a bank note without the bar code!”  You may call up the CA Vital Records yourself and confirm this detail.  CA Vital Records:  (916) 445-2684

So, Reign of the Heavens and American Herald: the ad hominem slander upon the author and the content of this website are unnecessary.  We would appreciate a few answers to our questions above, particularly given the text as proclaimed in The Words (Heaven) below (on your physical website [a realm of effect; not cause], replicated here in fair use and debate).

Please discuss FACTS with EVIDENCES rather than just SLANDER.  Indeed, their website specifically states that the REIGN OF THE HEAVENS WEBSITES is Psychologically Projecting SLANDER and they are telling themselves that they need to CEASE AND DESIST with their own slander of valid information sources:

“Furthermore, I will safeguard the helpless and ignorant and teach them to stand on their own. I will uphold the laws of the reign of the heavens, its trust agreement and the Articles of Organization of the reign of the heavens society, I speak these words in the name of Yahweh”

If this is true, then why does the REIGN OF THE HEAVENS promote being helpless and ignorant of DEBT and our own DEBT ISSUANCE?

Why is the Reign of the Heavens not teaching people to issue their own DEBT?  Why is the Reign of the Heavens not teaching people about the importance of NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES?  Why is the Reign of the Heavens not teaching people about the Importance of the Phrase “I am Competent To Handle My Affairs?”  Is the Reign of the Heavens teaching people about how attorneys are scam artists?  Is the Reign of the Heavens Teaching people about the difference between a DE FACTO government and a DE JURE government?  Is the Reign of the Heavens teaching people that Social Security Numbers are ONLY for FEDERAL EMPLOYEES?

The hypocrisy by REIGN OF THE HEAVENS -particularly in not understanding the legal system nor debt- is the bait and switch scam that such websites do to their own reading audiences.

Our GSCW readers are happily able to discern hypocrisy.   If these American National Money Orders are not legitimate, where is the evidence?   Any location that refuses American National Money Orders is breaking the legalized laws of the “Government of the United States.”  Debt is protected Speech and thus not a scam, nor a bait and switch.

Bank have refused to accept these legitimate issued debt. However, it is not us that is in the wrong for issuing them; it is the bank/attorney for not accepting them as per required by their own codes.

So. This author entirely agrees that DEBT AS MONEY is a ponzi scheme by BANKERS.  However, for as long as BANKS issue debt as money, it is as WISE AS HEAVEN to know what debt is/was and how to issue it ourselves to defend ourselves from a criminal governmental services corporation that issues debt maliciously AGAINST the people.  We must stop denying that such attacks are taking place by the governmental corporation upon the people.

The Unlawful LEGALISMS of Man allowing the issuance of DEBT in UNLIMITED amounts is not Heavenly.  Many bankers, attorneys, and business people abuse these codes and debt-speech.  It is the fundamental nature of the legal system that debt is/was money.  And we have the RIGHT to issue as much DEBT SPEECH as we need to remedy the discharge of all debts in accord with their own codes for as long as such unlawful systems persist.


If you believe that American National Money Orders are in any way not legitimate, then you must consider the concept that all mortgages, car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc are based upon the EXACT same legal codes, definitions, rules, concepts, and frameworks.

We thus AGREE WITH YOU that ALL NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS are a scam, particularly “bank” and “governmental corporation” issued instruments, and are thus invalid, unlawful, unconstitutional, null and void.

Every bank has been scamming their customers.  Every  PROMISSORY NOTE for EVERY mortgage is a bait and switch and a scam; and a ponzi scheme.  There are even Congress people who write about how the American People are being TOTALLY SCAMMED by the UNITED STATES, INC -de facto- Congress.  The Entire UNITED STATES, INC is/was the bait and switch.

The American Republic has been switched out from under us for the UNITED STATES, INC and we are being baited (lied to) by BAR Attorneys about these unlawful fundamental corporate operating principles.

Even my sister -who was a STATE OF CALIFORNIA BAR Attorney- told me that the courtrooms are NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.  She further told me that all attorneys know this.  When asked why she never told her clients this, I never got a response.

The legal fictional system scam is beyond unconscionable.  It is slavery and the BAR Attorneys all know it.

P.S. This blog is thanking “REIGN OF THE HEAVENS” INCORPORATED and “AMERICAN HERALD” INCORPORATED for their write up and link.  Such links are highly beneficial to the UP-PROMOTION and UTILITY of content in and of all search engines.  Much Love. X-link Heaven.  Yahweh blesses us all.

UPDATE: 2017.05.23

Apparently the REIGN OF THE HEAVENS wants honest discussion about debt to be squashed.  How Heavenly.  They say that these questions have all been answered before and thus the reason to not answer the questions! ROFL!!!  Is that not circular logic or what?  So.  If they have been answered before, then why have I not posted the answers?  oh right, i forgot the rules that we can’t argue with circular logic.

Here is the recent email exchange…  it’s too good to be true:

belisoful: Clearly, the REIGN OF THE HEAVENS, INCORPORATED doesn’t know what a World Citizens is and is about…  and as such REIGN OF HEAVENS, INCORPORATED is required to stop all slandering with such false definitions.  The World Government of World citizens is a JURISTIC SOCIETY that is NOT exclusive.  If you believe that American Nationals are exclusive, then I urge you to consider the your own confusion with that of US CITIZEN CORPORATIONS being exclusive as a legal fiction owned by the US, Incorporated.  If you believe that “American National” as more than a “lawful fiction” then please, produce your evidence publicly.

Yahweh judges us by our own words, buddy.  What price are you paying?  Clearly: ignorance of debt and the crime that it is upon everyone believing that it is worth anything.  everyone has the right to debt-speech, and as such, rights do not confer any hot water.  The only hot water is the corporations that don’t like being called out for (ab)using such debt-monies by us properly using the same.
If you wish to only constitute ad hominem attacks on American Nationals as World Citizens without rising to the level of actual EVIDENCE, my humble apologies for what comes next.

On May 23, 2017, at 4:46 PM, General Post Office <gporfdr@……………> wrote:
You can’t be an American National and a World citizen at the same time, the world citizen thing makes you a foreigner to The United States of America. Therefore you are not an American National.

Nope, the publishing stays published and your rebuttal post is nothing but slander and amounts to ignorance on your part (ED NOTE: and this is not psychological projection?). Waste of time to answer questions and challenges that have already answered over and over.  (ED NOTE: Where are the answers then?)

Your choice, stop the fraud or pay the price.

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 3:22 PM, ~ <belisoful@…………> wrote:

And thank god these people are seeing that I am posting honest to goodness information about debt.  I am forthcoming in my right as an American National and World citizen at the World Government of World Citizens.

Your denial of constructive notice is denied.
Please answer the questions in my rebuttal post, or take down your slander immediately.

UPDATE: 2017.07.04

After requesting the jurisdictional records from these guys several times, they refused to provide any of the really great documentation that would be needed to actually restart the Original 1776 American Republic.  I really was looking forward to doing a really great write up for people on their Restored American Republic.  They then used ad hominem attacks to deny the need to produce such documents.  The exact term they used is “SCHIZOPHRENIC TROLL.”  ROFL!   As the term is legally medical, I requested his credentials to be able to make such qualifications, and they refused to produce them.

The Reign of Heaven has yet to produce any documentation of “fraud” taking place.  Meanwhile, the Reign of The Heavens confuses the act of providing of copyright speech-security paper with somehow “issuing” negotiable instruments; which is the act of AUTOGRAPHING the security paper.  The accusations of fraudulently issuing Notes for people is technically, literally, and figuratively incorrect; when they are actually issuing “negotiable instruments.”

This World Citizen has issued several fictitious instruments to the FDIC, Puerto Rico, and others in an attempt to “fictitiously” bail-out the institutions in community service…  providing them with the debt they say they need to cover their “corporate” obligations and payments.  If private debt/bonds are not acceptable for funding these institutions, so be it.  The copyright speech-debt is lawful and accessible right for everyone regardless of jurisdiction and nationality/statelessness.

In summary, projection seems strong with the “Reign of the Heavens.”  They confuse security paper with issuing negotiable instruments.  They issue negotiable instruments for public use but then call others fraudulent.  They “accuse” others of doing what others say they do, framing things in false negative light. They use Yahweh’s name in vain.  They claim to be the original US Republic, despite it being surrendered to King George in 1783.  They use Ad-Hominem attacks on journalists -such as myself- to deny answering legitimate questions.  Calling people “schizophrenic trolls” was merely psychological projection of themselves; thus more indicative of where The Reign of the Heavens were.

My insistence that they produce their documentation of jurisdiction and -comically- medical certificate is a sign of respect that what they say might actually be true.  I trust their words, and am now verifying it.  Is there any substance to their words?  I honestly give them the benefit of the doubt, while receiving nothing of the kind in return.

The three matter being made here are the lack of paperwork from the Reign of the Heaven/US Republic -unproven organizations-, their use of ad hominem attacks to legitimize denial of answers to perfectly reasonable questions, and using Yahweh’s name in vain.

Who is being more respectful here?  And the best part is that– in the end, you get to make up your own mind as to whether or not the Reign of the Heaven’s is up to snuff or whether it matters.  May we all find our way.


4 thoughts on ““Reign of the Heavens” claims Debt Issuance is Scam; Baiting and Switching their own”

  1. Since writing about American National Money Orders I have been completely cognizant of the hypocrisy as a Foreigner talking about US Codes. It wasn’t an issue until REIGN OF HEAVENS made it an issue. I see no issue.

    In many ways, one must NOT be a US CITIZEN (a corporate legal presence) just to be able to gain access to actual CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS against Governmental Abuse. This is because the US, INC is not Constitutional, and having any contract with them allows them to violate our constitutionally protected rights.

    So, in a way, it is impossible to get away from the Legalized hypocrisy because the entire legal system is a double standard… which many people then unconsciously project when using it in and as a comparison with other systems… such as the Common Law and Natural Law.


  2. What is the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL?
    Legal is singularly corporate-debt-commercial-(holy)sea and artificial person based. Lawful is land, physical human being in propria persona.

    What is the difference and relationship between a LEGAL PRESENCE and a Human Being?
    The LEGAL PRESENCE is a second “you.” It is a trade name and corporation, an insurance franchise, and trust. The corporation pretending to be a government likes to assume us to be surety for the franchise debt. the proper role is authorized representatives; if one is wanting to play such legal fictional games.

    What makes American National Issuance of Debt NOT protected DEBT SPEECH under Citizen’s United v. F.E.C.?
    Debt is speech. Supreme Court says so. People threatening violent and/or legal harassment for exercising basic human rights of debt-speech are acting unlawfully. Some have given themselves “authority” by some unlawful adhesion contracts, but there are no unlawful contracts.

    How can business required to maximize shareholder profit refuse to accept any valid debt instrument as payment? Wouldn’t refusing payment be contrary to their LEGAL CORPORATE MANDATE to maximize debt/income/revenue/shareholder value?
    What makes providing tools and examples for people’s own Negotiable Instrument into a SCAM?

    Tools and examples are exercises in freedom of speech to learn and educate. Refusing these debt instruments as “invalid” breaks the corporate mandate to maximize shareholder profits.

    Explain what we a SWITCHING after this website BAITS people?
    This author is very open about my status and associations. non-legal American National & non-legal World citizen.

    If negotiable instruments are a scam, why did Donald Trump use the same mechanism to buy the presidency? and how is that legitimate?
    If what donald did is reasonable, then our own instruments are reasonable. If our own instruments are not reasonable, then what Donald Trump did is also -likewise- NOT REASONABLE. Take you pick. I choose to expose the whole debt system as worthless yet “legal” as that is how and what the BANERS and BAR Attorneys seem to be doing.

    If these negotiable instruments are a scam, why did JP Morgan (and many others, not posted publicly) accept them?
    JP Morgan wouldn’t accept “faulty money orders” for debt discharge. Indeed, the bankers bank on the fictitious nature of their “debt instruments” to make them seem valuable. “EVERYTHING LEGAL IS A FICTION.” – California BAR Attorney Professor.

    Given that all Mortgages, Student Loans, Car Loans, etc use the SAME LEGAL CODES as these American National Money Orders, how is it that these examples are a scam yet what bankers and attorneys are doing is NOT?
    Given that these attorneys use physical violence to enforce fictitious debt, the right to discharge is merely the right to speech. Debt is copyrighted speech. that’s what their fictitious legal system says.

    How is it that any Mortgage Promissory Note could be considered a “CONTRACT” when only ONE PARTY signs it?
    Payments -like promissory notes, and money orders- are not a contract because there is no second signature at the time of signing. Debt is self-issuing upon signature by one party. DEBT cannot be “contractually” collected because debt is not a contract. Debt is a copyrighted artwork, like Monet.

    How is a FICTITIOUS DEBT INSTRUMENT -as per WELLS FARGO & COMPANY’s own words- enforceable as something real in physicality? iow, How is fictional more real than real?
    The use of physical real violence to enforce fictitious debt instruments is one of the greatest human rights abuses and atrocities upon the global collective. It is unconscionable.


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