Vehicle Titles: What are they?

After sending out 50 FOIA requests for each of the 50 States, the ultimate commentary is that the States do not use a bank to underwrite their vehicle titles as a bank note.  These are the responses from the State DMVs that understood what an underwriter is and does.

There are significant anomalies though.  All the states claim that their vehicle titles are printed on security paper….  but it doesn’t secure anything and isn’t a security.  hmmm…

Several States claimed that their vehicle titles are printed on BANK NOTE PAPER and one state even said that a VEHICLE TITLE is a bank note but that there isn’t any underwriter!  (Read on: underwriting may be out-sourced to the GSA, or Department of Revenue, or the Department of Treasury)

The two handfuls of States issue their VEHICLE TITLES from the DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE (DOR).  The Mississippi DOR FAQ even claims that a Vehicle Title is a SECURED, NEGOTIABLE DOCUMENT that REPRESENTS ownership.

MS DOR-Vtitle

In legalese, and several Government attorneys have confirmed this, VEHICLE TITLES conform to a SECURED NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT according to Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) – Article 3.  This means that they can be used to create and underwrite debt (which is legal tender/”money”) and is thus could potentially be revenue for the STATE.

A very interesting note here is that they say that a TITLE only represents ownership…  This is legalese for it is NOT ACTUAL ownership of “your” vehicle.  A vehicle title is government owned private property according to the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

After some digging around, some people on the internet claiming that the General Service Administration (GSA) deals with these Instruments as bank notes, like birth certificates.  Birth certificates are also printed on “security paper.”  The GSA handles all the business of the UNITED STATES, INC. thus would be the proper organization to handle the legal tender side of Vehicle Titles.


A New Direction

Today, I just decided to look at the GSA website to see if there were any Forms that anyone/someone could fill out for the state to receive funds for acquiring a privately held lawfully owned vehicle into legal government owned private property.

Any form would then be proof of the government securing our private vehicles without proper compensation for public use, in violation of the Constitution, Amendment 5.

This is what I found….

Each state very well could be sending the vehicle Titles to the GSA for funding using GSA Form SF 97 and GSA Form SF 97-1: The United States Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle:

GSA Form 97-1 is ONLY available on paper [not available for the public to download], and thus requires a government ID to access the form and the request must be sponsored.  So, the GSA doesn’t want people to know what this form is nor how it is used based on its non-availability.

I found a copy of the form online and am posting it here: gsa-form-sf-97

The form doesn’t look like much.  It is a CERTIFICATE TO OBTAIN TITLE TO A VEHICLE.  This is to say, it Actually is its own CERTIFICATE and is the basis for securing the vehicle.

The authorization code for the form is 41 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 101-45.303-3

Found here:

The content of 101-45.303-3

§ 101–45.303–3 Delivery.

(a) After full payment has been received from a buyer, the GSA regional office will notify the holding activity by copy of the GSA Form 27A, Purchaser’s Receipt and Authority to Release Property, that property may be released to the purchaser. (See §§101– 45.4902–27A (over-the-counter and self-mailer)). Upon completion of a sale, the servicing GSA finance office will simultaneously forward to the holding activity additional copies of the GSA Form 27A and completed copies of Standard Form 1081, Voucher and Schedule of Withdrawals and Credits, for use as internal -accounting- documents.

(b) If a purchaser fails to remove property within the period specified, the GSA regional office shall be advised of this fact, in writing, immediately in order that appropriate action may be taken.

(c) The Standard Form (SF) 97, the United States Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle, is a four-part form issued on continuous feed paper. The original certificate is produced on SECURE paper to readily identify any attempt to alter the form. The SF 97 shall be signed in accordance with requirements established by the head of the agency selling the vehicle. The SF 97 is an accountable form and is serially numbered during the printing process. Each agency shall have an accountable officer who will be responsible for the requisition, storage, and issuance of the SF 97. Certificates showing erasures or strikeovers will be considered invalid. Proper precautions shall be exercised by all agency accountable officers to prevent blank copies of the SF 97 from being obtained by unauthorized persons.

(d) Delivery of motor vehicles to purchasers shall be evidenced by submission to the purchaser of a completed original of the SF 97. Two copies of the SF 97 shall be furnished to the owning agency (one copy for the reporting office and one copy for the custodian) and the other copy shall be furnished the contracting officer of the agency effecting the sale or transfer of the motor vehicle. The SF 97 is illustrated at §101–45.4901–97 [note: no, its not illustrated]. Other certificates of release or bills of sale shall not be used in lieu of the SF 97. Instructions for the use of the SF 97 are in § 101–45.4901– 97–1.

[53 FR 16121, May 5, 1988, as amended at 57 FR 32446, July 22, 1992] 
Important to note that the original VEHICLE TITLE is on SECURE/SECURITY/BANK NOTE paper, in accordance with GSA Form SF 97 and 41 CFR 101-45.303-3.  Every state I asked by phone confirmed that both BIRTH CERTIFICATES and VEHICLE TITLES are printed on SECURITY PAPER.   What does it securitize?  Mysteriously, no one would answer this question by phone.

The Forms that are received in reply to GSA 97 are GSA Form 27A and GSA Form 1081.

GSA Form 1081:

This form documents the credits that the state gets for securing a government owned private property with GSA 27(A):
“GSA Form 27: Notice of Award (Sale of Government Owned Personal Property)”  (actually says “Sale of Government owned Personal Property”)  This form is not available to the public.  There is another form that appears to be obsolete.

The Title of GSA 27A is here:

as GSA Form 27A:Notice of Award-Continuation (read: “reSale of Government Owned PERSONAL PROPERTY” based on what is found at GSA Form 27).

According to my due diligence, the money behind the vehicle title bank note is twice the purchase price.  This comes from the statutes that say that if you have a vehicle entirely outside of “their system” that there is 1) evidence to show that you own it   2) you need to provide to the state with twice the purchase price of the vehicle as SURETY/BONDING/INSURANCE to get a vehicle title.  Every state has different rules and requirements for legalizing a lawful allodial car.

So, if you want to know who underwrites your vehicle title, send a FOIA request to the GSA with the vehicles VIN number.  Also request the all GSA Form 27, 27A, 97, 97-1, and 1081 associated with the VIN, plus the name of the office and custodian in your state.

Lastly, GSA Form 97-1 could very well be used to secure title of your physical body vehicle using Birth Certificates.  Your physical body being the vehicle for your spirit and soul.


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